• Happy Saturday Jan.7th!!

    Wow, what a day. We took Painter to our local dog park and he had a hay day. He was in his glory. He ran and ran and ran.


    Whenever he needed refuge from running with the other dogs, he would hide under a concrete bench (or jump on a strangers lap and knock their coffee out of their hands….Oops)

    I was hesitant about community dog water at first, but I talked to enough people that seemed to have never had an issue with their pups drinking the water.

    After we left the dog park, we were going to go for a little walk in the neighbourhood, but Painter plopped down and said. “No more, take me home” and if you know Painter, you know that’s a unheard of- he never runs out of energy!

    In other news, today I wrote down my goals for 2012. As always, they involved:

    -healthy raw food eating (as much as possible)

    -yoga, mediation, exercise, self develpoment

    -major leaps with voiceovers (I’m talking MAJOR leaps….)

    -spend time with family

    -LOVE LIFE, live it to the fullest.

    It’s nice waking up in California. The sun is always shining. I could live here a long time!

    Crazy cacti!

    As much as I love it here, I am still missing my family and friends back home. Thinking back to the wedding- it was just SO much fun. Like check out my cousin Tony on the dance floor at my wedding. YUP! This is how the Sellers/Schurko’s like to party!

    I’m also thinking about my nephew Jasper, in 10 days he is 1 year old! He is just a doll. And look how smoking hot my sister in law looked at our wedding! <3

    Good times. HA- Our new neighbours are all musicians and they are having a little get together next door with a fire pit and music. I know we could probably go join them, but we’ll wait until we are here a few days longer before crashing parties. They are all super cool, (I am a stalker and I’ve googled them already and they are all in really amazing projects. Will be cool to talk to them further and get to know them. Maybe I’ll bake them cookies? Or ask to borrow sugar? lol) I can talk about this kind of stuff on my blog- because I highly doubt they are reading my blog,…. and if they are stalking me too… well HI NEIGHBOUR! Wanna watch my wedding video??? Here ya go!

    bye guys (and maybe bye to my new neighbours- Y’all are cool man, cool!!! haha)

  • Hello!

    Me and the hubby spent 1 night in Vegas (After driving 16 hours straight from Montana) So… I’m not really calling this a honeymoon. More like a stopover, that happened to be in Vegas.

    Las Vegas BLVD

    Even though we had driven for 16 hours and were running on 2 hours sleep, we didn’t let that stop us from having some fun!


    Did you say Margarita?

    drinking a margarita in Las Vegas

    We had dinner at a Mexican Cantina by MGM Grand. (My band ate at the same place years ago when we played at MGM Grand)

    mike in vegas

    Tequila…lots and lots of it.


    My attempt at photographing the water show across the street at the Bellagio.


    Cute. We were going to sing Karaoke, but you had to pay $5 per song… NO WAY! I can sing as I walk down the street…

    Or fire plastic guns.

    run away bride, las vegas

    Uh oh, Mike found some electronic drums.

    drumming in vegas

    Mike played some poker and I put in $5 in a slot machine. Not too much gambling. One of the coolest things we did was let Painter run the length of the hotel hallway. It was probably 250 meters long! I sat at one end and Mike sat at the other and we just kept running back and forth. It was hilarious.

    Beware- adorable dog in room!

    We packed up and headed to LA this morning. Stopped in Primm Valley on the way, which is on the Nevada and California border.

    Made it to LA! We’re here. Not even sure how long we’ll be here, but for now we are soaking up the California sun! We had the AC on when we were driving today. It is NICE!

    Another long day… so now it’s bed time.

    Thanks for stopping by!!!! We’ll be in touch tomorrow. xoxo

  • Hello!!

    Ok, by tomorrow, things should be back to “normal” around here…. As far as- back to a schedule, back to as much raw foods as possible and back to WORK! I need to WORK!

    But as for right now.. We are in VEGAS baby! Having a great time. Even Painter has adopted the “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” quote.. Mike and I went out walking today and when we came back to our hotel.. Painter had gotten into a box of my organic green tea and a box of *gulp* maxi pads!!! He totally trashed the room, ha! It was my fault for leaving them out.

    We got here EARLY, early this morning. (At like 4am) We drove from Billings, Montana. I must say- Billings wasn’t anything I would run back to, but OMG we had the best breakfast EVER at a restaurant called Stella’s.

    Best shot I could get to show you, but it was such a great lil place.

    They even freshly pressed their OJ on the spot.

    Stella's Billings, oj

    Then we tore out of Billings and hit the road. Here is some Montana terrain. Quite beautiful.

    We ended up driving through 5 states in total yesterday. Montana, Idaho, Utah, Arizona and Nevada! It was HELLA long and tedious, but we knew we had to get this big drive done with.

    By 4am, we rolled into this place…

    Umm, on my “honeymoon” I can’t say no to Margaritaville….

    We did some walking around today.

    Bellagi- OH!

    Now we just got showered up and are ready to hit the town. We ‘might’ end up at Cirque du Soile tonight. We’ll see how many beer I have and how much I forget about any sort of a ‘budget’. (just kidding, I think it would be amazing to see The Beatles LOVE cirque show… We’ll see..

    Hope you are doing amazing. As always, thanks for stopping by. I’ll be back to green shakes and yoga poses by Monday- PROMISE! xoxoxo

  • Hello!


    Here is the clock that brought in 2012 at our wedding. We put it up at my moms for a keepsake.


    At the alter (We were both crying)

    Check out the amazing cake my sister in law made!!!

    Hugs on the dance floor.

    Uncle and husband.

    Me and cousin Margarita!

    Still going through wedding pics, but after we left Saskatoon. Mike and I drove to Regina to spend a night with his family,. Michelle and I are the only air born ones in this shot (I think everyone else’s legs were still to sore from dancing so much at the wedding!)

    My brother in law Craig’s barber shop in Regina. Called Ragged Ass Barbers. (He owns one in Yellowknife too)

    Yay- we got the pup again. Mike and his pop taking Painter for a walk.

    We drove down through Montana, on our way back to LA. Montana was beautiful.

    Ok, bed and up and back at them roads in the am!

    Have a great night. Hopefully next time I write is from Viva Las Vegas!!


  • Happy New Year!


    Yesterday was the big day! Sorry I’ve been MIA- but it has been a whirl wind as you can imagine. I am sooooooo tired right now, but I wanted to post a few pictures from the wedding.

    OHHHH, I’ll start with the risque garter shot, haha..

    Getting tied into my dress..

    Me with Dee and Mom. It was sooo amazing having Dee in Saskatoon.

    Kinda outta focus, but me with Mike, mom and my “groomsmaids” (aka- my brothers)

    Here is me with each and everyone of my cousins, first time all of us have been together.

    Mike getting thrown around…

    Me throwing the bouquet. (my cousins fiancee Kim caught it)

    It’s not a Saskatchewan wedding without some Ukranian dancing…

    Love this shot from right at midnight of Marianne and Craig kissing.. xo

    And that’s all I got for you right now!! Of course more to follow. Here’s to an AMAZING 2012. I am so excited!!!


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