• Hello!!!

    Gosh darn am I beat right now!  Going to need another shot of this in the morning! Freshly juiced wheatgrass. Sooo full of chlorophyl and amazing enzymes for the system.

    Morning shot of wheatgrass

    This morning Mike and I scoped out the Larchmont area to shoot our next Stormtech video!!!


    Our talent today was the lovely Jo-Anne, a good friend of mine who lives in LA as an actress.

    She did a great job and we had a lot of fun shooting with her. She is such a sweetheart.

    After we wrapped it was a quick turn around to head out to the Staples Center to watch The Canucks VS The Kings..

    Staples center, LA vs. Canucks

    This is LA folks, they go ALL OUT at their games! ha

    I felt like a paparazzi stalker, but I had to get this shot- just for you guys! It’s Matthew Perry from Friends a few rows over.

    Matthew Perry at kings game

    We were also right by the entrance to where the Kings come out.. It was a booming place to be.

    Canucks won 3-2! You wouldn’t even believe how many Canucks fans were there….so many! Great to see, super fun time.

    Now were back at base camp, going to bed and heading out to do another shoot in the morning.
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!

    Talk soooooooooooon.

  • Hello from Hollywood, land of the glamourous movie stars crazy people! ha, just kidding.

    hollywood walk of fame

    There are TONS of amazingly talented people here, but ya, there are some crazies too. Take a walk down Hollywood Blvd and you’ll know what I mean.

    One of my life philosophies is “You gotta out-crazy the crazies!” Something I think I can do quite well….

    My plan was to get back on the raw today, and although I am doing better…(I made an awesome salad for lunch) I somehow got dragged into Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. (seriously my favourite coffee place, probably GOOD they don’t have them in Canada)

    Coffee bean and tea leaf, hollywood Blvd, black forest ice blended

    While I waited for my drink, I read their quote of the day, which happened to be by Steve Jobs.

    Coffee bean and tea leaf, hollywood Blvd, black forest ice blended

    Then, there it was, like a bottle to a baby, a bone to a dog and peanut butter to it’s jelly….
    I was reunited with the 500 calorie Black Forest Ice Blended coffee!!!

    Coffee bean and tea leaf, hollywood Blvd, black forest ice blended

    Mmmmm, I shared with Mike, so I probably only consumed 495 calories of the 500.. Not bad!

    We were supposed to shoot today, but it got cancelled, so we headed back “home”. Here’s Mike carrying ALL the gear. (what? I still can’t lift anything for another 1.5 weeks;)

    I had tons of voice work to get caught up on, so literally that’s been the rest of our day…
    My on the road studio set up…voiceover artist, on the road studio set up
    I got a spot for CTV today. Made me feel at home!

    Hope your day has been fantastic! Sending you warm sunshiny California sun… from my heart to yours!

    Talk sooooooon


  • Hello from sunny California.

    Things are going great. Woke up today and had a 65 page voice job in my inbox… Okeedokee, no beach for me today.

    I’ve gotten a bit of it done. Mike always does such a great job of rigging up my portable studio, no matter where we are!

    Here is me in the hotel closet. We could actually fully close the doors, cause we put the lamp in the closet, (after taking the lamp shade off- we trash hotel rooms in a different way, haha)

    voiceover artist, voicing in hotel closet

    We said bye to our beachy Hotel Hermosa and have now moved into the Hollywood area for the remainder of our trip.

    hotel hermosa, hermosa beach, south bay california

    Once we got settled in our new place, we took a walk down Hollywood Blvd..

    Hollywood BLVD

    Still looking the same… Still all the wax museums, people trying to sell you tours to go see celeb homes, the walk of fame, and of course Ripley’s believe it or not museum…

    Ripleys believe it or not, hollywood

    Hollywood and Highland.

    Hollywood and highland

    This was at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater. They were getting ready for a premiere of the movie The Artist.

    The Artist Premier, AFI, chinese theater

    I heart Hollywood and Vine, so much that I wrote about it in one of my songs off our last album…..

    After some wandering, I took Mike to the Cat and Fiddle, an old hot spot I used to go to.

    Cat and Fiddle sunset BLVD

    It’s right on Sunset Blvd, a place I used to go to. It’s in a courtyard, neat place.

    After a few days of eating non-raw cuisine, I got re-inspired when I spotted this super cool raw vegan organic joint…

    Then I put my foot down and said, ok, now that we are in a place that we will be at for the next 8 days, lets get groceries. So we went to Trader Joe’s and I bought lots of greens, fruits, veggies, all the good stuff, (and a couple bottles of the $1.99 wine! Gotta love Trader Joe’s!)

    Hope your having a great week. Can’t wait until we meet again!! Tomorrow perhaps???

    Stay cool San Diego….

  • Hello dear friends!!

    Aww man. First full day in LA. I am absolutely loving the California sun..

    Palm trees sway and my heart says YES! lol


    This morning Mike and I woke up at 4:30am to get prepared for our shoot with Stuntman/action director Brad Martin!!

    Brad Martin, action director, stuntman

    Not sure who Brad Martin is? He is an action director/stuntman here in Hollywood. He actually does all the moves that the big time actors wont do.. Um, just check out his reel. He IS Spiderman…

    BTW- he said working with the Charlie’s Angels girls was great. He said they were super fun, sweet, all really great friends and just having fun the whole time.

    Here’s us with Brad today on the beach, filming Brad in the new Stormtech XB-2 jacket..

    Brad Martin, Action director, stuntman


    Brad looking over his lines. He tells us, ” I am NOT an actor, I suck at reading line.” but let me tell you, he did SOOO amazing…

    Action director, brad martin, stuntman

    I’m sorry, but he looks GOOD in this jacket..

    action director, brad martin, stuntman

    After we got all the shots we needed of Brad in the jacket, he got ready to surf..

    I am having a blast during this shoot….

    Mike and Brad headed towards the water…

    action director Brad Martin

    Mike strapping up the Go-Pro to Brad’s surf board.

    action director brad martin

    Our hero Brad riding the waves. The shoot was a total success. We were so nervous to shoot him, but it couldn’t have gone better!!

    brad martin, surfer

    After we said bye to Brad, it was chilling time back in Hermosa Beach…

    I felt so good, I could have done some yoga……

    But, oh ya, I’m not allowed to do yoga or ANY physical activity for 3 weeks. It’s when you CAN’T do something is when you want to do it the most. I know I need to heal first. I am getting there. Still pain during certain times of the day, but all in all, I am doing great.

    Alrighty then, more adventure tomorrow…

  • Hello!! How are you!!!! Long time no talk…

    2 days to get down here to California. No email for a couple days either…weird ¬†for me! I actually called my mom and got her to check my email for me. I am not turning on my phone while I am here. Roaming charges are insane. We have a company phone, so I am using that to strictly make calls..Anyway… We are now in our hotel room and we have 2 computers running on full blast! ha

    We got across the border later Friday evening and drove as far as we could until we needed to crash for a few hours. Since we knew we’d be back on the road in like 3 hours, we just slept in our truck good bad idea.
    Mike and I got in a little tiff because I CANNOT move bags around because of my surgery and he was super tired and annoyed to have to move all the bags…ha. I sat in the truck bickering at him, “In the old days, men used to joist other men on horses and fight until death for their woman..I am asking you to move a couple bags, not slay dragons!!”

    car tenting
    Then the next morning I wrote a song for him.

    ha.My “drug” of choice was advil and it wasn’t because of Mike, it was because of my surgery…We actually always make up new lyrics to songs and sing them to each other..We usually make them up about our puppy Painter…

    It rained the whole time as we drove…

    And drove!

    Right as we crossed the border INTO California, it was SNOWING!

    Geesh. To keep ourselves busy we played some road games…and we sang….

    Ohh man, road trips make ya crazy..And we finally saw a break in the rain.

    Now we are chilling out in California… happy times..

    I think I’m just happy cuz we went here for lunch. I heart Mexican restaurants…

    We went for a big walk down by Hermosa Beach and I spotted a club I played at back in the day with my band. True story…the mic at this bar electrocuted my lips while I was singing on stage. The guy who ran this bar at the time was Dyck (I later saw him on one of the Big Brother seasons. remember him?..crazy dude with lots of tattoos and red streaks in his hair..)

    Good memories…then we watched the sunset from inside our hotel..

    Love this bench I saw while we were walking around today…


    Now we are getting ready to shoot our first Stormtech video of our trip so far… meeting with Hollywood Stuntman Brad Martin in the am!
    Should be a fun day. Thanks for stopping by and I need to say thanks to Kelli and Jay for looking after our Painter. We think about him all the time. We are so blessed that he is in such good hands.

    Have a great night!