• Hello!

    After all my bickering yesterday, I actually got around to doing those wonderful activities that make me feel better. 6am yoga was glorious. The sun was actually rising as we were doing the salutations. Great way to start the day. I will be going 3 mornings a week. I bought a 3 month pass!

    I also cleaned my place! Woot woot. I didn’t do like a spring clean 5000 or anything, but everything went back in it’s place and it is clean!
    The dog continues to be deathly afraid of the vacuum cleaner, haha

    dog afraid of vacuum

    Here’s a GREAT TIP (Contemporary Feng Shui with Mark Ainley)
    Take a shelf, empty it, dust and clean it off, and put things back. You may notice a different relationship with the objects and the space, even if you place everything back as you did (and you probably won’t…). A great simple way to both clean and refresh!

    Cool hey? I love that Feng Shui stuff.

    Below is a basic feng shui bagua chart. This chart can be a lot more complex, but this is a simple, powerful, and useful chart to map out your home.

    To use it, simply draw out your floor plan, and superimpose this chart over your living space. Hold it so that it can be read while you are standing at your front door looking in.* Depending on whether your front door is to the left, middle or right of your house, this will mean it will be in either the Knowledge, Career or Helpful People section. This will allow you to determine the area of your home that relates to an area of your life. (I got this from accessfengshui.com)

    Here’s another home map.

    They are very cool. I have used them before!

    I had a trip to the dentist today (BOOOOO). While I layed there with metal things flying at my mouth, the dentist and the assistant (2 females) were discussing how one of their uncles who was 72 had an affair with his wife’s best friend who was only 45. Then they talked about 9/11 being a conspiracy. Then they talked about how Cameron Diaz and A-Rod broke up. Then they talked about the dentists husband and how he is in a HUGE fight with his brother. I couldn’t turn the headphones to the tv up loud enough! haha

    I came home and tried to clear my mind by backing Raw Sunburgers!

    Here is the recipe:

    So I soaked the sunflowers seeds..

    Processed them..

    Processed the carrots and added them to the sunflower seed mush.

    Blended up the rest of the ingredients and stirred it all together.

    Then placed them in my oven where they are now dehydrating. I started the first hour at 120 degrees and now they are at 105 degrees. They are almost done.

    The are supposed to look like this! Mmm, this was one of the delicious meals at Ocean Resort’s Spa and Raw food weekend.

    Here’s the video we made from that weekend.

    I was so inspired by that trip. THIS weekend I am becoming a certified raw chef. woo hoo.

    I just really like eating raw when possible. Eating live, living raw food that feeds and nourishes the cells.

    Namaste my friends! Talk tomorrow!!! xoxo

  • Hey gang!

    Anyone else feeling the blue effects of summer being over already? I’ve felt kinda bla the last couple days, I just think summer went by in a blink, and I’ve been sooo busy lately that I need to make a few adjustments and perhaps take more time for myself. The beauty of life is that every moment you can create a new you, a new and improved path, a happier more positive outlook and really design your life exactly how you want it. So after I spend a few moments sulking and dreaming up situations in my head where I move to a different city to freshen things up. I realize that the only “move” or shift that needs to happen, is in my mind.

    It’s time again to get reconnected, refocused and back in control. I have been complaining about how messy my place is for over a month and how I’m to busy too clean it. It is time to make it happen! You can start new right NOW…
    I finished up some work and went down to my hot tub and picked up a book I have been meaning to read for quite a while.

    the dynamic laws of prosperity, chapters

    As you know from reading this blog I am a really happy person, but it’s not because I am blessed with a golden egg in my ear. (weird analogy..) however, I CHOOSE to be happy. I CHOOSE to be positive and prosperous. So when I start letting my mind slide and getting into the feeling I have now, I know that I can choose to get right back on track.
    Ya know? Life isn’t all butterflies and rainbows, but it is pretty darn amazing.
    Thanks for letting me vent, lol, I am feeling better already. I have been meaning to re-start yoga again and I still haven’t gone. TOMORROW at 6am. I, Amanda Sellers will be at the Sunrise Hatha Yoga class. I’ll be there with silent bells on (so I don’t disrupt the other yogi’s) haha

    One very bright thing that happened today was a 3 hour coffee session I had with a girlfriend. I decided to bring her some….FLOWERS!

    thrify's flowers
    All that flower talk yesterday drove me into Thrifty’s flower land..or shall I say the “Vault”!

    thrify's flower vault
    The lady working there was sooo helpful and nice. She is a flower queen! She makes all the arrangements. I went with this one. Kinda fall-ish hey?

    I was liking what was going on…

    I think you guys are teaching me flowers… Is this a Gerbera????

    Ok, this looks like the Saskatchewan Provincial flower… Is this a tigerlily? It doesn’t have the brown spots though….

    Your probably distraughtly shaking your green thumb at me right now.. haha..

    This magazine cover made me laugh… Martha Stewart getting in the halloween spirit.
    It’s a great photo, I just think Martha Stewart is funny…(but insanely creative!!)

    Today I voiced some jobs and also started working on a script for a couple videos we’ve recently made. One is for the PNE (Vancouver’s fair) …

    Another is for the Taber Cornfest 10km race.

    I take my screen shots from the “Grab” application on MAC.

    And now, it’s bed time! Thanks sooooooo much for reading this blog. I love ya. Hope all is well in your life. Tomorrow is a BRAND NEW DAY!



  • Hello!!

    Today…. I meant to sleep in but the darn dog woke me up by 7am…grrr.. I mean.. Hi Puppy!

    I was going to stay home and clean and get organized while Mike had a bunch of errands to run downtown, but I decided to tag along and get out of the house…

    He had a meeting on West 6th… OHH, right by Whole Foods…don’t mind if I do.

    I hooked myself up with the salad bar and some macaroons fresh from Organic Lives!

    I enjoyed lunch in the park…

    The last of my awesome salad.

    Then it was Macaroon time. I’m so proud of Organic Lives for growing as a company so fast and getting their product into Whole Foods!

    organic lives macaroons, quebec and 3rd

    Then we headed over to North Van, but spotted our friend Norm shooting a commercial along Georgia St. along the way. Hi NORM!!!

    I had to go to Grouse Mountain to pick up my winnings from the Squamish Music Festival blogging contest through Whistler Water..

    I feel soo blessed. I won a night at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, plus dinner at Altitudes, plus more. I am so excited. Thanks to ANYONE that voted for me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

    While I was there I decided to check out the Wolf Habitat, but the wolves were HIDING! A tourist asked me, “why are you taking pictures of an empty cage?”……….

    I kindly replied, ” I write a blog and I need something to write about!” haha Wolves or no wolves, snap snap!

    Then later on, I took out a new notebook I got at my wedding shower and started to make a new goals list! Starting with 3 months of yoga 3x a week at Kula Yoga here in Port Moody. Y’all know I LOVE making goals, have you written out your goals lately?

    One of my posts a couple days ago I wrote about my wedding shower and how I was asked about what my favourite flower was and how I didn’t know!!!

    Some of you darling readers were not as indecisive as me when it came down to what it your favourite flower:

    Kirstie from Musings of a Happy Life loves Gerberas!

    Ine from The Taeleman’s Blog loves Plumerias!

    Sylvia from Serenity Skin Care LOVES tons of flowers, but in the fall she’s a fan of Mums in Burgundy.

    And last but not least the lovely Brenda from Four Daisies likes……Daisies!!

    Well, I must say, you ladies have inspired me to pay more attention to flowers. The adorable Melissa from Mouth Watering Morsels is with me in not having a favourite flower….YET….

    Thanks for reading Team! Love you all! Talk tomorrow k? OMG ok?! Like’ omg, sounds fab, omg. YES, omg.

  • 11

    Happy Sunday?


    Today is sort of a blur! I set my alarm for 7am, got up, took the pup out. Hit up the farmers market and bought a HUGE supply of produce… such as peppers…


    Tomatoes, beets, kale, romaine and leaf lettuce, apples, onions, peas, etc….

    We brought the dog today so he could get in on the fun…pretty much a bad idea… pup+ farmers market= WAY more work than needed! lol

    Here’s us playing a little game;)

    Pretty good for 4 months! ;)

    After the farmers market… It was time to get to work! I worked over 13 hours so far today… Why am I so crazy to do this?

    The answer….

    haha, bold..but it’s true. I DO really love my career path, It is trying sometimes, but it is such a rewarding feeling to be working for myself, being creative, doing something I am so passionate about.

    My schedule may be extremely unpredictable. Like work 17 hours 3 days in a row, off the next…But I am happy with this path and I continue to give it my all!

    So that’s kinda it today folks! I gave every ounce I had to voiceovers today. This coming week should be a little more tame..but we’ll see….

    NEXT up.. I need to focus on THIS:

    (Our wedding!) These were the party favours given out yesterday. Cute hey?

    Ok.. sending off a few more files and off to bed. Nighty night! Lots of love, light and passion!!! xoxoxo

  • Hello!

    We spent a good 14 hours filming a wedding video for a lovely chinese couple. I started at the Groom’s place…

    And Mike started at the Bride’s.

    They went through a bunch of super cute chinese traditions involving games and tea at each others home. I loved watching it.
    After all the fun, we were off to the ceremony.

    I loved their shoes!

    The bride wore a traditional white dress to the ceremony, but I didn’t get a shot of it.

    After shooting the morning traditions and ceremony, Mike busted his butt and made a “same day edit” video, which was later shown the SAME DAY as the reception. That takes editing SKILLZ…

    The Bride and Groom invited us to stay for dinner… OK!!

    The buffet table was outside. The wedding took place at Mayfair Golf club in Richmond. The food was outstanding. I had a variety of big salads, a bit of the rice and potatoes (not raw, I know…).
    OOh, and I had some bubbly.

    Is this an artistic shot or creepy? (with the guy in the background)….

    After some fun, it was TIME to get HOME to our pup and our BEDS!

    I have a HUGE voicing day tomorrow. Yesterday I felt some sniffles going on so I tried using a Neti-Pot!! Have you ever tried one????

    They may seem crazy, but they work. The cashier at Thrifty’s got me all nervous when I bought it because she said she couldn’t do it, but really it’s not bad at all and it totally clears you up!

    We’ll see if I need it tomorrow. 52 pages of geometry left to voice (plus a phone system….) I cant do it!!

    Hope your having a great weekend!!