• Good afternoon Sunday Sweets!

    Hope your weekend is going well.

    I met up with a few ladies to go see new flick Eat Pray Love. I have not read the book yet, I feel bad because my friend Diana lent me the book and I left it with my mom in Saskatchewan.  (Dee, I am going to Sask in a couple weeks, so I will grab it!)

    I really enjoyed the movie. The message I got and one that I truly believe is to always follow your heart, no matter how hard it seems at the time to “change” the place you are in, life is to short not too!!

    I cried.. a lot..like I normally do at movies. (I cried at the new remake of Karate Kid too, ha)

    Bright and early we met up for brunch. I need to do brunch more often! It is so fun.

    Diana, Andrea, me, Mel, Amy

    During Brunch we started talking about years ago when Diana and I put on a birthday bash. My band played and Diana spun records!  Here’s a blast from the past picture from that show. I can’t believe I still have the handbill. I feel so different now… I feel like I’ve gone to Italy, India, Bali and back (even tho I haven’t, lol)

    Check out our finger cuffs!! They were THE THING at the time!!

    And now, here we are today before going in to watch the movie

    Nowadays, we still enjoy a good rock show, but we’ve also incorporated things into our lives like meditation at Buddhist temples, yoga and Sunday Brunch:)

    Are you going to see Eat Pray Love?

  • Good afternoon!!

    I went for a quick shop to Sephora yesterday. (had to make it to bank, and we were on our way to a friends fundraiser..so I was on the move)

    As I grabbed a few things I needed, The Urban Decay Naked Palette caught my eye. It looks like a dream for everyday use. All the colors are fab and Urban Decay is known for their dense pigment, so the color will last. (and you can also use their Primer Potion, to REALLY make it last,  which is in almost every makeup artists kit!)

    They had the tester, but they were out of stock of the product. Bummer! I think I may order it on line. Here’s what she looks like:

    hot hot hot! I want this!

    Which cleanser are you into? I picked up my fav Purity by Philosophy. It really gets everything off and doesn’t dry out the face.

    such a delight! It's the small things in life...

    And last but not least, I bought a new nail polish. Now, my man hands do not do this color justice, AT ALL.(OPI- Coney Island Cotton Candy) I tried taking pics of my hands and it just looked scary! I thought maybe if I pretended to play the piano, I might look more graceful. (not so much hahah)

    I'm giving up my life long dream of hand modeling!

    OK here’s the best shot I could get!!

    Can't really see the color, but it is nice:)

    Well, just wanted to do a quick post and say hi! Back to worky work work work…. (i’ll be taking breaks tho and enjoying this beautiful day! )

    Enjoy your Saturday!!

  • I did not like coffee at all until I was 19 years old. I moved out to Vancouver (from Saskatoon) and discovered Starbucks Mocha Fraps. You can’t taste the coffee, you get a huge buzz and mmm it’s like a chocolate slurpee!! So I started drinking them pretty much everyday and then, the caffeine addiction built and I got to the point where I could drink any kind of coffee, as long as it had enough cream and sugar.

    So nowadays, I have a very strong relationship with my local Tim Horton’s! We know star employee Brianne best, and she knows us-”2 extra large double doubles coming up!”. She also digs our band, Traces of Eve, and the store has us is in their i-pod mix that plays in-store, which is super sweet.

    So here we are… me and my double double’s…my everyday coffee, sometimes twice a day. Is this really supporting my ultimate health goals? I have just read The Thrive Diet (amazing book, btw) and I have again been reminded that refined sugar is so awful for our bodies and I don’t really believe cream from a cow is too hot either. So about a month ago, I cut out the sugar in my coffee, then about 10 days ago I said no to cream. So I showed up at Tim’s and as Brianne started to pour my coffee, I said “WAIT! I’m going to have a black coffee. She looked at me as if I was nuts….”Ohhhh kaaay?” she says…”really”…me, starting to get grumpy (cause I want a double double) I say “yes..black…”

    When I left the store I was bummed. Black coffee sucks!! But as I started to sip it, it started tasting less and less bad! Now…10 days later, I am still drinking black. On the weekend I enjoyed a “single single”, but other than that, it’s been black coffee. I even had an iced black coffee. WOW…did i really???  It’s so not me, but it’s ok, I can get used to it…

    Anyone else want to join on the black coffee train with me? It’s really not that bad. On the weekends, have a low-fat version of what you like to drink. Baby steps to our best selves yet!

  • Hey!

    I just got back from a 5km run, I took the stairs up 17 floors to my apartment and just finished this arm workout. This video was made for Gwenyth Paltrow by her renowned trainer Tracy Anderson. Your not going to get ripped by doing and I think it’s a good option for toning.

    Shake those hips and flap those arms!

    What youtube fit videos do you like?

  • 13


    For my job as a voiceover artist, 95% of my work is done through the internet. A lot of times, clients like to Skype chat before I start the project, to go over specific directions of the script…

    Can you help me out…Am I just paranoid or does Skype freak any of you out too? I always feel like people are watching me, as soon as I open up the program.

    I had to talk with a client this am, so I used Mike‘s Tool ticket to cover up the peep hole. I even opened up my photobooth program to snap a pic and confirm no one could see through the portal. lol

    YES! snapped with photobooth on my mac- you cant see me!!

    Ok, so I know that no one can see me and I proceed to have an amazing conversation, with an amazing client in Montreal.

    hee hee, you can't see me!!! but we can talk nicely

    It is so hot in my apartment during the summer, I wear my underwear a lot when I’m working, so if I answer a skype call and the video happens to be on and I’m in my underwear, ummm, that’d be weird!

    Are you skype-anoid too?

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