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2 things I’ve been asked about via email lately and I was inspired to write about them today. First off, someone asked me about my vision boards. They are super easy to do and they are a wonderful tool to bring you closer to your goals/dreams…. How do you create a vision board?


1. Get a wack load of old magazines

2. Cut out things that you are drawn to and that inspire you

3. Glue or tape them to cardboard or a frame

4. Put it up somewhere you will see it daily

5. Look at it everyday and envision the things on it as yours. Imagine it. Feel it. See it.

This one below is an older one Mike and I made together…. (I kinda cut off Mike’s side to respect his privacy. You can see mine though, lol…)

Then while I was attending raw chef school. We were to fill out these ones as a homework assignment. This is what I came up with…

reaching goals, treasure mapping, brian mayne's goal mapping, vision board

This particular map has a specific way of charting it out: (I didn’t follow it though)

reaching goals, treasure mapping, brian mayne's goal mapping, vision board

HOWEVER! If you want a little help creating your goal map. Check this out that I found for you!!! It’s some instructions and templates that you can print out and make you own!! Or you can just do it the way I explained at the top. (magazines and scissors baby!) Again, here is an awesome, helpful Goal Mapping Link (by Brian Mayne)

I really want to have a vision board party like these ladies did at Travelmamas.com (Wine and vision boards? Sounds fun! Anyone in?)

OK, the second thing I’ve been asked lately are tips on losing weight. I really don’t know much other than what has “worked” for me. I use the term “worked’ loosely because I am NOT perfect or even close to eating perfect 100% of the time, but since I’ve been into raw foods- I have definitely noticed results.


1. From the stuff I have been learning, it says that so much of our food consumption is emotional. We are mentally addicted to the foods we eat, even though so many of them do nothing for us nutritionally.

2. In order to have something we’ve never had before- we have to do something we’ve never done.
I’ve lost 10 pounds since I started incorporating more raw foods into my life.(and that is just a bi-product- my energy and mental clarity is really amazing right now)

3. Don’t beat yourself up, or do anything drastic, just make a decision in your mind that you are going to do it and you WILL do it.

4. I love writing down my thoughts, goals. You could write, “I am sooo happy and grateful that I now fit into all my skinny jeans”, Or “that I know weigh x amount” Invision yourself at that weight and see and feel it. The more you feel it, the more it will become your reality.

5. Try to have a shake for breakfast, reach for fruit, or something like carrot sticks and homemade hummus for snack,
If you like salads- make one everyday!

6. It’s really important to stay away from white foods (I know it’s hard! My mom was just in town and it was cinnamon bun central over here! lol)┬áBut white foods (sugar, flour, rice, bread) ONLY make us more hungry. Their is NO nutrition in them, and our body is starving for nutrients, so it just gets hungrier. Most of these overly processed foods are actually toxic to our systems and that’s why we gain weight. Our fat cells store these acidic toxins and our body won’t let them go.

7. Basically just try to eat as many “whole”, real foods as possible. Whole grain rice, legumes, fruits, veggies, (free range meat? if you eat meat), steamed yams..stuff like that.. .

8. Of course, exercise too. That is a given. We not only need to move our bodies to keep our weight down, we need to move our bodies to starve off diseases (such as the damn cancer thing).

9. Be happy! I try to eat well, but I don’t get upset if I eat cookies, nachos, or beer now and then. I’m always striving to be as healthy as possible and make the choices that count, but we are on earth a short time, so you gotta have some fun. Have a good life. Be happy! Smile….

Try this quote below in your elevator or in line at Starbucks tomorrow morning!!

And those are my super random tips. What would you add?

Keep in touch eh!? Lots of love, light and smiles!


PS> Day 5 of my 30 day yoga challenge in the bag!

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  1. Jenn on 30 Aug 2012

    Love your vision boards and plan on using the idea in my Grade Five classroom. Thanks so much, I’ve enjoyed your posts!

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