Ok, the drama geek in me is about to be released. When you read the title, basically I am trying to say that the voiceover workshop I took today was ON FIRE.. It was THE BOMB….I’m trying to think of whatever tag lines the cool kids are saying these days, but it was dope!

To be honest, my experience today was like a dream come true. There I was- in a master class, with the guy who coaches Nancy Cartwright! Nancy Cartwright is the voice of Bart Simpson for those of you who don’t know. Here is what Nancy says about Pat as a coach, ”Pat never disappoints. His techniques cover everything the pros in the industry expect you to know – but nobody teaches.”

Pat Fraley teaches

Umm, ya, I worked with “Bart Simpson’s” voiceover coach….

Pat Fraley teaches

The day was ridiculously beneficial and wonderful to my career as a voiceover artist. I was IN FREAKIN HEAVAN.

Here’s the voiceover team for the day!! There were 6 of us who were Pat’s students for the day.

Pat Fraley teaches

After my workshop, we went to my friend Jo-Anne’s- she was having a party- hence, “The party’s here…”.

They have a bungalow in Hollywood.. This art on the wall is done by Ryan McCann

More of Ryan’s amazing art.


The party was booming (out of respect to others who don’t know me, I didn’t snap their picture- but here is Mike playing a fun bean bag toss game on the front “lawn”… I wouldn’t call is a lawn cause it’s rocks and a big fire pit- but hey- it was soooo cool.

I heart LA….

Off to bed with more voice work to do in the am. Then we will hopefully do some shopping. Getting ready for Monday when will we blast out the rest of our awesome Stormtech Videos. I am so excited with the peeps we get to work with!!!

Happy Saturday Night. It is 11:57 here- so if I post this NOW. It will still be Saturday night. OW OW OW

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