• Hello!

    Saturday Night Baby! I’ve been out and about all week, so tonight I am looking forward to just chilling out at home, while watching a movie or some mindless television via the Internet.

    We’ve had my bff and her hubby in town for the past bit and it has been such a memorable, super fun visit…

    (here we are on the pier singing karaoke at a local pub)

    Among all the good times, there have been a few, slightly tiresome mornings- this morning being one of them….

    Manhatten Beach
    While Mike and I lay in bed this morning he looks over at me and says, “ugh, I think maybe I’ll skip volleyball.” (He signed up for a series of workshops on the beach, which he has been loving). I thought, “No doubt! I would probably skip too!”

    But then….my husband, being the role model and trooper that he is, got himself out of bed and took himself to the court..Ummm, well…I took him to the court cause I need the truck..but you get the picture..HE WENT.

    He went. I was proud of him. Small feat, but large feat at the same time. It is these small moments that are defining and building towards our future. It’s the disciple and integrity to “Show Up”. Don’t they say, 80% of success is just “showing up”.


    OOOOHHHH YA! I am ready for a “kick in the butt with a frozen muk luk”. (Prairie saying, lol) but, my honeymoon is over and it’s time to get back to the GYM on a consistent basis.

    Ok…another move I was proud of this week was…..I REALLY wanted this one particular voice gig. It was a national tv spot for The Weather Network…

    Before auditioning, I spent 3 minutes meditating and visualizing that I got the spot and that they loved my audition and it worked.. I got the gig! I’m not saying it’s ONLY because of my visualizing, but I’m sure it didn’t hurt either….

    What I’ll leave you with today is this absolutely adorable video of Kristen Bell. She is soo cute. I cry A LOT, so watching this made me laugh… she is so funny… You may have been one of the 9 million who have already seen it, but here it is again!

    ha! love it!

    Enjoy the rest of your weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnddddd!

  • Hey gang!
    What’s up? My bff just came for a visit!

    We did a styled photo shoot on the beach. It was super fun!

    We had a stylist named Diana, who created a bunch of cool outfits.

    The shoot was just for fun, a creative collaboration.

    The crew. Stylist, poser (me) and amazing photographer Janna.

    During the visit we also hit up Venice

    Crazy Venice…

    Muscle Beach where Arnold used to train back in the day.

    Janna and her hubby Kim, out for lunch in Venice.

    Not sure who lives here, or what is going on here.

    The boardwalk.

    Zen in Venice.

    YAY. Having a good time.

    Hope your having a wonderful weekend! I’ll be back sooooooooon.

  • Hello!

    Happy Valentines Day!!! I hope you’re having a good one. This is my first Valentines Day with my new husband. He’s never too big on these kinds of days, but read on, read on…

    He put this old picture of us up. It’s close to when we first met.

    Cheesy, but forever, together we will leave our footprints in the sand…..

    Painter wanted to get in on the action and say Happy Valentines Day.

    My nephew Jasper sent us Valentines in the mail! Such a cutie.

    Mike was totally prepared for weeks and had a card and gift all picked out RAN to Walgreens while I was in the shower to get me flowers, a sweet card and some roses. Personally I don’t really care about Valentines or all the material mumbo jumbo, but nonetheless, I thought it was endearing and it’s really cool to see “to my WIFE” on the card! woo hoo..

    Valentines Day Reese's pieces heart

    Ok, well… guess what? I am on my way to the airport. My bff Janna and her hubby Kim are on there way for a visit!

    Talk soooooooooooooon

    I <3 you!

  • Hello!

    Last night we went to one of my old stomping grounds, just off Hollywood blvd. It’s a super cool dive bar called Boardners.

    Right beside is an obscure entrance that leads into another world. This place is called Bar Sinister. It is something else.

    Everyone said to take pictures, and although I got a few…they had these NO Camera signs EVERYWHERE. And not just because celebs like Dave Navarro are walking around (he was there with a lady friend) But because some CRAZINESS goes on behind these doors.

    Especially in the upstairs. Mike and I had NO idea that the upstairs was gonna be what it was…. so we went back down to the outdoor courtyard where some awesome bands were playing.. (not sure why this is underlining everything I type…annoying!!)

    Including our good friends in a Vancouver band called Stayte. GO Stayte! They put on a rocking show. Lead singer Josh is known for his outlandish yet compelling stage presence. The rest of the band played flawlessly. This was their first show in almost 6 years.

    Met a gal named Christie. We took this picture at 12:12 on 02/2012

    I loved this bumper sticker I saw on the way home.

    Painter was like, “what’s up guys, where were you?”

    Back to our lil beach community:) Makes me smile.



    Busy day tomorrow. More car commercials…woo hoo! Need my voice to get all rested up.

    Have an awesome Monday. Here’s to an awesome week!!!


  • Hey! Happy Friday!

    So today was a busy one! I woke up this morning and one of my clients says, “Are you available to record today?” Ummm, “Always!” lol So he sent over a TV commercial for Honda, I voiced it, sent it back and he sent me 4 more commercials! I didn’t even get to the other stuff I meant to voice today. I will have to get caught up tomorrow. I love days like this though…. They are tiring, but exciting.

    Most of the commercials were for Southern States, like Georgia.

    Ok, I have to share….Some bloopers from my day! Being high -energy for hours on end is sure to frazzle one’s brain! haha


    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    Mike also made our own version of the “That was Easy” Staples Button….


    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    Um ya, he plays that all day long after we finish something…. Never a dull moment….or to many?? lol

    Oh- here is something sooo NOT dull. A rocking band called Falling For Scarlet.

    Yes, my good friend is the lead singer. I have written about her on my blog quite a few times on the blog.

    She was at my Bridal shower/stag thing….

    Here’s us catching up at Starbucks. (me n my brown hair!)

    Here is another coffee date. So funny, she had her pup in her purse the whole time and I didn’t even know until the very end of coffee! Sneaky! Talk about a purse dog! Painter would have jumped on every table and drank everyone’s coffee within moments of arrival!

    ANYWOO, my reason for talking about her is- Her band just released a single called “army of one” and it’s starting to get spun on stations across the globe!
    I invite you to check out her facebook page and “like” it. So we can all say we knew her “when”  Lee’s band

    And here you can check out a sample of the new single:

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    YAY for Lee! Can’t wait to see her live.

    and….Painter can’t wait until another trip to the dog park! His new favorite thing is laying under the water tap.


    We MAY go to the dog park tomorrow, but first things first is something I want to do something for me. Whether it be a jog on the beach, a yoga class, a mani/pedi…or all of the above!

    I hope you too do something for YOU this weekend. Have a really, really great one!

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