Hello my fellow earthings!! Happy Monday.

I went for a walk yesterday and was blown away at all the dino-size pelicans that were all over the boardwalk and pier.

Oh look another one.. (looks like he’s about to swallow that guys head! These things are fierce!)

Attack of the dino-size pelicans!

BUT THEN! I saw a pack of dolphins in the bay! I couldn’t tell at first if they were whales, sharks or what- but I learnt that they were dolphins once we got a better look.

Sunset from a pub near-by. We snuck in to watch the 2nd half of the Super Bowl. FUN!

Meanwhile, back on the oceans floor, this is a design the waves were making as the rolled in. Took this one on my iphone. So neat how they look like branches, but its from the water….

Hey look, a sealion! (oh wait, that’s just Mike!) ┬áSea lions are a plenty though. I can hear them yipping from my balcony!!

Back at the homefront, I made almond milk today. 1 cup of soaked almonds (soaked in water overnight) Then blended with 3 cups of water.

Almond Milk with the vitamix

I usually use the sock of pantyhose (never used panty hose!) or you can use a cheese cloth or Whole foods produce bag to STRAIN out the pulp, but I didn’t have any of those options today, so I kept the pulp in…Still takes good. In Almond milk, you can add vanilla, agave, pinch of salt, etc. I didn’t use anything though- just straight almonds.


Then it was time to bust out my new espresso machine (a generous gift from our friends Donna and Robert who just moved to Australia)

I put poured some milk into the steamer tin, added in some raw cacao….

Made my espresso, steamed the almond milk with cacao and poured the frothy, chocolaty almond milk into a mug with the espresso shot…


Just call me SISTA OF THE BARISTA! mmmmmmmmmmm

It was so good and momma mia, it got me going! Just what I needed mid-day. Excited to experiment more with the espresso machine.

Okee dokeeeeeeeee, I’ll get rolling. If you have any fun espresso recipes, let me know.

Love and lots of light…xoxo

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