• Hello!

    It’s been a really nice weekend. Did some hiking, shopping, and concert going.

    On Friday and Saturday nights getting down Sunset Blvd can be pretty challenging. Here I am maneuvering myself in all the traffic.

    Oh Great, gotta change lanes. So much distracting stuff up and down the street!

    Sunset Blvd

    Act a bit aggressive to get yourself in there, then once your fully back in front of the vehicle that let you in, you give them the good ol’ prairie salute! (They don’t even notice)

    wave on sunset blvd

    Here was our destination. The Rainbow Bar and Grill (where I used to work) and The Roxy…

    The rainbow and the roxy, Sunset Blvd

    Here’s inside the Rainbow. Super famous spot where EVERY up and coming and famous musicians in LA hang out (or have hung out at in one point in time) People I saw there when I worked there: Pink, Keanu Reeves, The Osbornes, Drew Carrey, David Spade, Carmen Electra, Dave Nevaro, Vince Neil, Slash…just to name a few.

    The Rainbow Bar and Grill

    Here is Mike, the manager who hired me back in the day. He didn’t even ask for my resume, he just said, “Show up on Monday”. haha It was great to see him.

    manager Mike at the Rainbow

    Mike was cracking up at the guy behind me. He was flinging his hair around…a lot! He was in a band from Rio Brazil..

    Nice enough guy, but he REALLY loved his luscious locks. (Oh and by the way I am drinking a margarita made by my buddy Jesus- pronounced “HEY-ZEUS!” lol. This margarita tasted just like I remembered them. 80% of the glass filled with tequila, a shot of Triple Sec and a splash of lime. Phewf! You only need 1!!!

    After some visiting, we went over to The Roxy. Saw some AMAZING bands..

    The Roxy Menu

    Best band of the night was called The Shakers. Female fronted band.

    She was sooo freaking cool. She made me want to be in a rock band again. I LOVED it.

    The Roxy, friday night

    Today was more errands, running around- not much work done though. I guess that’s what Monday’s are for…Ready to have a ROCKING week. Hope you are too. Let’s take it to the next level:)


  • Hey!


    Ok, In LA and had some going out to do tonight. We went and saw our friends band at The Roxy on Sunset Blvd.


    Lots of cool bands tonight, made you think…

    Like, what if…

    The Roxy Los angeles

    Mike hanging with a local creative artist (we can’t remember her name though…I will find out!!!)

    Went for a BIG walk earlier in the afternoon. (saw Shirley Manson from Garbage out and about in our area!)

    Another Silver Lake Beauty…

    Silver Lake

    And the most beautiful treasure of all…Painter and his findings..

    Here was LA at 6am this morning. We got up early and were ready to start the day..

    good morning LA

    Great day…. Sunday will be exciting too..

    Night my friends!! bed time…xoxo

  • Hey!

    Ok…What is inspiring you NOW. I mean like RIGHT NOW. Don’t over think it. Just spit it out.

    Here are 5 things that are inspiring me NOW off the top of my head:

    1. California weather (it’s been crazy nice, like lay on the beach nice-in January!)

    Here’s an iphone shot I took the other night.

    2. People with STYLE! (I must look like a stalker, but at the dog park, I stare at some of the girls around me that have such funky style…oh and I’m in my running shorts!) They inspire me to think outside the box a bit. Working from home, I can get complacent with my “style” or what I put on everyday. I want to put more effort into it.

    This collage of last years Coachella goers which pretty much sums up LA style. It’s very hip, funky, chill, relaxed, somewhat vintage. (My target running shorts just don’t compare!!! haha)


    3. Raw healthy eating.

    I have been pretty darn good these days with sticking to raw, but still far from a 100% raw diet. But- I try to I incorporate as many fruits and veggies into my life as possible and make an effort to stay away from fat and Dairy! (Meat isn’t even an issue, I am SO over it!)
    I LOVE This video on how food resembles our body parts…


    4. My work. (ahh, what else is new?) When I have time-I listen to other voice actors demo’s and I just love it, there is soo much amazing talent out there. When I’m in the car-I turn up the commercials. When I am in voiceover classes- I am a learning sponge.(I don’t always hear the things I want- they do NOT sugar coat anything, but I know it is making me stronger)

    Here is a screen shot of my voices.com feedback page. Besides 1 other voice talent, I have the most amount of 5 star ratings for female voice talent on the whole site!! 118 5-star reviews baby!
    voices.com actor

    5. My wedding photos! They were taken by Matt and Janna Photography in Saskatoon. I’m just really inspired at how they captured it all. I don’t want to bombard you with kissing photos, haha, but I love LOVE,  I love my husband and I am so thrilled with our pictures and just getting to relive the day through photographs.


    My ruby red slippers in action. “There’s no place like home!”.

    I heart him.

    OK. Well, artsy fartsy me has spoken. This is me..tonight…5 things that are inspiring me NOW. What is inspiring you? It can seriously be ANYTHING. That’s the beauty of life. Life is what we make it, we can see it however we want…

    Maybe your pillow is inspiring you? hee hee… night night.

  • Hello!

    Oh goodness, had no idea I’d be writing about this today. Mike and I are HUGE Cesar Millan fans. So, when we saw a video contest on his website for “dogs that need help”, we thought, ahhh, let’s bring the camera to the dog park today. We made a quick little video, sent it in right before the deadline and low and behold we are one of the top #15 finalists for “dogs that need Cesar’s help”. Um….Congrats?


    The video can be watched here. Already, the comments are rolling in. (Some of them reprimanding me for not being a “pack leader” or not having control over him). Gosh, settle…. I’m doing my best! ha Again to watch the video and see what NEW comments have been posted on Cesar Millan’s website.


    Holy Moly it was hot in LA today. For the first time ever I walked around the Silver Lake Reservoir. It was a pleasant walk. Lots of joggers, walkers, sunbathers.

    They called this the “meadow”. It’s apparently a chill closed off area where barefoot is welcomed. Inviting to grab a blanket, book and  relax.

    Oh ya, then there’s the stairs… just beautiful, aren’t they? lol

    I’ve been busy doing voice over stuff as well. Voiced a spot for Blackberry today!
    I think all the classes I’ve been taking are helping…..

    Hiking with a girl friend tomorrow, the hot weather is supposed to stay a while and I am A-OK with that! Stay as looooooong as you like Mr. Sun.

    Hope your week is going well! Sending you lots of love and good energy to you and your day!

  • Hello!


    Who used to watch Married with Children? I did! haha


    Love their sofa!

    Couldn’t help but post a few more wedding pics. The photogs that shot our wedding say our album is DONE and I CAN”T wait to see it. I will post pics as soon as I have them, but for now you get my Rebel shots.

    Me with 2 future Bride-to- be’s!! Diana is engaged to Sean! And my mom…well her and Richard sure make a nice couple! lol

    Me with my sweet, loving, adorable Sisters In Law. They look gorgeous, I love their dresses, shoes, shrugs, red lips! Love it all.

    Saskatoon Inn Wedding, Winter

    I freaking LOVE my wedding shoes and I’m so happy I found them. Garter… mom bought it, so I had to wear it.. haha, love you mom! It was a fun accent.

    Moments before I walked down the isle. Marianne was trying to keep us separate.

    Amazing moment. My brothers walked me down the isle, arm in arm.

    My mom and her precious grandson!

    Enough wedding talk! Let’s talk about Jasper. Little guy turned 1 last week. Here is my bro and him at his 1st birthday party. Sooo exciting. I wish I could have been there.

    Lil angel.


    In other news here, It was a good day. I love waking up, checking my phone and having work. Being a voiceover artist is like being unemployed every day, until you get hired for something. Then your back to being unemployed, until the next job.. Mind you, I usually am not “unemployed” for too long, but I still gotta keep rocking those auditions, have a quick turn around for my clients and stay on top of the game.

    I eat my greens during the week to keep my immune system in top shape (on the weekends it’s Mexican, lol)

    Here we have some pea shoots I got from the Farmers Market, I added them to my green smoothie this morning.

    I don’t have my fancy citrus juicer with me, it’s back in Vancouver, but this plastic juicer has been amazing.

    Bought Painter a new toy this weekend. Man, he LOVES it! He brings it up behind me and drops it beside me, trying to get me to play with him.

    I took my booty out for a jog today today. We live in a neighbourhood with some BIG hills, so I had fun cursing as I ploughed my way up!

    Promise I will either do yoga or go for another jog tomorrow! How’s your fitness routine going? Mom went to Zumba today! Go mom.


    Have a great night everyone!

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