Tonight was my last Feed Life, Starve Cancer class. I didn’t even get a chance to talk about last week’s class yet and here I am today in my last one.

It has been such an amazing series and I know all my classmates would say the same. The students was a mix of cancer-survivors, people newly diagnosed with cancer, nutritionists, and people just looking for ways to be proactive and live a healthy, vibrant life (me)

Here’s the lovely instructor Eden (cancer survivor) telling us some of her favourite books.

Feed Life Starve Cancer

Here ya go! (I wanna check out the Crazy Sexy Diet. It just looks fun! Here is the author, Kris Carr’s website)

Feed Life Starve Cancer!

Ok, now I really want the book. I just googled her name and she was on Oprah! lol

Kris Carr

Cool hey? I love discovering new things. Kris Carr…. my new thing.

The nice array of veggies we will use in preparing dishes!

Feed Life Starve Cancer!

Mmm, I never buy pears, but I think I should start.

Feed Life Starve Cancer organic lives

In our lecture Eden talked about how BAD sugar is for our bodies. Processed, refined sugars are ok horrible! That is what cancer cells thrive off.

Feed Life Starve Cancer organic lives

I will go into to more detail, once I get some sleep…I HIGHLY recommend the Feed Life, Starve Cancer course!

For me all the information out there can sometimes be overwhelming, since I’ve started discovering all the facts and truths about nutrition and what we should and shouldn’t do, but I think we sometimes need to pick our battles. If we picked apart every single toxin, free radical, pollutant that could potentially cause disease, we would all be living in a bush way up in a mountain…but then again, there is probably something bad floating around up there, so you’d have to find another planet! It’s good to try to monitor things that we can control (such as diet and lifestyle) but you can’t let it stress you out trying to do be perfect…not possible.

I rely on pet therapy to get me through!!! haha…just look at this kid! He brought his blue squeekless squeeky. (It used to squeek but he wrecked it!)

We are training him for the puppy olympics. He is fast!

And he can jump like a kangaroo! haha… This picture cracks me up, I gotta crop it.

LOL.Painter airborne!

Alright, stay tuned! More action, action we want action tomorrow!!!


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  1. Chrissy on 22 Oct 2011

    Pet therapy rocks! I live by that everyday.

    I feel the same way, you can’t make everything safe, ya just have to do what you can and not let it consume your life.

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