• Hi!!


    (sorry these are all kinda crappy iphoto pictures- Pretty pictures on tomorrow’s post!)

    Feels so good to cross off the workouts!

    Yesterday I had to bike for 75minutes at a low intensity, making sure I pedalled 90 MPH

    I was going so fast it was all a blur!

    Ha- for real though…it was tough to keep it at 90mph the whole time…I was at least over 80 the whole time

    THEN…this morning I really wanted to run with the club, but I had to do makeup for a photo shoot, so I went for an early 45 minute run on my treadmill

    I was going to run outside at least but it was dark and I had to get it done. I am soooo happy I have the option of indoor biking and running when needed!

    I did work up a good sweat. 15 minutes into it, I got off the mill and stretched out my tight calves

    Does this picture inspire you to work out or drink Pilsner? It confuses me too. Oxymoron to wear a beer hat when training for  a triathlon. I’m cool like that!

    Tomorrow I have completely off from training. I will make sure to stretch though and hopefully sit in the hot tub!

    SO YA- first week into training I am feeling really good. Just taking it day by day…


    Happy TRI-ing!


  • Aloha!!!!

    How are you? What a great Saturday so far! I slept in until….(wait for it…….) 9:24am!
    OMG, it was like a tall drink of water on a desert island! Speaking of islands- my dear friend Diana just got back from Hawaii yesterday. We met up this morning to walk the Seawall and talk about her trip.

    The cool thing about her trip was it was an absolutely spontaneous decision. She had the time off work, happened to see a great deal online, booked it and left the next day! Now that is living life! Of course, she had a fabulous time. I was going through her pictures this morning and this one caught my eye..

    A famous “here’s my feet and you can see the beach I’m looking at” shot

    Looks soo nice.

    I went through my pictures from the summer and I found a “feet/beach” shot that Mike took when we were camping…..

    Ahh, drifting the day away….


    I went overboard….Does Mike try to help me? No…he keeps taking pictures of his feet!

    He didn’t get wet the whole day! (We were on the lake for 8 hours too!)

    Diana’s picture made me miss summer and warmth! Hurry up Honeymoon-guess we need to get married first. Diana brought us back Bride and Groom Lays.

    Thanks Di! Such a sweet gift.

    Here is an action shot of us on our walk today..

    Drank coffee, walked 10km and even watched massive ships pass us by

    Looks surreal almost-like I superimposed her…but I didn’t, promise;)

    After Di and I parted ways I met up with my friend Sandy for coffee (lots of caffeine today! bzzzz) We met at JJ Bean downtown. Really nice new coffee shop, but the chairs are soooo uncomfortable… my back was killing me..

    I was trying to think of something witty to say, like…”looks like i’m sitting in a….(insert here)” But I couldn’t think of anything….so…chair sucks. period. Can you think of what it looks like I’m sitting in? Origami?

    And the last part of todays adventure (so far) was me grabbing a few groceries. On the walk home- the bag broke…AGAIN!!
    I asked for 2 bags, but it still broke. Maybe it’s a lesson to remember to bring my own bags (I always forget!)

    Now I have to Triathlon train. On the bike in Zone 1 for 75 minutes. Soo glad we are still indoors…

    Lots of love and warmth from me to you today! When is the last time you got to take a “feet/beach” picture??

    Talk sooooon!


  • Happy Friday!!

    Who is ready for the weekend? I know I am! Hopefully I’ll have a bit of time to chill out and not have something I have to do. I have lots of interesting things going on in my head, but I will share them at a later time. I think I am honestly a little burnt out from this week.
    It has been a wonderful start to the new year though. Everything is right on track.

    How about you? Are you on track with your resolutions first week into 2011?

    Here are 5 things I like about today.

    1. The amazing Vegan Walnut Burgers I made. You can make a batch and throw them in the fridge for a quick snack.

    2. Apparently I fell in love with this cherry jam that sat in our fridge forever. I never opened it cause I thought, ahh whatever, boring jam. (It was made by a family friends on Mike‘s side). I have been too busy to make my almond butter this week, so I have been using it on my rice cakes…

    maybe I like it a little too much…. Cheer’s Linda! lol

    3. I like this new  Swimmers Shampoo and Conditioner

    I got it at Sally’s Beauty supply store. $6.99 each. Happens to be 100% vegan too

    4. My new running shoes! I am sorry I was to lazy to take a picture of my actual shoes- but this is a stock photo of the exact same pair.(If you haven’t seen the video yet on my adventure picking out these shoes, click here!! It’s awesome:)

    5. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer!! It’s heaven sent.

    With all the training I am doing, my workload and my days are just JAM packed! (pardon the pun- see #2) This moisturizer is quick, easy, and provides good coverage.

    So there ya have it! 5 things that made me happy today:)
    What are 5 things that made you happy today? Doesn’t have to be grand- I said JAM!

    I did some strength training today in my gym, I did 2 kinda wimpy sets of the big muscle groups. I wasn’t pushing it  hard at all. I had a 20 minute walk on the treadmill and a 20 minute swim. I was practicing my new techniques:

    -relaxed head
    -kick from hip flexers
    -don’t yank my head out of the water when taking in air

    Stuff like that!

    Have a fabulous evening! I can’t wait until we meet again…Keep going after your dreams and I will too:)


  • “Good evening folks! Coming at ya live from my living room….Big show tonight, so don’t go anywhere…..”

    fsdhjkfhweiqhnvkjqgerkgherjkfnsdouivhncskdnfuwenfjcwiunvmnfsiohfs.hfiohsyow[wd OOPS! Sorry, that was my head hitting the keyboard because I’m so exhausted. I’ll keep this short and always sweet.

    Woke up- 4:46am, coffee, ate some frozen blueberries, drank some day old coffee and drove to the pool

    My swimming cap ripped as soon as I went to put it on! The students at St. George’s school were kind enough to lend me one. st.george's pool, swim cap

    Pretty cool cap hey! I want one!!!

    Our drills today were great. I am working on not having crazy flailing legs when I swim.

    My coach says to imagine that your legs are in a paper towel roll. Sleek, and kick from your core. Keep your knees and feet loose, like your kicking a bug off your toes, head relaxed.  In one session, I am now a WAY better swimmer. Before, I wouldn’t think about anything except finishing, and now I actually have an idea of where to go, and what to feel and think about.  Good swim, good swim….

    Big, long, exhausting day in the middle.

    AND BIKE TIME! We are training on indoors bikes right now. We worked on some drills, did a 15 minute tempo ride (this is where you go at a pretty hard pace) So for 15 minutes I try to stay positive, stay strong and keep fighting through, keeping the rpm’s at a consistent rate….

    At the start of the ride, my butt got really sore-didn’t think I would make it, but after about 15 minutes of riding I didn’t even feel it anymore. Guess it got numb, or everything else hurt so much I didn’t notice! Had a really great sweat.
    I did some stretching and that brings us to now, and now….. I am going to BED!

    YAY! I am going to let myself sleep in until 6am tomorrow! woo hoo. haha….

    Happy Tri-ing!



    It’s raining here, but I can tell you are shining as bright as the sun! I’m shining too, but it’s just from the reflection of this computer screen I stare at all day!

    I woke up this am at 4:45am (I set 3 alarms, One at 4:43am, one at 4:45am and one at 4:46am) I had a swim practice with my triathlon team. I LOVED swim practice! (training update a lil later)

    When I got home, I had to get fired up for a really high energy voiceover for a kids book- so I grabbed a coffee at Tim’s on the way home- yep I talked myself into a double double:(

    The kids book is called Mrs.Pinklemeyer and Moopus McGlinden

    Hee hee! My energy had to be so high- I felt like my head was going to explode. I used my Olypmic Muk Muk doll for inspiration…

    “Yo Mrs. Pinkelmeyer! Your the best!”

    Thanks for your help Muk Muk!
    That’s a WRAP!
    Phewf!! Give me the phone systems and walmart scanners- Kids stuff is hard work!! (But totally fun)
    More fun if my producer was here though. Sometime it’s tough being your own director/editor/producer. The client likes your voice- that’s why you got hired- but you have no idea if your going in the direction they want… The file has been sent- He will like it….or NOT….(hope for a thumbs up!!)

    Yesterday afternoon my friend Lee and I went to a matinee of Black Swan. We met up at Winners first so I could get a one piece athletic bathing suit for training, (I didn’t want to show up to my triathlon swim this morning in a bikini!) When I got there, Lee had a bunch picked out for me to try on. (she got there before me and was kind enough to help me get the whole bathing suit thing done- FAST!)

    Thanks for your help Lee!! I bought the second one I tried on, it was a blue Roots one piece for $24.99

    Then we carried on to my next pit stop which was at Kyza Designs to get my engagement ring sized smaller. They are located in a funky heritage building downtown.

    Here is Kajsa working on my ring

    She is extremely personable, talented and professional. I am SOOO glad I decided to go there. Click here to check out some of her designs. My diamond ring now fits perfect. I wish my future husband were here to see it:(

    My future husband posted a great read today on his blog, Mikeschurko.com.  I am so proud of him and honoured that I get to marry him.

    Well, I better go- right now I am making my world famous Vegan Walnut Lentil Burgers and I think they are done! Click here for the recipe! All that training makes me hungry!

    Hope you are having a splendid day!


    Quote of the day-

    “Ability is what you’re capable of doing.
    Motivation determines what you do.
    Attitude determines how well you do it.”
    ~Lou Holtz