Good morning Sunshine!

I have been really healthy lately, and by healthy I mean 90% clean-non processed foods. So, as you can guess, I have been eating alot of fruits and veggies. Now, to follow this lifestyle and not be tempted to run and inhale Mega Bite Pizza, we need to be prepared and have options…close by. That’s why I freaked when I saw my little corner produce stand was all boarded up.

Was my produce stand-2 blocks from home

However, I was sooo happy to see that they decided to move across the street! YAY I CAN STILL BE HEALTHY! BUT hurry!! I can’t wait to long.

Ok, they moved across the street:)....

I am really making an effort to keep these positive eating habits going. I will be sharing more with you on my journey.  The good, the bad and the pretty!!

Have an inspired day. I am about to lock myself in the sound booth. Have you seen that show INTO THE WILD? Well, I totally feel like INTO THE SOUND BOOTH….I am going to celebrate HUGE when this project is done!!


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  1. Diana on 12 Aug 2010

    Hey! Oh wow..that was where the cornerstore was? Poor old Balthazar building. Shame what they are doing to that corner/piece of history…

    • admin on 12 Aug 2010

      I know, nuts hey? I thought the same thing. People protested, but I guess it was a done deal!

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