Aw, man.. I wrote a whole post and it got erased…. so here is a quickened version of what I wrote. Grrr.. wordpress.. Actually I think it was this laptop…need a NEW one!

I got a mail slip from the post office that I had a package waiting for me…. Ohhhh exciitng!!!

However, when I opened the box.. I thought, am I reading this right? Formula? Is this a joke? Or a box my box filled with something else?

similac formula

Nope! I was randomly shipped a box of formula from Similac. I have NO idea how they got my address, or how they know i’m pregnant. They have a super sneaky marketing department! I’m going to give breast feeding a good shot, but if I need formula… I guess I already have some? I’ll definitely research the best brand cause as of now, I have no idea is Similac is even good. I know NOTHING about baby stuff!!

similac formula in the mail

Mike and I went to Red Robin for the last time for a while. I had my trusty “Mesa-chicken salad sub a veggie patty for the chicken.” Always so good!

Red Robin Coquitlam

Then I had another Ultrasound. This time at the Jim Pattison Outpatient Center in Surrey. Holy state of the art posh place! They wanted to rule out a few more things, and everything is looking amazing. During the ultrasound I had a very experience fetal monitoring expert working on me, along with a nice big flat screen TV right in front of me, so I could watch every move the baby made during the ultrasound. Little bugger was smiling lots and we got a good look at him in 4D- he looked a lot like MIKE! Big ukrainian cheeks! lol. Such strong legs too. He is such a handsome, healthy, strapping young lad- I’m in love already!
Jim Pattison Outpatient clinic
After my Ultrasound, I had to switch gears. I had an audition downtown at GO Studios for a Hellmann’s Mayo commercial. 

It was my first time at this studio, it was super nice. I LOVE big auditions like this. I know I am getting closer to landing one of these big ones…

I was in the “Hello Kitty” room. They have lots of different rooms with fun names. I purrred my way through the audition. They gave me 3 takes and I felt really good about them!

Go Studies, hello Kitty Room

Today I went for coffee and a walk with my girlfriend, worked some scripts, went for a walk with Mike and dog, continued packing and cleaning. Now I am just relaxing. This prego gal needs some r and r!!!!!


Talk soon!! MEOW!!!!

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3 Responses

  1. Sarah Barrett on 26 Jul 2012

    That is so weird! I just got that package in the mail this week and I was wondering where it came from!

    • admin on 26 Jul 2012

      Ha! That is crazy!!!!! Hope you’re doing great:)

  2. Lucy on 07 Aug 2012

    I actually read about how supermarkets do this! I think it was in Smart Women Finish Rich by David Bach… Anyways, you know how they take your number when you buy groceries? Well what they do is they have all this information of what you buy and are able to tailor ads that they send to you! They are able to tell if you’re pregnant just from the products you are buying- special lotions, vitamins, etc.

    I mean if you’ve bought a pregnancy test, or prenatal vitamins, then I think thats a dead give away… but usually they can tell even if you haven’t!

    crazy, huh?! :)

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