What a beautiful day. Have you been smiling much today? If not- go for it- Smiling is fun! If smiling seems too difficult, at least say the word CHEESE. You cant really say CHEESE properly without letting a smile creep out:)
Ok- right after I wrote that sentence I thought, ” Is that true?” (I just read it in a magazine) So I asked Mike to say cheese and it kinda looked like he was smiling, (nothing crazy though). So we started to think of words that make the corners of your mouth curl up when you say them. The words we came up with so far are:


That’s as far as we got! We got side tracked….

What are words that make you smile???

oh wait! I have 2 more words that make me smile: RECOVERY WEEK!

Yup, it is week 4 in Triathlon Training and we are at a recovery week. Our workouts are not as intense and we have an extra day off with absolutely no training involved. The funny thing is, when we were in the change room after swimming this morning, the girls in my club were talking about all the things they were going to do to “relax” on their day off. Dance class, yoga, run, hike…(those were all things I heard). That is one of the perks about being around amazing athletes all the time- constant source of inspiration and motivation.

Our swim was great this morning, we were working on some drills that are a bit over my head right now, but I am slowly grasping. We learnt how to do more flip turns and also some 2 beat kicks while doing the front crawl. (it’s where your kick is in rhythm with you stroke) You use less energy and it’s more efficient. I kept thinking how much Mike would like this drill since he is a drummer and he loves to time things out with him limbs and keep everything perfectly in sync.

Come join us Michael! My coach can bring you up to speed:)

Hee hee.

This week we also did some speed work on Tuesday at the Run Clinic, I picked up my pace a bit and ran with a faster group! Felt really good, and yesterday I did some swimming along with light weight training.

Call me a sucker for advertising, but I like these Nike ads…

tomboy nike ad

Ohh and check out this sunset we literally just took a photo of! Isn’t she a beauty!

Well, I’m off to our cycling session! No training tomorrow (except we may go hiking:)

Have an awesome evening!!!


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  1. Mike Schurko on 27 Jan 2011

    Is that the best shot of me in a swim cap you could find? lol :)

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