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What is Happy-ning?

I don’t know why but everyday this week has felt like a Friday… But it’s Wed. Weird.

Last night Mike came to my run at The Right Shoe! But not to run… to Film! We are making a “Week in the life of triathlon training” video, so we got our first bit of footage last night!

Here’s a still shot of Coach Lara at The Right Shoe explaining our run details, pace groups, and mapping out the run.

We ran a tempo run (which is where you run you “race pace” for a certain amount of time). We had our warm up and then got into the tempo! I was feeling it. After 15 minutes, I wanted to stop soooo bad. Then there was a smallish hill and my race leader was beside me, “quick feet, pump your arms!” I was trying to do that but my body was just not into it!

I said- “you guys go ahead and flag me when we’ve reached 20 minutes”! I started to slow down tons and let the other guys run ahead… they didn’t run ahead of me for long… Next thing I know, my buddy Mark had come back for me:) He came up beside me and said, “come on, you can do it… keep moving.” Even though I was tired and part of me stop, I knew I had to listen to him and keep giving it all I had. So for the next 5 minutes I kept up with the pace they were running. Thanks for the push guys! That’s what I call team work…..even though it is an individual sport;)

This morning at 7am I went for another run! A 10km run along the seawall (check out pictures from my last seawall run here) Ahh, great way to start the day…. While I was running, I was trying to imagine myself this Saturday running in Yellowknife with the temperature at least 30 degrees colder and 2x as long.. It made me twitch with fear a bit….What again did I sign up for? Oh ya… a 45km race in the Arctic circle! (I’m just doing half though) We are going to the Stormtech headquarters tomorrow to have a meeting about the shots we need to get and also pick up some gear!

Here’s a piece of gear I have been contemplating getting… Anyone have one of these rollers?

I hear they are good for runners, dancers, etc.. Oh look.. you can target your calves!

Something to think about… Would it sit under the bed or would I actually use it? Hmmmmm….

Tonight we are on our way to The Healthy Chef Competition at The Hyatt. It’s open to the public, so come along!

Swim at 5:30am tomorrow morning, so we can’t stay out too late:)

Hope your having a great day! Your A+ in my books…..xoxoxoxo

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  1. njk on 16 Mar 2011

    The foam roller is AMAZING! Don’t know what I would do without it…or my compression socks, ice baths and “The Stick.” I just keep my foam roller upright near the TV so I remember to use it.

    Way to push it on the run!

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