• Holla!!

    So this weekend it was absolutely pouring in Vancouver, but Mike and I were headed to the Sunshine coast… It’s gotta be sunny there, right?


    Sure enough, one short ferry ride away and we were in the most bountiful serene location with nothin but sunshine…

    Mike was filming a wedding, it was my thought to go to the coast and just unplug from everything. Just get away and try to totally relax…

    We had lunch at a cafe called Wheatberries Cafe. The bread they make is AMAZING…

    wheatberries cafe, Sechelt

    Pretty good cookie too:)

    wheatberries cafe, sechel, bc

    Sechelt, BC (where we were) is the home of Holy Crap cereal. I remember I took this picture as a joke of this cereal, A) because of the name, B) Because of the price- it was $12.99 a bag) But recently, I saw this stuff on Dragon’s Den and I learnt what a big hit it is. I just may have to try it. We saw the factory right in this really small town. A true success story!

    Holy Crap cereal

    When Mike took off to the wedding, I spent a lot of time laying on the beach, (I spent as little time in the motel room as possible- it was ghetto!!! But then I decided to paint my nails. I don’t have a nursery to paint blue right now, so I did my nails in honor of my son instead!

    blue nail polish

    I’m now 22 weeks pregs. Things are going pretty well. I’ve had more appointments for this and that. I wonder if I wasn’t self-employed, I might have been fired by now with all my appointments. Also- I feel super blessed for the medical system we have because my pregnancy probably would have costed like $20,000+ in just the first 5 months! But everything is looking up now. I am coastin on easy street for the rest of the pregnancy.

    At the Women’s Hospital I saw this little incubator. First time I saw a real one in person. Tugged at my heart strings. It was a donation box for babies who need extra help, I gave a donation and a prayer to any babies that may need the help.

    BC womens hospital, Vancouver

    My new “motto” for the pregnancy is “Live and Let God”.

    We are busy packing and getting ready for a move. Less than a week now- As you can imagine, it’s a bit nutty, but I’ll keep ya posted!!!

    Love and light and bright beautiful sunhine

  • Hello Hello!

    Stay-cation central over here…..

    Ahh, Grouse Mountain (aka The Peak of Vancouver), in my own backyard. I was due for another visit to one of my favourite places. So Mike and I spent a day exploring some of the amazing activities Grouse Mountain has to offer. Normally I hike up Grouse, but being 5 months pregnant and a little wobbly, we took the SkyRide up!

    Breathtaking views as always.

    Grouse mountain Skyride

    Our first stop was visiting the resident orphan Bears (Coola and Grinder), Gosh it seems like they’d be hot will all that fur, but they take lots of dips in the water to cool off.

    Bears on Grouse Mountain

    The bears and I have more in common than you’d think……….

    Grouse Bears

    Hee hee.

    Next up was the Lumber Jack show. I haven’t seen this show in a long time and boy has it improved. The performers were outstanding, and their athletic ability is unreal! Lumber Jack should be an official sport in the 2012 London Games!

    Lumberjack show, Grouse Mountain

    I wish my son was born already so he could have been watching, lol…. We’ll just have to go back:)

    LumberJack Show, Grouse Mountain

    Then the hubby got to go Zip lining. I have never been zip lining, but wow, it looks like fun. Mike had a blast! He filmed it- so make sure you watch the video we have attached too!

    Zipline Grouse Mountain

    Time for a chair ride up to the Eye Of The Wind…. A Wind Mill actually generates tons of energy (we’re taking enough for over 400 homes for 1 year!) AND you can go up to the top in an elevator and see panoramic views. SO COOL!

    Eye of The Wind, Grouse Mountain

    Now, to be honest I thought, Hmm, I could take or leave the Birds In Motion Show- BUT WOW- I actually learnt a lot AND the show was really impressive. These Birds of Prey were basically trained like a dog (ok, they didn’t sit or roll over) But they weren’t leashed and they would fly from perch to perch on command (for a food reward) Good birdies!!!

    Birds of motion show, Grouse

    And then we went on a Heli-tour. First time in my life on a helicopter. What an experience!

    heli tour

    If I had to pick a few words to describe our day at Grouse they would be:


    Here is some video on Grouse Mountain that we captured:


    Summer in Vancouver isn’t complete without a trip to Grouse Mountain! Where is your favorite “stay-cation” spot?

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  • Yo Yo Yo!

    Woke up this morning, feeling a bit groggy. Started mucking around an already messy kitchen…

    Made coffee and couldn’t quite get the can opener to cooperate!

    Tim Hortons Coffee grinds

    Then I decided to whip up a quick batch of almond butter for my toast- (pregnancy thing- I am all about toast these days)

    Making almond butter

    It turned out good, but I put a bit to much vanilla powder in it. (spontaneous still half asleep decision)
    If you want to make your own almond butter, all you need is:

    2 cups of almonds,
    2 Tablespoons of honey (or maple syrup) (OR if you don’t have either, you can use coconut oil)
    1/2 teaspoon of sea salt.

    Put these in your food processor and blend for like 10 minutes (it takes a while. Use a spatula to periodically scrape down the sides to keep it all moving.)

    homemade almond butter

    The day shaped much better once I got through morning (the morning wasn’t that bad- I just like being dramatic and I need something to talk about, right?)
    I went for a nice stroll to Rocky Point with one of my bestest friends.

    Rocky Point, Port Moody

    We were talking about future plans. I have decided I want to own a house in Saskatoon and a condo in California (as long as the prices down south remain on the lower side). I don’t think I’ve mentioned to you yet that Mike and I are heading back to Saskatoon. Have I? Well, yes- I am having my baby there and I’m going to stay for at least 1 year. I’m not sure what’s going to happen after that, but from what I’ve been thinking about lately- I really like the plan of a having 2 homes- one close to family in Saskatoon and one in sunny California. 

    Getting pregnant really makes you want to have a plan of action. I know in 5 years our babes will be going to school- so I want to know what I’m doing and where I’m going. I’m loving my plan. With my career, I know I’ll need to spend time in LA, so it will work out nicely to have a condo to stay at anytime we want to go down there (a-hem… in winter!!!).

    The appeal of the prairies:

    (my mom, and the rest of my family. I miss them a lot and I feel like it’s time I am closer to them. I want my kid to know his amazing grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins)

    Mom and Grandson

    We haven’t told Painter yet that he’s soon going to be a prairie dog, hee hee. Hope he’s ok with it!

    Then when it’s time to buy a condo in Cali, my vote is in The South Bay area!!

    SOuth Bay

    We are leaving Vancouver in 2 weeks! Yes- yikes! I am really sad to leave, but I know it’s for the best. I can always come back if I just can’t live without it, In the meantime, I’ll keep growing this little guy inside me, and see how it all unfolds!!. We have been packing, selling, donating- all the good stuff that comes with moving.

    Do you have a 5 year plan? I never really even thought about it until I got a bun in the oven.


    Oh Happy Day! Talk sooooooooooooon!


    I’m coming back to the blog. For me. Because I miss it. I love blogging and I need to get this train rolling again. So here goes… My first post in a while. It’s kind of like going to the gym after you’ve missed for a long time- It’s all familiar- but you feel rusty and just need to ease back into it. But DAY-UM it feels good to be back. I even completely erased all the data on my laptop, so it will be more efficient for my blogging:) YAY!

    Here’s me these days…almost 5 months preggers. (I’m due November 27)

    5 months pregnant

     Pregnancy has been a whirlwind of emotions and craziness.

    Some blissful frustrating moments so far:

    -INSANE morning sickness (more like, morning/noon/night/anytime sickness!)

    - pure utter exhaustion

    -zits!!! woo hooo!!!!

    -no clothing fits anymore

    - a middle of the night scare that landed me in emergency at the hospital

    -a few days ago when my left foot was SO swollen that the doctor thought I had a blood clot in my leg. (thank goodness the test came back clear- NO blood clot! 

    HOWEVER, there has been some blissful, beautiful amazing moments. Like when the baby kicks up a storm, watching him touch his face and kick and tumble around during Ultra Sounds. OH and finding out that IT”S A BOY!!!!

    It's a boy!

    So now with Mike, Painter and baby…I am outnumbered 3-1! 

    Everyone in my family and many of my friends thought we were having a girl. Thank goodness we didn’t paint the nursery pink..(we don’t have a nursery yet…oops… more news coming..) We had a girls name picked and everything, but finding out it was a boy was a wonderful surprise… But now…finding a name… something he will be called for the rest of his life. This choice is in my hands (can you see me sweating? lol) 

    SO, my friend gave me this book…it’s great and all…

    Baby names book, Ultimate baby Names book,
    Except for the back where it says “Choosing the perfect name has never been so easy!”. Instead it should read, “This book is entertaining and it gets you thinking, but don’t expect any miracles!”

    baby names

    I’m sure the name will come to us. Any suggestions?

    Remember last year when I won the Whistler Water Blogging Contest?

    Well, part of my winnings was a free night at The Fairmont Waterfront Hotel, which I still haven’t used, a year later- So I booked a room for next weekend- woot woot.

    The Fairmont Waterfront

    In other news, at Whole Foods I discovered Organic Lives’ macaroons got new packaging… FANCY! I kept the empty box so I could tried to replicate the ingredients and make my own.

    Organic Lives Chocolate Macaroons

    Yummy yummy. Basically raw perfection in a box.

    Organic Lives Chocolate Macaroons
    OH! And at the Farmers Market on Sunday, I on a whim asked the worker guy how much a flat of raspberries were- he replied $25.. (and individually they are $3.99 each.. Soooo, I bought 12 baskets of raspberries for 25 bucks. A steal of a deal if you ask me. I washed most of them to freeze for smoothies.
    Farmers Market Raspberries

    And another impulse purchase was the lip color “Chelsea Girls” by NARS. Anyone have it? I’ve wanted to buy it for years, but thought it might be a bit beige-y for me… we’ll see:) Need to pamper ourselves here and there, right?

    Nars Chelsea Girls

    Pucker up buttercup!


    I just wanted to check in. This was kind of like a test blog. Like “oh ya, that’s how you do it” I think I can do this;)

    Throughout my pregnancy so far- I feel like this quote is perfect for me. 

    don't worry typography

    My mom tells me I worry to much. You have to worry a bit… but I also need to RELAX! I find writing this blog relaxing (most of the time…hee hee), so this will be one of my outlets….

    Alrighty then… nice talking with you! As always… love and light from my heart to yours! Talk soooooon

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