I got so much wedding stuff done this weekend:

-got liquor license

-ordered alcohol

-picked out and put deposits on decorations

-rented lighting

-got a shuttle driver from the venue to hotel

-called my caterer (he needs to call me back)

-figured out flowers

-tried on my dress again and saw my mom in the one she’ll be wearing

-bonded with my inlaws

-trained the ring bearer how to walk down the aisle (watching Jasper walk down the isle will definitely be a highlight)

I set up shop at my moms and we really did get a lot down. It went from a disorganized-disaterous event, to A PLANNED WEDDING.

working on wedding stuff

I’m the last of my sibling to get married. My brothers are walking me down the isle (they are also my “bridesmen”)

Here’s my brother Dave at his wedding to Nicole.

And my brother Cory’s wedding to Donnelly.

Next down the isle is Mike and myself. (Then my mom and her boyfriend Richard! haha- I love bugging them)


After another day of running around in Saskatoon, I caught my flight home late last night. I had to touch down in Calgary, then finally made it to Vancouver after midnight.

Today has been a huge voiceover catchup day. I had sessions with clients from Conair today and I was actually on the phone with them the whole time I recorded. It always adds to the intensity of the session to have 3 people on speaker phone telling you to re-do lines, or sound less like this, or that. But I must say, these clients have been wonderful to work with…


First I voiced a spot for this product…

Then these ones…

Just now, we picked up little Painter from the vet. Poor lil guy got his balls chopped today. It really sucks knowing your little pup is in pain. He is so groggy and out of it. ┬áHe’s sleeping right beside me right now.

How’s your week going? Keeping busy? OMG I need to get to the gym. I can finally work out again (after surgery I had to take 3 weeks off from everything, even yoga) But now… no excuses. I get married in a month….eeeeek!

Ok, well let’s talk tomorrow!


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