• Hello!

    Happy Friday to you as we welcome the weekend. Today I had a meeting, plus a voice job and a few auditions including one for Pier 1 Imports… crossing fingers.

    On my non-work hours, I did a lot of walking and exploring as always. Love this kitschy mailbox on a trendy LA street.

    I saw Orange, grapefruit, lime, and lemon trees every couple blocks.

    Typical LA street.

    Oh Look! Here’s the set of “Little shopr of horrors!!” (doesn’t it look like it could eat you???)


    Our dog LOVES California so much. Here is a typical shot of him after his daily trek to the dog park……He is in HEAVEN!

    What would a LA Friday night be without a El Compadre Flaming Margarita?!!

    Good day today! Lots to be done tomorrow. Including a massive sleep in and coffee upon awakening.
    I hope you have a stellar weekend plan…Enjoy it:)

  • Hello!

    In the blog world I feel BORING today. The best I can do right now is give you the most unflattering picture of ¬†myself and show you what Painter’s new favourite thing to do is….Climb up on my back and literally just hang out there!!!!!!

    The next thing I can do is show you a blurry shot that Mike took while we were driving in between meeting today…

    Here we are driving down Sunset Blvd, notice Baja Fresh on the corner? mmmmm… if I had to pick a “fast food” to live off of, it would be Baja Fresh….. You may also just be noticing everyone’ brake lights ON and the bumper to bumper traffic. HELLO LA!

    On the flip side. It was 25 degrees celcius!! I woke up in my shorts and took Painter on a walk in the same shorts..

    You wake up here and it’s like……”Oh look at that…another sunny day?” This kind of weather makes me happy….

    Sorry this is a short and sweet hello, but I promise tomorrow will be “shoot out of the cannon” excitement!!!

    Love and light.


  • Hello!

    I wish I could run for as long and hard as Painter does. He gets so excited at the dog park, he will just go and go and go until he we have to tell him he needs a time out.

    The thing I do know about his breed however is that the little munchkin can overheat, so I need him to drink water.

    BUT!  The dog park to him is equivalent to a kid at disneyland. He just wants to play!

    So I have to GRAB him and say- “PAINTER- DRINK!!!!”

    A little face grabbing….

    And BAM… we have a hydrated pup.

    Now you can go play for a bit longer.

    OHHH. I wanted to show you some of our wedding pics! These are done by Matt and Janna in Saskatoon.

    I love the way my shoes look in this one.

    You can’t really tell from this pic, but it was soooooo freaking cold and WINDY. I was a super trooper:) We would shoot a few, then run back to the truck to warm up. We did this cycle a few times.

    One of my faves. My hubby and I about 2 hours after we were officially named husband and wife.

    Speaking of LOVE. One of my most dearest friends Diana got engaged in Hawaii just after New Years. I am sooooo excited for her. She asked me to be her maid of honour and I couldn’t be more grateful.

    The wedding date not set- but I know her and Sean’s wedding will be absolutely stunning. AHHH! I wonder what kind of dress she’ll want me to wear?

    Hope all is well with you. It has taken me a bit to get focused after travelling, wedding, etc. But I am finally getting back in the groove and it feels awesome.

    Take care!!!Sending you buckets of sun shine and happiness:)

  • Holla from LA!

    It’s Monday today and I was planning on getting back in the studio, being hardcore with voiceovers and drinking green smoothies and doing yoga….AHH, I’m not perfect… not even close.

    Mike had a HUGE life changing meeting today. I don’t want to ramble on about it until he is on location and everything is concrete, but as soon as Mike walked in from his meeting, we hugged and I immediately said, “Let’s go for Mexican!” One of my LA faves is El Coyote.

    When I go to Mexican restaurants I usually only order 2 things… Margaritas and guacamole. they supply unlimited chips and salsa, so really… I am a cheap date…

    Even though now that we are married ALL of our accounts are joined- I “treated” Mike to lunch.

    Here’s my margarita face…

    Here’s Mike‘s margarita face… (he is still getting accustomed to the amazing margs they make down here… lol)

    We were sure to get a margarita TO GO for Painter…. (Just kidding, ha. It was water. He NEEDS it desperately after his daily trip to the dog park).

    Little bugger..

    We did some errands down on Melrose ave.

    Then we went to see a band called The Remainers. The bass player helped set up our phones and we totally hit it off so we went to check our their band. They were awesome!

    Check out The Remainers cool video using toys from the 80′s!

    I also met a fellow blogger named Cindy! She is super cool. Check out her fashion blog.

    It was a great time. Now time to work!!

    Talk to you soooooooooooooooooooon

  • Hey! How was your weekend???

    Mine was terrific. Getting ready for a really exciting week. One thing I knew I had to do was say buh bye to the way I was eating. After the wedding, I jumped off the healthy wagon, but today was the perfect day to get back on board.

    Trader Joe’s was my first stop. (I didn’t have a bowl big enough, so I made a huge salad in this pot and Mike and I put it in smaller bowls.)

    Trader Joe's salad stuff

    We bought everything under the sun from Trader Joe’s today. We figured it would be over $200, but when the cashier said $133, we both looked at each other and went, “wow!”. Good deals.

    trader joes salad stuff

    Painter was excited about how much we saved too!

    We decided it was time to take the black beast for a carwash.

    This truck drove from Vancouver to Saskatchewan, and then Saskatchewan to LA without a wash….

    Get to work hubby.. lol

    After a trip to the dog park, grocery store, car wash- we still had time in the day to go for a hike.

    Not sure how people get way up there, but there is a big fence at the top to stop them from plummeting off the mountain.

    I’m trying to spell carosil. [nope]..carosel. [nope]..carousel.. ha! did it without google. Carousel!

    Horse. (easy to spell)

    Ready to do yoga in the am and see where the day takes me after that!

    Hope you are ready for an abundant, prosperous week! I am just getting into the new year stuff! Here we go…….


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