• Holla!

    The server for my blog was down yesterday (how rude!) and I couldn’t write. So here we are. I have been packing for my trip, as well as finishing voiceovers and tending to emails.

    Yesterday, Mike and I went downtown to meet my Uncle Jack and Cousin Nicole for lunch before they head back to Winnipeg. We went to Steamworks in Gastown. (Love that place! The pumpkin spice beer is soooo yummy.)

    For lunch I had a non-vegan quesadilla. It was such a good lil lunch.


    My cousin Nicole and I… She is such a doll. Love talking with her.

    steamworks lunch

    Heading back to our truck after lunch. I had to stop at the famous steam clock in gastown…

    steam clock gas town

    Your gonna think I’m crazy (or crazier than you already think) but for some reason Gas town reminds me of Lampwick from Pinocchio.

    It seems like he should just come walking down the street, asking me to come with him to the Land of Toys…


    Am I drinking to much of this??? Ha, no, we actually bought this Summerhill Pinot Noir for a friend….

    I met one of the head guys of Summerhill Wine (Ezra) at the Osoyoos Wine Festival. Made me a Summerhill believer!

    summerhill wines

    I’m also a firm believer in road trips to California, which is why I am going to go one one starting tomorrow (or if we just can’t wait..we’ll leave tonight…..)

    We’ll be spending most of our time in LA, but we’ll be trekking on through the state….

    I’ll write from the road tomorrow. See how far we make it…

    Talk soon!!

  • Hey!

    How are you today? I’m doing ok. I slept in until whenever I felt like it and slowly got myself up and started mucking around a bit. Put in some laundry, tidied up and did some random work.

    I tried to work as little as possible, but it seems like my brain is always going. Figuring out our California trip is one of the things I am working on..but I am trying to remember….

    I went out to Three Dog Bakery here in Port Moody to pick up a few things for our furry friend.

    three dog bakery

    When I got back, I discovered that each of my 2 amazing agents had auditions for me. My Toronto agent had a Cineplex spot and my Vancouver agent had a McDonalds spot. Umm, yes, I can get into that!

    It was actually a series of tv spots for McCafe… seriously crossing my fingers on this one. I would be sooo nice….


    I feel kinda lazy today, but I know I need the rest right now…It’s always when you can’t exercise that you want to do it the most. I’m on my old laptop and I found this picture of me doing p90x about 1 year ago..

    Ha. Well, I have 1 week of no physical activity. I can dig it. I’m allowed to go for walks. Took the pup on a walk today.
    Tomorrow is chalk full of running around getting ready for our road trip Saturday. Wash and vacuum truck, meet uncle and cousin who are still in town, meet with Stormtech, meet with my friend who is looking after Painter while we are away… stuff like that.

    Get ready for some West Coast road tripping blogging action! Coming Soon…..

    Have a good night;)

  • Hey there!

    November 1st. Surgery day. My dooms day.

    I couldn’t sleep last night, kept thinking through things. One thing I thought about was, wether we die young, or live to be 102, life is short. Too short to be fearful to take risks, ask for what you want or worry about what people think. Random late night sleepless thought.

    Pulled up at the Women’s Centre at the Vancouver Hospital.

    leslie diamond center, vancouver hospital

    I was headed to floor 6.

    leslie diamond womens center

    The surgery was crappy. I’m not going to pretend it was hunky dory, cause it was shitty. Even though I am tough and can make it through anything- I don’t wish that upon anyone. My Leep procedure is done, and now any potential cancerous cells are gone from my body. Mike was holding my hand the whole time, and the doctor and nurses were very kind. I am very tired and out of it right now, so perhaps we can expand on it more at a later date. But again, my plea is that you get a yearly pap done. Cervix cancer can be detected well in advance if you get your yearly checkup.

    After the surgery, the nurse said to eat right away and don’t count calories! lol

    Mike and I met our friends Eden and Colin for lunch at Organic Lives.
    Organic Lives

    We sat down right before the lunch rush, this place did get BIZY!

    Organic Lives, Vancouver

    I got the Sicilian Wrap with a ceaser salad. Ah-maze-ing!

    Organic Lives, Sicilian wrap

    For dessert Mike and I shared the “ridiculous” (that’s really it’s name!) And Colin and Eden shared the “OMG” (yup, that’s it’s name too)

    Since I’ve been home I have travelled back and forth from the bed to the couch. This little hellion angel knows when it’s time to pour on his sweetness when I just need some comfort and cuddles.

    Here’s my station today… In between watching some Dog Whisperer re-runs. lol

    Going to bed now! Tomorrow is a new day. Love and light!


  • Happy Halloween!

    Are fireworks really that important on Halloween? I guess so in Port Moody! They are going off like crazy around here…

    port moody halloween fireworks

    Check out this decorated house I saw downtown today..How’d they get the spider up there? Um, duh, he crawled up! lol

    The only real halloween festivities I participated in this year was candy eating and pumpkin carving with my cousin, check out our masterpiece..

    Painter’s 1st Halloween, he loves pumpkin…(He eats anything mind you.)

    I stole this pic from last year’s blog on Halloween. This funny old pic of me in a Rock 101 Calendar with my friend Sherry.

    In the past, for Halloween I have been:

    - a really old lady (when I was like 5)
    - karate kid
    - Axl Rose
    - Pocahontas
    - a Hooters girl (cuz I used to work there- I had the outfit already- haha)
    - typical 80′s outfit

    (I just left my mom a message at work so that she can help me round out this list. I DO NOT remember what I dressed up as over the years.)
    ok, mom said I was
    -a witch
    -a dancer
    -a princess
    - she said once I got older I was the “goth look” a lot.

    This was 2 years ago.. Not really sure “what” I was, I just put on a red wig, false eyelashes and a crazy push up bra! ha.

    Well, tomorrow is the big day…surgery day..boo.. not looking forward to it, but looking forward to it being done with and moving on. I have been pretty emotional today but I know that everything happens for a reason and I am meant to go through this experience. It has definitely changed me, in terms of trying to eat healthier, be more aware of how processed foods can actually feed cancer cells and I know I need to keep stress levels down too. In my sound booth today I had 26 pages of geometry to voice and I was loving every minute of it. I was overjoyed to be voicing it. Life is too short to not appreciate the small things and see the beauty that surrounds us everyday.

    Stay positive no matter what…tee hee…

    Thanks for reading this blog and being a part of this journey. I really appreciate you and the inspiration you give me to be the best I can be everyday.

    Rock and roll! xo

  • Hello!

    How was your weekend? Have you seen any people dressed up and been like, “EEEEEK, oh my…..then remembered…ohhh ya, it’s halloween….”

    Just look at those trees changing colour… This is mother natures “treat”…

    Nature's treat

    My uncle arrived today for a week long union convention.

    Here is Mike and my uncle Jack at the Convention centre. They both look serious and mad, but I assure you they were in a dynamic conversation and got along just fine!

    jack n mike

    Cousin Nicole and I were all smiles…

    I absolutely LOVE this hanging earth at the  Vancouver convention centre.

    the whole world

    The Van convention centre is where all the media was stationed during the Olympics.

    Vancouver convention center

    Hanging wooden eggs?

    vancouver convention center

    Yay, cousin-in-laws to be…

    Vancouver COnvention center

    We all hung out for the day and we took them to Stepho’s (our favourite greek restaurant) for dinner.   I have a meeting downtown tomorrow morning, so I will get to see them again tomorrow.

    Can I just show you this little button? It’s my nephew Jasper at a pumpkin patch. OH my goodness…

    UGH, I can’t wait to see him at the end of November.  Just too cute.

    Squish his face!

    So did you splurge on some halloween candy? I couldn’t resist…

    My kinda treats.

    Why does that Smarties box have a green checkmark on it? A check for “YUP-I’m unhealthy?” haha

    If you are in the Vancouver area and want a healthy kickstart. Do yourself and your body a favour and check out one (Or all) of these classes happening at Organic Lives:

    Set yourself up for Success

    Health for the Holidays

    4 Week Intensive Feed Life Starve Cancer

    I went to the 4 week intensive class and it was so amazing. Such a wonderful investment on our health and how we should nourish our bodies for a long, cancer-free life. WHERE IS MY VITAMIX? haha..It’s in the mail.. I bet I’ll get it tomorrow. Surgery on Tuesday.. DREADING it. Saying to myself…”This too shall pass”…..

    Excited for the week though, pure potential as always….

    Here’s to a wonderful week! xoxo