• HI!

    I got so much wedding stuff done this weekend:

    -got liquor license

    -ordered alcohol

    -picked out and put deposits on decorations

    -rented lighting

    -got a shuttle driver from the venue to hotel

    -called my caterer (he needs to call me back)

    -figured out flowers

    -tried on my dress again and saw my mom in the one she’ll be wearing

    -bonded with my inlaws

    -trained the ring bearer how to walk down the aisle (watching Jasper walk down the isle will definitely be a highlight)

    I set up shop at my moms and we really did get a lot down. It went from a disorganized-disaterous event, to A PLANNED WEDDING.

    working on wedding stuff

    I’m the last of my sibling to get married. My brothers are walking me down the isle (they are also my “bridesmen”)

    Here’s my brother Dave at his wedding to Nicole.

    And my brother Cory’s wedding to Donnelly.

    Next down the isle is Mike and myself. (Then my mom and her boyfriend Richard! haha- I love bugging them)


    After another day of running around in Saskatoon, I caught my flight home late last night. I had to touch down in Calgary, then finally made it to Vancouver after midnight.

    Today has been a huge voiceover catchup day. I had sessions with clients from Conair today and I was actually on the phone with them the whole time I recorded. It always adds to the intensity of the session to have 3 people on speaker phone telling you to re-do lines, or sound less like this, or that. But I must say, these clients have been wonderful to work with…


    First I voiced a spot for this product…

    Then these ones…

    Just now, we picked up little Painter from the vet. Poor lil guy got his balls chopped today. It really sucks knowing your little pup is in pain. He is so groggy and out of it.  He’s sleeping right beside me right now.

    How’s your week going? Keeping busy? OMG I need to get to the gym. I can finally work out again (after surgery I had to take 3 weeks off from everything, even yoga) But now… no excuses. I get married in a month….eeeeek!

    Ok, well let’s talk tomorrow!


  • Yo Yo Yo,

    Or… shall I say ho ho ho!

    This morning we all met up at the mall so I could get my liquor license for the wedding. First stop though, was watching Jasper play in the lil kids area…

    Grandma and Grand baby were having fun.

    Such a big boy now!

    Family picture. ( my brother is partaking in Movember…FYI ;)

    The liquor store opened at noon. Time to buy boooooooze for our NYE wedding. I took some of it back to moms cause some of it was on sale if I bought it immediately. Worked out well. Spent $800 in alcohol tonight, looking at another $600 or so when I buy the rest the day before the big day…

    SLGA, wedding alcohol

    Here’s our other wedding stash of decor. We set up our center pieces tonight and they are looking sharp.

    My mom is yelling at me to help her dry dishes. A job I’ve had since I was about 3. So I better go. She says I used to LOVE drying dishes when I was really young…UMMM. YA…..I still love it… better go…




  • Hello!


    I am in Saskatchewan this weekend, trying to get some wedding stuff done.. Here is me in my wedding dress…. (sorry I had to crop it, my fiancee reads my blog….I think…)


    It fits great, I just need to get it steamed or something… since I ordered it from China, it has a few kinks that need ironed out (Or I could just dance them out?)

    My Inlaws came from Regina today to help me out. (Mike‘s mom and sister Marianne!) They were such a huge help and I am so grateful to be officially part of their family soon!

    Trust me, we got lots of work done, but of course had to go for lunch. My brother (at the back right) is doing pretty good for Movember if you ask me!)

    My nephew Jasper is auditioning to be an Italian chef for a reality show.. “Ma ma mia, bring on the Oregano!”

    He’s so fun to hang out with… “Open up little buddy!..

    I bought him these “tux” pj’s from Target. They are from Gwen Stefani’s line.. How adorbs is this?

    Going to hang out at moms tomorrow and watch the Grey Cup. We got tons of wedding stuff today and will do a bit more before I leave here. (mainly just slapping down the credit card at this point.)

    Weddings…. hmmmm, I know it will all be worth it, but it’s a lots of work eh? Any advice for a borderline Bridezilla? lol

    I’m all good. Calm and assertive…. (like always)

    ha. K, have a good night…talk tomorrow!


  • Hey!!

    So how are ya?

    I am doing great. Today before Mike took off to set, we went through some needed invoicing and paperwork, among the papers, this bad boy re-surfaced….LA parking ticket. $68 bucks! GEESH!

    $68.00 LA parking ticket

    LA parking signs are freaking hard to decipher… It takes time and patience to figure out what you CAN and CAN”T do. We obviously did a CAN’T..

    Ha, I was going through some footage today and found this gem. I really am not mad at Mike. I love him with all my heart and he is the most talented person I know. Just a little forgetful at times, lol

    Cutie…He is on set tonight, filming for the movie Tazmanian Devils. He texted me, “After dinner we are blowing up a helicopter!!” He was excited…
    tazmanian devils movie, helicopter scene

    I am ever so thankful for him and can’t wait til we are married….

    Cafe Gratitude posted this picture of their restaurant today for American Thanksgiving. The place was BOOMING!

    Ha, I obviously went at the most “non-busy” time.

    cafe gratitude

    Can’t wait to go back!

    In the meantime, today I voiced a bunch of geometry courses, then edited a bit of it on my own and played with Painter in between. He is obsessed with this ball that is definitely too big for him…


  • Hello!!!

    How was your day? I finished my work, picked up some veggie sushi and a bottle of red wine and am kicking back in style.

    My new slippers from Target. (They are way to big for me, but the size smaller was too small) They are still really comfy though and I still dance around the apartment in them. I also sit like a lug and do nothing in them. They are versatile… Dance, sit, dance, sit….

    Target Slippers

    Need more of THIS….lol

    Red wine and sushi

    And this…. Little Button Willow (My name of the day for him- Yesterday it was Chub Chub)


    I’m starting to feel festive in the holiday spirit- how about you- Too early? Well, this Christmas Mike and I will most likely be making the trek across Canada to Sask to get married. Last Christmas, my family waited until my nephew was born to have christmas. Jasper was born Jan.17, so we had Christmas in February. My mom put up her tree and everything….

    We played a “paint a bib for Jasper” game.

    My older brother’s PLEA that  our nephew Jasper likes BMX and GI Joe’s, haha. (Oh and his birthday is Martin Luther King day too)

    I totally FAILED at my bib and dropped the pen in it…It was supposed to say, “I rule, and drool” (It was for Japser…..not me! haha, I think I’m so funny)

    So this Christmas won’t be a big hoopla here, as the wedding is the major event.

    I love this picture of my cousin with our nana’s box of jewelry. So cool!

    I decided for the wedding I will wear earring that are my other Grandma’s that I was given as a little girl. I am wearing them in this picture, but you can’t really see. I’m sure there will be pics from the wedding!

    I really can’t believe in just over a month I’m getting married. Geesh…time flies…..

    I am soo ready though. Bring it on!

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING to our American friends! I was given a link today to a really great blog with awesome vegan/gluten free recipe ideas to WOW your guests this weekend;)

    Have a wonderful long weekend! Be in touch ok!