• Good afternoon!!!
    I am just taking a lil break from work, thinking I better go for a run. I am trying to get inspired. Then I remembered what I was doing last year at this time, and I think, “why am I even hesitating in regards to going for a run?” Just do it!!!
    Here is a blog I wrote last year right after I completed an Olympic Distance Triathlon…..
    I’m soo happy right now. I was honestly intoxicated when I signed up for the triathlon online at 2am on June 1st, but it was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Michael and I “trained” this summer. We really did “tri” to train, but with my brothers wedding and other summertime fun, we didn’t do as much as we should of…but I am pleased to say, we finished with flying colors.

    Our day started at 4:30am when our alarms went off, we walked to Tims and got our coffee, and headed down to 2nd beach, the officials wrote our numbers all over our body’s. Then we got our wetsuits on and made our way to the ocean,

    Crazy feeling of anxiety and anticipation as we headed for the start line. Wow, the markers that we have to swim around are WAY further than I had trained for. BANG, off we go, I hold back for 15 seconds or so before I head into the ocean because I didn’t want to get clobbered by the hard core’s!
    k, I won’t bore you with the swim details. Just know it was soooo tough, so rough and I didn’t think I would make it. 1500 meters later and somehow…I made it through.

    Then the bike. a few accidents around sharp turns. even spectators taken out. so many bike tires popped, 4 insanley tough hills…but again… somehow, on my own, in my own world…made it….40km..(I’m tired just writing about the whole event)
    Then…the run! I thought I’d be sooo on fire for the run since I run so much, but after everything leading up to that point, hmmm can I quit now!!! My 10km run was a feat on it’s own, But seeing my friends Rick and Andrea, and Mike‘s mom (and Mike cuz he finished before me) made me have that much more oommph to get my butt across the finish line!!

    It’s been a great day! We are ready to train for next year, but also put our focus now back on voice over’s, our band, our business and everything else we do!!!


    How do you get motivated to workout? I know it’s hard sometimes, but we just gotta give ‘er! ;)
  • Hey there! Thanks for stopping by:)

    Hope your week is going well, we are getting close to the weekend and boy I am looking forward to it. By then, I should be done voicing the big project I have been working on for 2 weeks now. Out of 113 videos, I only have 34 left to voice (and they are shorter videos, so I can get them done today and Friday!) I have not done any auditioning for 2 weeks and I need to get on it. I have still had other smaller jobs in the meantime, but this project has consumed me. (blooper reel from the last couple days at the bottom of this post:)

    Funny thing is, I got an email yesterday about voicing an audiobook that is TWICE the length of the one I’m doing….I can do it! Bring it on, I like a challenge. If this deal goes through, I most likely won’t start until mid-Sept, so it’s all good:)

    The relaxation I will do after this job will be well deserved….and well enjoyed.

    This will be me, this weekend…digging my feet in the sand, watching the tides roll in.

    The whole “relaxing” topic is another thing us girls talked about at brunch the other day. We all had to think, “ya, what do we do to relax?” I don’t know, but whatever it is, we need to do MORE of it!

    How do you relax? Day at the spa? Out with the girls? Shopping? Golf?

    PS. Here is a few bloopers from the last couple days that my producer compiled:)

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  • HAHAHA okay okay, I wasn’t exactly buck…but here’s the story..

    A friend of mine asked me to model for him for a project he needed to complete. So I agreed to it and away we went, down to the beach to get started. As we walked to the beach, we saw this amazing tree root laying on the ocean floor and the photographer stopped and said, “we HAVE to get a shot of you on that on the way back.’ I said “sure that’d be fun.”

    BUT when we finished the shoot at the beach and walked back to take our final shot on the big tree root…THE TIDE had rolled in and it was almost waist deep to get out to it. The photog, my boyfriend (who came to meet us) and I just stood there going “DARNIT” we missed our chance to get that shot….However, being the spontaneous tomboy that i am, lol, I told the group we could jump in and swim out to it!!

    So the photographer agreed and next thing ya know, he is jumping in the water. (camera way above his head;) but I couldn’t jump in yet, the dress I was going to wear for this shot was not mine, It was expensive and it could not get wet….So…I swam out to the tree root (dress above my head) and changed on the root and didn’t get a drop on the dress!! Only embarrassing thing really was that the dress didn’t fit…haha, I couldn’t even zip it up, but you can’t tell in the pics, he shot at an angle.

    The dress is in my hand...... shoot is done......time to swim back to shore!

    Here is one of the shots he got:

    On the tree root! (I had to crop it mega to fit in here)

    And some of the other shots, (the shades were part of the story for his project!)

    This project was lots of fun and I wish the photographer Michael lots of success.

    Being spontaneous helps us to live in the present moment and really feel alive! Swimming out to the tree root was exhilarating! Changing in public is not really my thing, but hey, I kept the dress clean and really, no one was around (I hope:)

    Hope you have an inspired day and remember to act in spite of fear!

  • How are you? That big smile looks great on you;)

    I acted on some inspired thought last night and decided to attempt a healthy, yet filling, tasty, unprocessed snack. I got the idea to make these when we were out the other night at a hot spot here in Van called Chill Winstons. We ordered the yam chips with spicy hummus and as soon as it came to the table, I said…”hey I could make that!”

    -Heat your oven to 375

    -Take 2 or 3 yams and put them through your food processor slicer on high (so they are nice and thin)

    -massage the slices in a bit of evoo, sprinkle on some kosher salt and lay them on your baking sheet

    -put them in the oven and bake until crispy (about 50 min), and flip half way through

    Then make the hummus

    -take a can of chic peas,

    -juice from one lemon,

    -1 tablespoons of tahini paste,

    -2 cloves of garlic (or more if you love garlic like me;)

    -throw in some cayenne pepper and franks hot sauce if you like a kick

    Then mix this in your processor for about a minute. be sure and add a bit of water in the mix if you find it’s too thick- (I saw one video on youtube, where the chef added soo much water, but add what looks right to you.)

    They tasted as good as they look!

    soo good and so easy!

    Now, I am NOOOOO cook by any stretch of the imagination, BUT I really am on a mission to eat healthier, wholesome foods. I have already lost a couple pounds:) Just from cutting out sugar, dairy and any other processed crap that has a list of ingredients taller than me!

    Now I need to step the fitness back up. I find with huge projects, I let the fitness slide because I tell myself I need the energy to put into voicing. BUT isn’t it like an unwritten rule, that when you exercise you actually have more energy? So I went for a 10KM run this morning and it just validating that YES, working out is WORTH IT, no matter how busy you are!!

    This is me back from the run, with yet another healthy homemade snack! I made my own Energy Bars!! I will give you the recipe soon!!!!

    consists of dates, walnuts, cranberries and baked bananas!

    Enjoy your day:)

    Do you have a healthy snack you’d like to share? I love new vegan/and or raw food ideas!!!

  • Hi Hi Hi!

    How has your 2010 summer been? Any crazy romances like in the musical Grease? I always dreamed of being Sandra Dee:) I don’t think those leather pants would fit me tho!  ha

    Here’s some background ambience while you read this post if you so desire:

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    But really, have you lived your summer up to it’s fullest potential? Sometimes I feel like I work the days away, but then I also remember a few of the cool things I have done this summer:

    My Brother got married!

    Back of my uncle's head, my brother Cory and his beautiful wife Donnelly

    Here is me with my nana, 2 bro’s and a few of my awesome cousins

    My sweet Nana, my 2 bro's (in the yellow ties) and a few of my amazing cousins

    Also, I hiked the West Coast Trail for the 2nd time:

    Climbing one of the MANY ladders on the trail


    I think the smoke from the fire was bugging me, haha

    6 days in the rain, mud and wilderness

    Mike and I went to LA

    Norma Jean and I

    I worked here for a year! At the Rainbow on Sunset Blvd.

    Hiking Runyon Cannon in the Hollywood Hills

    Stayed at a boutique hotel in Beverly Hills

    "see how beautiful you look?" umm..nope...

    (testing out spray tanners)

    We went camping at lake Cowichan

    layed in the dingy's for hours

    AND we had 4 fireworks parties (because we have perfect view from out apartment!)

    on the balcony, waiting for the fireworks to start

    all the people on the beach


    bigger bam!

    Ok so here we are, a couple weeks left of summer! I really want to make the most of it!!

    I think I might go down this slide, before they take it away for the summer:(

    Weeeeee, down this slide I will go...before summer ends


    What else? Hmmmm, I want to hike the lions, I want to hike Grouse Grind a bunch more times, I’m going to my cousins wedding in a couple weeks, a glass or two of wine on a patio would be nice .

    Can you help me out? What do you want to do before summer is over?

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