• I love that it’s spring and I love being outside.

    Last night I went out and played ball with my friend Colin’s team. I am bummed that I can’t be on his team full time, but with our upcoming move to Port Moody it’s going to be a tad challenging getting to the games (far from Port Moody). SOOO- if you live in Port Moody and you are reading this- can I be on your team????

    Colin lent me some cleats to wear since it had recently rained and the diamond was a bit slippery.

    There is Colin at bat. iphone pic!

    I got to play 1st base the whole game (my favorite place to be!!) We won too. Double bonus!

    Then… today.. I wore a different pair of shoes…

    hiking grouse

    My hiking boots! We hiked Grouse today (3km straight up)… however, we experienced some pretty icy conditions at the top. Guess we should have read the sign??

    It started out really nice…

    hiking grouse in winter

    Look up.. such pretty trees
    BUT THEN… we hit the 1/2 way marker and things took a turngrouse grind in winter

    We were climbing snow and icegrouse in winter


    Winter wonderland?  See me way up there??

    There I am… beyond yonder.. “OH HEEEAAAY!”

    It was sure slippery and STEEP drop off’s in certain places..

    We scaled our way through the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest, and through the sea of swirly twirly gum drops..lol

    climbing grouse pic

    Maybe we should have obeyed the signs??

    grouse at wintertime, BUT we made it! grouse grind

    ohh, but it was sooo worth the climb!

    She was a beautiful day at the top!

    top of grouse mountain, grouse in winter

    It was a bit of a trek, but I’m super happy we went through with it. Other hikers had these Yak Tracks which would have helped immensely!I’m putting those on the list! lol Now we are just watching the hockey game. (which is not going well!) Mellow night. Mike‘s grandma recently passed away:( So our company, as well as Mike are heading to Saskatchewan tomorrow for the funeral.

    I am going to hold down the fort and voice, voice, voice.

    I hope you had a great day!

    Thanks so much for stopping by.


  • Good morning!!

    Brand new week ahead:)

    Yesterday was the big race! I got my race results in and I finished in the top 10% out of over 50,000 people with a time of 53:51. I want sub 50 minutes- next time!!

    Getting geared up to go!

    There was a pit stop right out side our apartment…good to know!

    We walked downtown to the Start Line.. We got there a bit late- we missed the national anthem which I was bummed about. vancouver sun run 2011, start line
    Soo many people!!
    vancouver sun run 2011, start line

    Out of the gates I felt good. I had to take my jacket off it got so hot! It’s hard to get a personal best time in this race since you are zooming in and out of people the whole time, Craig got a cool shot going onto Burrard Bridge (around the 4th km)

    YAY! Here is my graceful finish.. haha.sun run 2011

    I got a picture from Saturday and then one from Sunday. Big difference…

    We all made it past the finish line!

    YAY, good job bestie

    And relax after with a brew at The Warehouse!sun run results

    It was a super day! I am so glad I decided to run it.

    Have a fabulous day, lots of love!



    Happy Sunday!

    One week before the Easter Bunny makes his appearance! Are you going to hide some chocolates? I’m going to hide them on myself the night before and see if I can find them in the morning! WOO HOO!

    TODAY though- I am participating in The Sun Run. (Canada’s biggest race and the 2nd largest timed 10K in the world. Last year there were 51,419 runners!!)

    So it turns out I am not a good cheerleader. If you recall this post, I said I was going to be such a great cheerleader, but I can’t possibly sit on the sidelines when I can be in the action right??
    I went with Mike and Marianne to go pick up their race packs yesterday and I saw the sign….

    late registration

    And I took a seat and gave them my money

    Ohhhh and so did Craig!

    PLEASE…don’t mind my hair! I do not know what is going on back there! haha

    So ya sign up, give em your money and grab your bib and t-shirt..

    Then.. walk around and sample the different vendors…

    Power Bar. They were giving out gu’s and Power bites.

    Juice samples..
    Ohhh Saskatoon berry juice! Good Choice Oasis Juice- Saskatoon rules and so do their berries!

    Redbull is riding in style

    This place is going to be BOOMING in mere hours (finish line)

    EEK! Better stretch and hit the road! I will have my race details tomorrow! Tune in!!

    Oh.. and SUPER random picture of the day for you that has NOTHING to do with running a race..

    A gown made from old jeans. We saw it the mall yesterday. They didn’t have my size;)

    Have a fabulous day!



  • HELLO!

    Happy Happy Happy! I hope your having a great weekend.

    Yesterday we went to Semperviva Yoga and filmed our latest video for Stormtech. Here is the cast:

    Me, Andrea, Sarah and Lee

    Sarah was our yoga instructor. She did such an amazing job! Sarah wore the yoga capri’s and top.

    Andrea wore the eggplant XBR-1, with the capri’s.

    eggplant xbr-1, andrea

    It took us a few hours, we also did some shots down by the beach.
    After we wrapped, I was ready for a beer! It worked out perfectly since Marianne and Craig flew in from Yellowknife AND there was playoff hockey going on


    AND the Canucks won!

    Today I am going wedding dress shopping with Mari. I am waiting to try on dresses when I’m with my momma, BUT Marianne is getting married this Sept. So let’s get this girl a gown baby!

    Have a fabulous day. You rock!


  • TGIF?!

    I’m pretty stoked. I am NOT working at all on Saturday and Sunday… Just going to relax and have fun with Marianna and Craig who are visiting us from Yellowknife.

    Canucks playoff game tonight! Go Canucks.

    This afternoon we are shooting our yoga video for Stormtech. So right now we are just going over our shots list.

    I went down to the gym this morning for a quick workout. There are these 2 lovely older ladies that are in the gym every second day. We are always chatting, they are so cute. One of the ladies actually said, “well next winter, all this construction will be done, what are we going to watch?” haha, she was half serious too. The one thing I notice about them is that they are ALWAYS complaining about their ailments. One of them is walking a 10km in 2 weeks and she already has her route mapped out on how to quit the race early because she KNOWS her foot is going to act up.

    I understand as we age.. things change, but I am going to make it my mission to stay young at heart, young in the mind and always talk about how healthy I am, and how good I am feeling. My nana is an inspiration to me. She is in her 80′s and up until 2 years ago- she could still do the splits!! I wrote a lil post on her here. At all the weddings, she is boogying on the dance floor.

    Woah, also… you gotta check out this lady! Her name is Bette Calman and she is an 83 year old yoga master!

    I have been doing yoga for a long time and I still can’t do these moves..

    I LOVE how she is still wearing pantyhose underneath her pink sweat suit!!

    Full article here. And Actually, I posted this video on my moms facebook page and now my mom and her boyfriend have started taking up running!

    My mom is already an aquafit instructor and she is obsessed with her Zumba classes. When she comes to visit in May, she is doing the Grouse Grind for the 3rd time.

    Sometimes I hear my mom say things like, ‘ohh, I’m getting old.” But I try to stop her in her tracks!

    I called mom at work today and she said it is snowing in Saskatoon! WHAT? It’s April 15?? Why?

    We are looking at a good week here in Vancity. Here she is….

    Not to shabby! Great for the Sun Runners, AND for all those in the Delta Triathlon tomorrow (good luck Kelli!!!)

    Are you in the Sun Run this year? Beers after? lol

    I will be back with some more action soon, I have tons I gotta attend to as of this moment.

    I hope you have a beautiful weekend and check back soon! Go Canucks!