• Hey familia!

    Today flew by. I woke up, did my journaling, went for a 30 minute run, did some paperwork..

    Then I jumped in the truck to help my lovely friend Diana move out of her place downtown. She was sad to say goodbye to downtown. (I remember that feeling when we left downtown- I still miss it)

    So long Dee’s place…

    We worked hard all day getting things cleaned, boxed and moved… By the end of the day, I was in need of some energy! I decided to try a “max veg” from Jugo Juice. It has beets, carrots, ginger, apple juice, celery, cucumber ,spinach and green pepper in it. I thought it was good and it gave me good energy but it had soooo much pulp in it. Shouldn’t they have a  really good juicer at “jugo juice?” Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed it, but I wanted more juice=less pulp. (celery pulp is BLECH)

    max veg Jugo Juice

    This evening I went to listen to author Vesanto Melina speak at Banyen books in Kits. (Nice photography huh? I focused on the people’s heads and not the author. She is a lovely and very knowledgable lady who has written many books on vegetarianism, veganism and raw.

    vesanto melina, raw revolution, going raw

    Here are her books!

    Raw revolution diet, going raw, vesanto melina

    I enjoyed her presentation, but I had to sneak out early. I was tired from a long day and there was 1 person in the audience who would not be quiet. Bless this persons heart, they were only trying to be heard, but I was getting annoyed and I left…

    Banyen books, west 4th

    But not before picking up a couple books first..I had heard the Everyday Raw book was really great and the other one was just pretty and colourful so I bought it…… $55 later…….It’s an investment in moi!

    Know what I really need to invest in? A SPA day! I am thinking next week sometime.. I am due.

    Now I will make an investment in myself once again by sleeping.
    Talk sooooooooon.


  • Hey!

    This week so far I have been a Geometry teacher, a Hamilton Beach Pro Griller, a Conair hair product junkie, an IT personnel manager and a GOLF PRO..

    Today I was out of my studio and in Mother Natures Studio at Furry Creek Golf Course modelling for the new Stormtech Spring catalogue.

    Furry Creek Golf Course is a special place… know why????????????????

    furry creek

    Happy Gilmore was filmed there!!!!!

    Woo Hoo. Love that movie! (did I ever tell you I went to The Price is Right in LA? I met Bob himself. When the camera wasn’t rolling, he was a bit of a jerkers to his staff, but hey, He’s Bob Barker! “Come on Down!”

    Here’s some of the Stormtech crew on the greens, getting the shots.

    I loved this eggplant colour jacket.

    It was a beautiful day to shoot for spring 2012…

    We had all these new garments to get shots of!

    My section on the rack.

    My new buddy Laura!

    I’m artistic like that….

    A girl’s gotta eat. They had really yummy sandwiches for lunch.

    Thank you sun for shining on us today!

    And we were done! Here’s a shot I took on the way back to the truck.

    Furry Creek was in Squamish, so on the drive there I listened to the audiobook “Power of Intention”, by Dr. Dyer

    “Our intention creates our reality.” Good Stuff. I intend to be healthy, happy, prosperous, loving and loved! What do you intend to be?

    Back tomorrow with more play by play action! Hope your week is going great!


  • Hey!

    So my girlfriend Dee was doing some spring fall cleaning and she handed down some treasures. The shirt, jeans and buddah are all from her! Have you ever had an all girls “swap” clothes party? I have never done it, but I’ve heard of girls who are all roughly the same size, coming together, bringing the clothing and accessories they don’t use anymore and swapping them with each other! Great idea.

    She also gave me a wack load of painting supplies, and canvases- including this monster canvas I will turn into “art”.

    big blank canvas

    Woo hoo. I want to have another painting party like the one we had last Christmas, now that was fun! Somehow the paint ended up on my face! lol (back in the brown hairs days…)

    Speaking of Art, I went to Organic Lives tonight for my first Feed Life Starve Cancer class and I spotted this beautiful mini painting sitting on a ledge. <3 heart!

    organic lives

    My class was AWESOME. The instructor Eden is fantastic. We made some cancer starving elixers…

    This was made of blueberries, green tea and ginger.


    I will tell you more about the class tomorrow, but for more info on classes you can attend here in Vancouver, check out feedlife.ca. Yes, it’s about starving off cancer from your body, but you don’t have to be a cancer patient to attend. A big majority of the class are people like me, who want to be proactive and learn as much as possible.

    mmm, fresh herbs for some dishes we made.


    After the class I stopped by a lovely couples home because Ms. Thrifty over here, bought some 2nd hand armchairs. They were $60 bucks a piece, came from a loving home, are microfiber so they clean well and I didn’t want to get brand new because of the puppy.

    Painter jumped on them like mad immediately. Imagine if they were the brand new white ones for $500 I was going to get!!! These used ones will be just fine for now! My place is a mess, but I will do some home staging and show you just how nice I can get it to look. We are getting a kitchen table too…soon!

    YAY. Ok… me… bed…now….Shooting in Squamish with Stormtech in the morning and need to be on the road by about 6:30am

    Hope you had a fabulous day. (whatever happened to my afternoon blogging? Gosh its all right before bed these days. I plan on blogging earlier again…)

  • Hello!!!

    Would you believe that I slept in until 9:30am?? YUP! I missed yoga and everything, haha. I just really needed a good sleep in. Once I finally woke up, Mike had coffee started…I thought to myself…“Ooooh yaaa, today is the day I said I would try to stop drinking so much coffee.” In my Raw class we learnt that coffee can leach B vitamins and Iron from your body, it is very acidic (having too much acidity in ones body is a rather toxic environment- we are striving for a balanced PH, but most people are extremely acidic, so we need to eat more alkaline foods) coffee also processes food before it’s digested so you don’t get all your other foods nutrients (unless your eating a doughnut.. then it don’t matter, ha)

    I have no problem with coffee, but if my body does, I am just going to experiment a bit and NOT drink soooo much of it. If I go out for coffee with girlfriends, I’ll probably have a coffee, but if I can stop relying on it to get me going every single day, then I think that’d be ok.

    (I just did a commercial for Hamilton Beach today- how ironic…it was for some new grill coming out..)

    SOOO, instead of coffee this morning I had some Premium Green Matcha tea…

    Premium green matcha

    According to their website zenorganics.ca here are the benefits of this stuff:

    Aid the body’s pH balance and overall functioning….a healthy body is slightly alkaline, but if one diet is unbalance due to substantial intake of too many empty calories then the body becomes more acidic. Green tea counteracts acidity due to the minerals in tea such as calcium, manganese cooper zinc nickel, and molybdenum, which aid the body to function properly.

  • Aids digestion
  • According to Mutsuko Tounage Matcha tea stimulates the stomach and increases intestinal activity which promotes proper digestion.
  • Prevent illness
  • According to Mutsuko Tounage, the abundant concentrations of vitamins in Matcha green tea boost the immune system which strengthens the body’s natural abilities to fend of diseases and combat stress.
  • Promotes healthy skin tone
  • The abundant concentrations of vitamin c in Matcha green tea are important for the maintenance of good skin tone, with a youthful elasticity. Green tea is so rich in vitamin c that three cups of green tea give you the same amount of vitamin c as in an apple.
  • Aid weight loss
  • Regular Matcha Green teas have no calories. When consume after a big meal its tannin content helps the fat degrading enzymes to perform better. A bowl of Matcha green tea can also alleviate hunger and provide the vitamins and minerals that is lacking in many diet drinks
  • Provide much needed zinc foe expectant mothers
  • Surveys have shown that lack of minerals-especially zinc and copper can lead to low birth weight. Zinc is needed during pregnancy and is present in Matcha green tea.
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Tea catechins reduce bad cholesterol or low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL cholesterol ) in the blood, thereby preventing hardening of the arteries and the formation of blood clots.
  • Lower high blood pressure
  • Tea catechins inhibits the function of the angiotensin I-converting enzyme (ACE) THAT produce angiotensin II which is responsible for high blood pressure.
  • Prevents diabetes
  • Tea catechins lower blood sugar levels by inhibiting the actions od amylase an enzyme that breaks down starches such a carbohydrates and convert them into glucose.
  • Slows the aging process
  • Tea catechins prevents the oxidation of fat in foods, and are thus natural antioxidants agents. Among them epiggallo catechins gallate (EGCG) has about twenty times the antioxidants of vitamin E.
  • This darn tin cost me almost $30, I was expecting the can to be full!  (I won’t judge though, let’s give it a chance)

    premium green matcha

    It says to use half a teaspoon to a full teaspoon.

    Premium green matcha

    I filled the mug up with water. You are supposed to just pour a a couple ounces of water, then mix with a bit of tea with and then fill the rest of the water… There’s always tomorrow to do that hey?

    premium green matcha

    How does it taste? Not bad… I think I’ll get used to it. If you want a little idea of what it’s like- Order a matcha green tea soy latte from Starbucks! They definitely have sugar added to them, but they are YUMMY.

    If you want a more alkaline body.. eat this stuff! Spinach, romaine, parsley and cilantro are the greens I added to my shake this morning.

    green smoothie

    I also bought a box of really nice looking raspberries from Thrifty’s. $11.99 for this big box. I thought that was a pretty fair price!

    I have been voicing ALL DAY! One of the jobs I got today was a script consisting of 12,000 words that needs to be done by tomorrow. I am half done. Here are some bloopers…

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    They aren’t knee slapping funny, haha, but they give you a taste of how many mess ups I have! lol

    I felt inspired to share a quote with you today, then I dreamed up a cute way of sharing it…

    puppy typography

    Isn’t that cute? And also a really great quote.

    It took 3 pieces of paper to get the shot (Painter just kept eating them! haha)

    It also took a lot of pictures to get “the one”…..

    Oh Painter…

    I was supposed to do a photo shoot with Stormtech tomorrow, (for the new spring stuff!) but it got held off due to rain. We are now shooting Wed.

    Here’s a catalogue shot from the last photo shoot I did with them. We mostly just make videos for Stormtech now, so a photo session will be fun!

    Tomorrow night is my first class with the Feed Life, Starve Cancer series. I am so pumped!!! If you live in Vancouver, check out their awesomely affordable classes at feedlife.ca.

    Hope your week is off to a wonderful start! October is almost here.. eeek. I have been slowly writing out my goals and “to-do’s” for next month. Good times.

    Talk sooon.



  • Hey friends.

    In regards to yesterday’s post, I am just floored at all the comments. Thank you so much. It felt like a ginormous hug and really did make me feel better. I knew I started this blog for a reason. I feel like there are more reasons about to be shown, but that was one of them.

    If you at all feel compelled to start a blog. My advice is: JUST DO IT!  I read this post on GirlOnRaw.com which is about blogging which I thought was very resourceful. Girlonraw.com is also a REALLY amazing raw food blog. I feel like the writer is a long lost twin sister or something, we have lots in common.

    Today was GREAT. I went downtown. Mike played hockey while I brunched with my girlfriend Diana. I didn’t snap a pic today (silly me) but here is a recent one of us.

    Oh, and here’s a NOT so recent one of us, haha

    Dee and I have been good friends for many moons… My band “Amandasonic” played that night, this was my very first album which came out around that time. The album title was, “Poor Little Things”.

    Dee and I had SUCH a great chat. She’s one of those friends that even if you haven’t seen each other in a while, you don’t skip a beat. Always a good time.
    After our brunch, I drove over to meet Mike who went from playing hockey, to playing pool…

    The London Pub, vancouver

    Him and Larry were in the middle of a pool match..

    So I patiently waited while they finished up, but while I was there I met a really sweet australian girl named Kaleigh. I told her to check out the blog. “Hi girl! Nice to meet you!!” haha.

    She is from Australia, and ironically Dee is Australian, is dating an Aussie and Dee also gave me this sweater today.

    Thanks Dee- I wear it proudly!

    Mom and Richard got back from Vancouver Island tonight, so we went for dinner. Now mom is gone :( I will see her soon though.

    I am getting ready for an awesome week ahead. Voiceovers galore on Monday, Stormtech shoot on Tuesday, helping Dee move of Wed…and we’ll see what happens from there!

    I like that quite! Here’s to an amazing week.

    Thanks for stopping by and can’t wait to chat tomorrow!!