• Hey!

    So we were out running Painter late this afternoon. We have this game where he chases us each across a field of grass. I was trying to be fancy and leap up all these ledges while he chased me. I looked back to see where he was, before looking at my next big leap and I FELL HARD. I scraped up my knee, my hand a bit, but the thing that hurts the most is my elbow jammed into my rib when I hit the ground.

    i fell

    Icing on the cake was while I was down, Painter started jumping all over me thinking it was a game, OOH GEESH. Mike was by my side in no time. I am totally fine it just sucks so bad when something completely avoidable happens. I would show you my scraped knee, but personally I get queezy when I see pics of people’s injuries on blogs and facebook, so we’ll keep this light and I I will show you my beautiful bowl of fruit instead!

    bowl of ripe fruit

    Isn’t she a beauty?

    Tonight I had my 2nd Feed Life, Starve Cancer class. If you missed my review on the first one, go here!

    My workbook filled with juicy knowledge and a mason jar filled with raspberry green tea, yes, I got it Supersized!

    feed life, starve cancer

    Despite my mildly throbbing injury pain, I LOVED the class once again. I can’t wait to try making some of my own Nut Milks.

    I have the NUT part down! Here are some bloopers from a voiceover today.

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    Aahh, yes…

    In other news, I mailed off my wedding invitations. We even have someone coming as far as….

    YEP! My cousin Margarita is coming all the way from Greece to be at our wedding. I am blessed. Marg, no matter WHERE you get married one day, I will be there, even if it is in dreaded, boring, uninteresting GREECE,..haha, I’d go in a heart beat.
    Here’s a couple recent pics of my beautiful cousin.

    LOVE this pic!

    “you take a block from the bottom and you put it on top…”

    She’s a pretty cool girl;) can’t wait to see her. Can’t wait to see everyone at the wedding!

    Ok Gang, Keep in touch!

    Tomorrow’s blog is going to be a smashing, out of this world success, so come back and you will see me juggle flames from a tightrope (or something as comparably exciting)

  • Hello!!!!

    and-Happy Monday.

    After a full morning, mid afternoon we headed downtown to go to the spa. I asked Mike if we could stop by Gorilla Foods first. (It is a raw-vegan cafe and I had NEVER been there!)

    It’s located right downtown on Richards and Hastings.

    Head on down the stairs and enter the rawesomeness!

    Gorilla Foods, Vancouver Richards st. Raw vegan food

    Organic.Vegan. Raw. (so cool! I have been backsliding a teeny bit this past weekend off raw and am diligently getting back on the wagon)

    Gorilla Foods, Vancouver Richards st. Raw vegan food

    It’s just the way raw foods make me feel vs cooked/processed foods. It’s about a feeling. A very healthy and alive feeling.

    I chose to get the GO Veggie Burger, Mike ordered the pizza.

    Gorilla Foods, Vancouver Richards st. Raw vegan food

    Mmm, raw desserts, don’t mind if I do..

    Gorilla Foods, Vancouver Richards st. Raw vegan food

    They also sell some dried foods, goji berries, raw cacao, raw olives, cacao nibs, stuff like that.

    My burger was amazing. I look ridiculous eating it, haha, but I was soo impressed. I opted for the flax seed “bun” which was an extra $2.

    This piece of pizza was $8. May seem crazy to some, but I look at it as an investment in my health. This raw pizza (made only of veggies, fruit, nuts and seeds, and maybe a bit of olive oil) was freaking outstanding. It doesn’t leave that lumpy pizza sitting in your stomach feeling after either.

    Gorilla Foods, Vancouver Richards st. Raw vegan food

    I told Mike if he wanted to have dessert he should of ordered it. I shared my fudge.

    Gorilla Foods, Vancouver Richards st. Raw vegan food

    Gorilla Foods gets a big, fat Gorilla thumb’s up! Go there!

    Next stop, Absolute Spa…

    Absolute spa, century hotel, burrard

    How cute, a little rock garden with a rake. Isn’t that cute? must be therapeutic in some way to. (I just looked it up. It is called a Zen Garden and “a Zen garden can serve as a quiet refuge for meditation and relaxation.”)

    Absolute spa, century hotel, burrard

    Lots of celebs frequent this spa.. (My picture is not on the wall…yet…haha)

    Absolute spa, century hotel, burrard

    Before my massage, I put some cucumbers on my eyes, along with a damp washcloth that smelled all aromatherapy-ish.

    Absolute spa, century hotel, burrard

    It was a lovely day. We even fit in a visit to the SKN clinic in Yaletown. Mike got a facial and I had some laser hair removal! ow ow.

    skn clinic yaletown,

    I’ve been using their Jade and Ginseng Radiance Moisturizer. It has really been keeping my skin hydrated and feeling great. This is by far my favourite moisturizer right now!

    Guess what? Tomorrow I have a Tomboy of the Month coming your way. She is a superstar. Can’t wait for you to meet her!

    I’m whispering in your ear right now, “Keep shining bright!” :)

  • Happy day my dear friends! Hope you had a great weekend. I am so pumped for this upcoming week, I think it’s going to be a good one.

    We went out last night with some friends in Yaletown, hardest part is leaving the little pooch.

    “Bye Painter”, be a good boy!” (ya right- trouble is his middle name!)

    On the drive downtown, we were scoping out the newly renovated soccer/football stadium that cost 7 trillion dollars, haha. I haven’t been in but apparently the retractable roof is pretty neat because all those strings light up when your inside and it looks like stars. (a friend was recently in there)

    The new BC place, Vancouver

    Ready to Rumble!

    Self portrait while driving

    We met up with our friends Amanda and Chenier at the New Oxford House in Yaletown.

    The New Oxford Pub, yaletown

    It was pretty dead when we first got there…

    The new oxford pub

    but some cocktails and good conversation later, the place was booming. (I obviously only got shots when it was NOT busy, lol)

    The new Oxford Pub Yaletown

    Bathroom self portrait! This was in honour of Skinny Runner!!! (she is a lovely blogger who is known for her bathroom self portraits!)


    After an awesome night, we came home and Mike was playing fetch with Painter. He threw the ball at a glass on the counter and it shattered everywhere!

    Today was a good, but lazy day.  I lounged around, Mike played hockey, then we took little pantsies (painter) for a walk. Mike was trying to teach him to jump over the bushes!

    It didn’t quite work out!

    He plopped right in the middle of the bush and started eating the leaves. haha. He did make it over a few times though, looked pretty cute.

    Tomorrow I am doing yoga, writing in my journal, voicing a 4500 word project, mailing my wedding invites…wedding invites

    And then going to the SPA! Can’t wait.

    Get ready for an awesome week, I just spent some time writing out my goals for the week and the month. Trying to get clear on what needs to get done. It definitely helps.

    Take care

  • Hey gang!

    I have 2 Tomboy’s of the month lined up now. They will be getting me back the questions soon (I hope;) No worries though, we don’t skip a beat here.

    I am in the middle of a 4 week course called Feed Life, Starve cancer.  “Feed Life Starve Cancer is designed to help you understand how cancer works and how to starve it through food, exercise and the mind body connection.”

    On Tuesday we made elixers with ingredients such as green tea, blueberry and ginger.

    Feed life, starve cancer

    It tasted really good and is chock full of free radical fighting antioxidants.

    Feed life, starve cancer

    Of course there are a lot of components that make up why one would get cancer. (genetics, lifestyle, stress levels, emotional stress, diet) If you’ve ever lost anyone to cancer (which we all have) It’s frustrating to think, “oh ya right, so if my loved one would have just drank green tea they would still be here?”  I don’t know the answer, but I do know that cancer cells thrive off acidity and fermented sugars and  in our body, (things like sugar, processed foods, dairy, meat). So why wouldn’t one TRY (it’s hard, I know) to eliminate or at least cut down on those foods that cancer thrives off?

    Classes are held at Organic Lives

    The classes are lead by holistic nutritionist and cancer survivor Eden Macdonald. She is an amazing gal, extremely passionate, informative and full of knowledge. (she is also the healthy eating initiative at Whole Foods in Vancouver)

    Feed life, starve cancer

    The Feed Life, Starve Cancer Program recommends that you:

    -eating a RAINBOW of fruits and veggies

    -drink lots of water

    -Increase fiber consumption

    -reduce animal products

    -reduce calories

    -do not eat oil (this is a different concept for a lot of raw foodists)

    Here’s a shot of my messy notes. (I sometimes look and my notes and think, was this written by a 5 year old? haha)

    Feed life, starve cancer

    WATERCRESS: the #2 most nutritionally dense food on the planet…

    Feed life, starve cancer

    And KALE: the #1 nutritionally dense food on the planet.

    Feed life, starve cancer

    EAT MORE KALE. We made a Kale salad with the leaves drenched in Avocado rather than oil.

    kale salad

    We also made a few different grain dishes. This one below is Forbidden rice. As a group we participated and came up with what we wanted to add to it.

    ·         Walnuts
    ·         Orange
    ·         Mint

    The theory behind our added ingredients is to always add a fat, acid, sweet, spice and salt to our foods.

    Here are some examples of the 5 tastes to add to every dish to make it taste fab!
    FAT – avocado, walnuts, cashews, hemp seeds, ground flax seeds, olives
    ACID – lime juice, orange juice, red wine, rice wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar
    SALT – sea salt, celery, olives, sundried tomatoes,
    SWEET – fruit juice, fruit vinegars, dried fruit (apricots, peaches, apples, mangoes), apple sauce, berries, carrot or beet juice with fresh herbs and garlic
    SPICE – Fresh and dried herbs (dill, basil, parsley, rocket, cilantro etc) chili peppers, curry powder, ginger, garlic

    *I can’t wait until our next class on Tuesday! If you live in Vancouver, please check out some of the Feedlife classes.

    We are going out with friends tonight, so I gotta get the curlers out of my hair and get ready.


  • Happy Friday!!!

    How the heck was your week?? What’s on the menu for the weekend? October has almost arrived. YIKES.

    I was away from my studio for a couple days this week, so I am making up for it tonight and tomorrow. We have a good stack of scripts to voice. My clients have been kind enough to give me until Monday. My plan is to get EVERYTHING done tomorrow afternoon and have Sunday as a day of rest and revamping. Monday we booked a SPA DAY! I told you I was going to do it soon!

    Ok, here is me totally geeking out with no makeup, bad hair and my new glasses. (they are ray ban)

    Amanda Sellers, new glasses

    They are extremely mild reading glasses. I use them in the sound booth so the words don’t get all fuzzy on me after starring at it all day. Thanks to eating lots of carrots my eyesight has been pretty darn good over the years.

    Check out what I did this afternoon. I took a wack of carrots, cut off the tops and washed them off…

    cutting carrots

    I took them for a spin around in the food processor..

    shredded carrots

    Added some to the salad I was making and put the rest in a baggie so I have easy access to tomorrow’s salad. I did the same with a big bag of red peppers. It’s good to be prepped so it’s more convenient to make healthy choices.

    shredded carrots

    I really didn’t take many pictures today, so I thought I’d recap on a few of my favourite pictures over the past while. (these are super random, I just searched on my blog and pulled a couple.)
    I LOVE this picture I took at Organic Lives on Tuesday night.

    organic lives painting.

    I like this picture of my soup ingredients

    root soup

    I miss Florida and I really need a trip soon. Anyone else itching for a holiday/vacation?

    Me with country singer Aaron Pritchett at the Osoyoos Wine Festival.

    Another one from Osoyoos I love. (I hope to go again next year!)

    Osoyoos Celebrity wine fest
    and last but not least, a picture I have put up a couple time. Me holding my gratitude rock at our old apartment in English bay.

    gratitude rock

    Thank you for stopping bye!

    Tonight I am FINALLY going to write out my wedding invitations. With a glass of red wine. That is what I am off to do… Now…..K…. bye….. I love you….. is that weird?….. I love everything….. Life is great……love the universe…… I am on pot……just joking I don’t do drugs……I am not saying I m not crazy though….. DAMN I will do anything to avoid writing out my wedding invites…..including going crazy on my blog writing random nonsense……aahhhhh….afniqevbqeuuqerhgvkjdfviugbuiwrginqfg bye