Hello! How is your Sunday?! Mine is good, swimming through all the work I need to catch up on, but one step at a time….

It’s great to have our puppy back! We missed him so much. We bought him a bunch of toys to try to win back his love for leaving him for 2 weeks, including this ugly Christmas sweater and toy reindeer!


Ugly Christmas sweater for my dog

Here’s the side view, looks a little snug…

It didn’t seem to bug him though, he was loving his new reindeer.

Ugly Christmas sweater for my dog

Oh Pantsies..

Ugly Christmas sweater for my dog

Here is a clip of Mike and I talking about how much we missed Painter while on the road. I had my mouth full of Milk Duds and I clearly wasn’t thinking quick on my toes!!!

Ahh, we think we missed Painter, wait until we have kids!!!

…Here is my ex bandmate’s son Jude and I making Pumpkin Spice pancakes while in San Francisco. I measured and he poured. We were a good team;)

Photo taken in San Fran…Love how CLOSE the houses are to each other!!

After we left, it started raining a bit and we spotted a rainbow…


I know my site is acting weird lately. Now that I am finally home, I can hopefully get to the bottom of it.

Well, back to knocking out my to do list…



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