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    Thanks for stopping by…

    So Mike got a cool gig working with the camera crew on a Sci-fi movie called Tazmanian Devils. (“Winnie” from the Wonder Years is one of the stars…she is all grown up now though:) So anyway, it leaves me to produce my voiceover work on my own. I am 100% cool with working on my own, and sometimes I really like it and find it rewarding to complete a job myself from audition, to back in the clients hand- to a 5 star review. BUT other times…..when I am busier than I have ever been in my entire life- A girl could use some help.

    I have an amazing editor from LA that we found who helps out from time to time. I email him files to edit when I am too busy. He is fast, produces good work and is trustworthy (I don’t even listen to the files once he sends them back to me. I just know they will be good) ¬†Outsourcing means less money in our pocket per gig… but I as sure as heck can’t edit it all myself, so he has been a life saviour this week.

    Yesterday for example- I had over 12 (7 page) scripts to voice for a geometry course I am doing and 14 scripts for the University of San Francisco. Then I got 5 other scripts (2 from my agent, 2 from voices.com and 1 from a client) to turnaround within hours as they were all marked *ASAP, even *URGENT. haha. So ya, it’s been crazy.

    I am not complaining though. I spent hours meditating and visualizing for this moment to get here…and it is here! This is my job!



    I usually voice in my sound booth, but when I have long scripts, I have to voice at my desk so I can stop and start recording when I mess up (and I MESS up! lol) When I tell people what I do- some people don’t have a clue what I am talking about and other people think “ohh, your sooo lucky!”. I kinda smirk inside, because if they watched the countless hours and persistence I put into this career- They would say, “ohh, your soooo hardworking!”

    LUCK is when OPPORTUNITY and HARD WORK meet. It’s a happy marriage….

    Usually about once an hour Painter is bored and wants me to play with him. He stares at me and lets out these little wimpers like, “Hey….I’m over here…hey.. look at me…I’m bored, can we play?”

    Can you play with me?
    My sister in law posted this cool video on my facebook page today. This is basically what I do. I haven’t got any subways *yet* (I almost got the China subway) But I have voiced emergency situations and airplane directions. My only observation is- How can she voice and HOLD the script? It must have just been for the shot.

    Cute hey?

    Speaking of cute… check out these vases I got from Moskatels in LA. These are for the Wedding….. ahhhh…. Ohhh ya I’m getting married…. I am going to Saskatoon this weekend to iron out the rest of the wedding details..


    I need to stay calm…calmer….Everything will get done and I will be A-OK….

    Maybe I need to drink more Green Tea…

    OR SHOP MORE! I got this Tarte kit at Sephora for $40, I don’t LOVE it. The lipstick and blush is awesome (I would buy the Tarte Lip stick on it’s own) but the stick highlighter and powder highlighter is so so.. (haven’t used the liquid stuff yet)

    I also bought Korres foundation. Basically bought it because it had an “Best of ALLURE’” sticker on it. I have only worn it a few times. I think it’s going to be good. Still feeling it out. It is long lasting which is nice, it is a light buildable foundation..

    Another purchase I got was these Chinese Laundry boots from Nordstrom. I have them deep in the closet so Painter doesn’t destroy them before I even wear them…


    $99 at Nordstrom.

    Well, thanks for listening to me half vent/half talk normal. 50/50…give a little, get a little….haha…

    Hope you are doing splendid. Keep following your dreams and never ever ever give up!


  • Holla!

    Happy Monday….We are getting settled back in at home. Mike is working on a film right now, so I’ve been doing all my own recording.

    We are just about to dive into all the videos we shot in California! Starting with Stuntman/surfer Brad Martin. I’m so excited to help Mike edit these vids!

    It’s been raining all day here in Port Moody. I am dreaming of my own little vista in the hollywood hills…. (I actually took the picture of this house on a really busy street in LA. We were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, so I had all the time in the world to snap away!!) haha

    RANDOM TIP: These things work amazing on the road!! They were a total impulse buy from Target, but man they saved the day.

    Colgate Wisps

    I was so busy in front of my mic today that the only picture I took was of the salad I made! Mmmm, back to healthy eating. (Did *ok* on the trip, but ate a LOT of Mexican) Feels good to have fresh fruit and veggies back in my life!

    Mike and I vowed (and maybe we should put this in our wedding vows…) That when we go back to California, we will make the Mexican Fiesta a less frequent thing….. lol

    How are you doing? I know, you can’t comment yet. My web guy can’t figure out what’s going on. Might have to ask someone else to look at it. I’ll get to the bottom of it. Anyway, thanks for still reading this blog! You rock.

    Talk to you tomorrow.

  • Hello! How is your Sunday?! Mine is good, swimming through all the work I need to catch up on, but one step at a time….

    It’s great to have our puppy back! We missed him so much. We bought him a bunch of toys to try to win back his love for leaving him for 2 weeks, including this ugly Christmas sweater and toy reindeer!


    Ugly Christmas sweater for my dog

    Here’s the side view, looks a little snug…

    It didn’t seem to bug him though, he was loving his new reindeer.

    Ugly Christmas sweater for my dog

    Oh Pantsies..

    Ugly Christmas sweater for my dog

    Here is a clip of Mike and I talking about how much we missed Painter while on the road. I had my mouth full of Milk Duds and I clearly wasn’t thinking quick on my toes!!!

    Ahh, we think we missed Painter, wait until we have kids!!!

    …Here is my ex bandmate’s son Jude and I making Pumpkin Spice pancakes while in San Francisco. I measured and he poured. We were a good team;)

    Photo taken in San Fran…Love how CLOSE the houses are to each other!!

    After we left, it started raining a bit and we spotted a rainbow…


    I know my site is acting weird lately. Now that I am finally home, I can hopefully get to the bottom of it.

    Well, back to knocking out my to do list…


  • Hello!


    Geesh, not blogging for 2 days feels weird! I was on the road and didn’t get a chance to blog.

    I did keep busy though! Thursday night, I got to do I have wanted to do for at least 5 years now. I was reunited with my former band mates Amanda and James in San Francisco!!! They were such a HUGE part of my life, as a band, one major feat we accomplished was touring all around the USA in a 15 passenger van, and played 125 rock shows in 9 months.

    Here is us reuniting! Amanda and James have 2 boys now, Kai and Jude…

    Here’s Amanda and I back in the day…

    Best buds!

    Amanda’s son Jude and I hit it off!! He wanted me to go around the block with him, but only “amanda sonic” and him could go. So cute he called me “amanda sonic” the whole time, never just Amanda.

    Mike and Jude. I was so glad Mike got to meet Amanda and James. We will definitely be visiting them again soon! Amanda made some amazing hearty  flax pumpkin pancakes for breakfast;)

    After we parted was with the gang, we made our way to the Golden Gate Bridge where we were getting ready to shoot our last Stormtech video for this trip.

    Our talent was Gail, competitive kite-surfer.

    She was so great in front of the camera, and we even got to film her in the Stormtech jacket while she kite surfed on the ocean. She was absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to show you these videos!

    It was barely windy enough to get out there, but Gail was a trooper and made it happen. She ripped it up on the ocean, and had to swim back to shore because of lack of wind. She is one gorgeous, AND tough girl!

    Her’s me posing in my favourite Stormtech jacket of the moment. The XB-2. Location- Golden gate bridge.

    After the shoot, Mike and I drove and drove and drove! Here was us passing Seattle this morning.

    YAY! We made it home, and we got our puppy back! It was so amazing to see him, Mike and I are showering him with love…

    Have a great night! Talk soooon

  • Hello!

    Last night in LA. You’d think we’d be out partying it up… Well, it was the plan, but we have way too much work to wrap up! That’s ok, I’m sure we’ll be back soon (foreshadowing…..lol)

    This morning a definite must-do while we were down here was get our wedding bands, or as Mike calls it, “the worlds smallest handcuff!” haha, he’s so funny….

    Eli's jewelry, LA

    We went to this place called Eli’s in the downtown jewelry district. We heard it was really great and it did not disappoint. There we were making a life long decision, but I wanted to get it done quick because we were paying $4 every 15 minutes for parking!!!! (geesh!)

    Eli's Jewelry in LA, Jewelry district

    Then we went to Moskatels to pick up a few last minute wedding things…I loved this set up we made (someone walked by and said…Ohh that looks elegant…Mike and I felt cool) But…we didn’t get this set up- we got one similar though. Just got some final touches, an arc, lights, stuff like that. I see now how people car go broke putting on a wedding. It sure adds up!

    moskatels, wedding

    We shot again for Stormtech. Last LA shoot. We are packing up and heading to San Francisco tomorrow! Bye bye to the awesome place we stayed at. We stayed in Los Feliz, at a musician’s apartment. The musician who lives here in in NYC playing at Carnagie Hall tomorrow night.

    Everyone in the building gets along it seems. This note was up in the lobby….

    I contributed a wine cork to this person’s project:)

    I am off to pack. Tomorrow night we are staying at my old bandmate’s house!!! I can’t wait to see them.

    Have a happy night….and day….ALWAYS…