• Hey!!!

    I was going to call this post:

    A New Bombay Brow Bar opens and I finally score an Urban Decay “Naked” palette!

    ….but I decided to put up a much more glamourous title….

    Wanna see my “I don’t wanna go to the gym today” face?

    Here’s the face:

    After the busy morning/early afternoon I had- the last thing I wanted to do was hit the gym. However, I mulled up the motivation and went… and it was great. Isn’t it weird how that works? I was seriously dreading it and then once I was there I thought, “oh I’m SOO glad I came”. I have been doing more strength training lately. I am still having a little trouble with my foot, so I have eased off running and hiking and I have been doing the eliptical and then working with free-weights and machines with Mike‘s guidance. The results have been good! I’m gonna keep at it!! Maybe my foot being hurt is a blessing to tone up?? I am a cardio junkie so I think this change is good.  Mix it up a bit. I am going to get back to yoga right away too. My foot needs to get better though because I spend every second I can outside playing when the weather is nice….

    I heard a rumour that the Grouse Grind opened up! (It’s a hike in Vancouver- they call it Nature’s Stairmaster….3km straight up basically)

    Who wants to go?

    Speaking of things opening…. The Bombay Brow Bar opened up a 2nd location in Kitsilano today!!!

    It is LUSH!
    Rock your brows, Indian Style!

    I’m friends with the owner, Ravy. She is an admirable business woman. I don’t even think she is 30 yet and she has 2 store front locations for her business. Hats off!

    I went in and did Ravy’s makeup for the grand opening.

    Ravy’s colors, lol….
    I didn’t get a shot of how she looked today, but here is from the last time I did her makeup.
    She is a beauty! I pretty much always use the same colors on her. She always likes what I do, so I just keep doing the same thing (I’m smart like that! haha)

    OH MAN, after I was done there… I stopped by Sephora and found something that is almost harder to find than the fountain of youth….

    They NEVER have it in stock, and I am so happy I have one now! The pigment in their shadows are nice and dense and this array of colors is awesome for anyone! (The staff said they just got them in this morning and they are almost out)

    I got her to make me a sample of the Nars liquid illuminators in Copacabana. I wanted to try it before I bought it (It’s so great to get samples before you buy if your not sure!).

    I’ll try it tomorrow! We are leaving for the Osoyoos Celebrity Wine Festival tomorrow morning! We go to “The Vino’s” to see if we win the video competition. Crossing fingers!

    So that’s what I got for you today! Any weekend plans?

    Have a fantastic weekend!


  • Hello!!

    I get so caught up in day-to-day stuff that I forget I am getting married in oooooo like 6 months…. I better get on this stuff!

    I got The Knot’s Ultimate Wedding Planner book at Value Village the other day. I am hoping it provides me some guidance!

    According to the book, I am doing pretty good on my checklist.

    #1- I still haven’t found my dress, but I tried on on that I LOVED. Almost $2000 though… not sure I want to spend that for a dress I’m in for a few hours. I would LOVE to show you the picture of it- but my mom will get mad at me! Here is the last post I did on my wedding dress.

    #2-I kinda missed the boat on Save The Date cards. I made one today but I think it’s to late to send them out…. hmmmm…

    I lack in any sort of artistic design, but I though it turned out ok.

    #3-The next thing I CAN’T miss the boat on is our invitations. We are discussing making a video invitation. If you google that- it seems to be a new trend. I found this one to share with you. Ours of course would be completely different and [way] cooler;)

    Wedding Invitations from Matt E on Vimeo.

    Cute right? We went through our list and everyone has email so we could just forward their version and save on paper (we would personalize every one too). Use a dry erase board and write the name of the guest and just edit it in the beginning of the video…. YA know?

    #4-Organizing things like decorations, linens, etc. I am kinda liking the idea of red table cloths… What do you think?

    Our hall is kinda wooden like this, so I think the red table cloths would look nice…  (keep in mind it’s a winter wedding)

    #5-Oh geesh, what else? Ummm. We need to find a marriage commissioner to marry us! I wonder if Elvis is free??

    Ha. Well, I’m sure it’s all going to work out, all that matters is….

    I better go make dinner for the one “I found and love”, like the picture says:)

    I am making baked sweet potatoes and a side of mixed veggies. Nothing uber exciting, but it’ll do!

    I hope you had a great day, thanks for stopping by and I trust that YOU are, as always….


  • Hey!

    How are you?

    My day started out as “one of those days”. I felt kinda overwhelmed at my “to do” list. The funny thing about my to-do list, is that it is not stuff I HAVE to do, it is merely things I CHOOSE to do. I just now read a quote on facebook that reads: “I find the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.” Thomas Jefferson

    Ain’t that the truth! I agree. I guess that’s why I keep adding things I don’t have to do to my list, and I do keep getting “luckier”.

    For example. Did Mike and I HAVE to make a video for the Osoyoos Celebrity Wine festival? NO- but we put it on our to-do list, and we got it done. Now we are top finalists for the competition. We got free tickets to the sold out event AND the owner of the winery we featured in the video has invited us out to their Vineyard for a tour and some wine.

    (Here’s a still-shot from the video- I can’t show it until the weekend!)

    So my point is- by doing things you don’t have to do- amazing things can happen! Like this blog too- I sure as heck don’t have to do it, it takes a lot of work, but I enjoy it and the reward is so worth it! I was going through a bunch of old posts today and I thought- wow- I did that. It’s like a public journal (except I don’t get toooooo personal, lol)

    What can you do? What envelope can you push? What is something that you can do that will take a bit more effort, time and energy but will be rewarding once it’s done?

    I found this picture of me today when I volunteered to read university texts books for the blind. Another thing I didn’t have to do, but it sure beat sitting at home watching reruns of Sex In The City, lol…

    The key when you sign up to do more or put more on your plate is that… YOU GOTTA FOLLOW THROUGH. A lesson I learnt today. I felt overwhelmed with to much to do. So I took a deep breath and I thought…… OK…first things first… finish what you’ve started and then move on… SO I DID!!!!!

    I half wrote a daily meditation over 1 year ago and I really wanted to finish it and get it up on the web. It has just been “one of those things” I’ve been meaning to finish and TODAY I FINISHED IT. WOOT WOOT.

    I figured, before moving on to more half done projects I need to finish what I started… So here it is- My first ever written and recorded Start Your Day- Guided Meditation!

    I put it to some pictures, but my goal is you never really see the pictures because you are listening, with your eyes closed to the meditation~

    So…don’t watch this now, but come back to this page tomorrow morning and listen to it!!! Will you??? If you do… please let me know how it goes!

    The reason I made this, is because my morning rituals have changed my life…for the better. It gets you in the right mind frame for the day.

    IN the MORNING, before you start your day. CLOSE YOUR EYES AND LISTEN TO THIS!

    I think the Canucks should do this!! Can someone send this video to Luongo?

    I’ll be back tomorrow for some more blogging action, and if you do the meditation… let me know how it goes!

    Lots of love, light, prosperity and energy!



  • Hey there my dear friend!

    A poem for you:

    Happy. Hi. You. Me. Like. Love? Like. and LOVE. K thanks.

    What’s new?

    We went to Rogers arena last night to watch the good ‘ol hockey game. My Canucks shirt was dirty so I went for the second best thing and wore a bright pink shirt I got in Florida at Forever 21.

    Mike wore his jersey.

    We met up with some friends who scored us the tickets and made our way to a jam packed stadium

    Do you like cotton candy? I love sweet things, but I DONT like CC-

    Got to our seats and OH CANADA began.

    Then this happened…. Bruins player got hit really hard and got carried off on stretcher. I hope he’s ok:(

    We had high hopes for this game but the Canucks totally just weren’t in it.

    Half time show was The Odds. Nice to see them, I actually worked in the Craig Northy’s (the singer) studio. I sang a couple songs that he wrote and was trying to sell to record companies. This was about 8 years ago!

    So we sucked up a BIG loss, but I was still smiling! Mike and I just found out we are finalists for “The Vino’s”, which is a video contest we entered for the Osoyoos Celebrity Wine Festival. First prize is $2500 and the festival is next weekend. For being finalists, we get free tickets to the sold out event! Gonna be fun. Will show you the video after we win.

    Crossing our fingers…

    K, I gotta run. Don’t forget about the poem I wrote you…
    Happy. Hi. You. Me. Like. Love? Like. and LOVE. K thanks.

    YAY! talk soon

  • Howdie Neighbour!

    Happy monday! Mike got up early and snapped some picture of the sunrise.

    Good morning!
    port moody sunrise

    Beautiful sunrise…

    Shoot! I missed it haha…

    I was snoozing, lol… Looks like I am wearing headphones, but it’s just the lamp. Man, I am a geek!

    Good day so far though…I just voiced a National voiceover spot and had 3 people on the phone listening in and giving me direction. PHEWF! Talk about getting my sweat on!

    I have had people listen in before- but never 3 people! It went extremely well though, it’s voiced, edited and back to my agent.

    home studio

    I love what I do and I am extremely grateful to make a living in this field, but trust me- I have put in my time! I have spent hours upon hours training, reading, practicing and learning as much as I can about my craft. This weekend I did an online course by Susan Berkley.

    An interesting fact I learnt was the the tone of your voice in a message is more important to the sale of something that even the WORDS are! See the graph below- 55% is the visual, 38% is the vocal and only 7% is the verbal. That is crazy!susan Berkley e-course

    Definitely made me think about my tone and delivery. The more honest and sincere you are in voiceovers (and in life!) the better you will be heard, understood and trusted!

    Right? That’s why everyone lovers Oprah so much. She is so genuine and real.

    Something else Genuine and Real is my hummus recipe… HOLLA!

    Here’s what you need….


    -2 cans of chick peas




    -cayanne pepper (optional)

    First off, I rinsed off my chick peas really well (especially since they were a cheap no name brand!)

    Then peel as much garlic as you can handle.

    Throw the chick peas and garlic, along with a couple tablespoons of tahini and your freshly squeezed lime into your processor and blend until creamy smooth.

    I add a bit of cayenne pepper in mine for a kick. If the mixture is still really chunky after blending for a couple minutes, add 1/2 cup of water.

    And there ya go!

    I hope your week is off to a great start. We’ll talk to you soooooon!