• Good Morning! Hope you are well!

    The reason I started this blog is so that I could inspire and encourage more people around the world than I could ever do on a one on one basis. Through the medium of computers, I can be in China and Australia all at the same time. However this is a lifestyle blog as well, so you get some normal everyday stuff I do…along with the “let’s get pumped up and reach our goals” posts…….

    Like this one…It is a “let’s get pumped up and reach our goals” post!!

    I want you to meet Marianne. She is a wonderful friend of mine who is brave enough to share with us her goal to ultimate health. She has already made significant gains and is going to take us along for the ride for the final 3 months.

    Tell us a bit about yourself and your struggle
    I was a very active teenager – Ukrainian dancing kept me fit and I worked out on top of practices and performances to keep myself in fine form. When I stopped dancing, I didn’t replace that activity with anything else, I didn’t adjust my eating habits appropriately and my weight kept creeping higher throught my twenties. Nearly a decade later, I find myself continuing to struggle with my weight. I’ve tried a number of diets: points systems, cabbage soups, some that worked for a short time, others that just left me feeling more frustrated that I was originally. I’ve set deadlines for myself, started a collection of “goal weight” clothes, made excuses for myself, and tried other “quick fixes” but haven’t, until recently, after reaching my highest weight of more than 200 pounds, been able to make any of it stick.

    Here is Marianne at her heaviest-Christmas 2009

    … you have taken the first step, congrats! how did you take the first step in achieving your goals?
    In april, I met with a naturopath who put me on an eating plan to resolve some uncomfortable stomach issues.  In less that three weeks of her ‘clean’ eating program, I lost 18 pounds, had nearly zero of the painful symptoms I’d been experiencing, and I felt a renewed sense of desire to reach my goals once and for all.  I dedicated myself to my gym workouts and together with my eating plan, I have lost a total of 31 pounds so far!  I feel that making changes for the sake of my overall heatlh, rather than an event or a pair of jeans, has really helped to motivate me in a new way.  The West Coast Trail this summer pushed me to physical limits, I would never even have attempted alone – I don’t know that I could’ve done it without the encouragement of some of the most amazing people in my life.  I truly walked away from that hike realizing that it’s when i’m pushed outside of my comfort zone that I really grow, and knowing that I can do anything I put my mind to! Especially with an incredibly support system.

    Here is Marianne on The West Coast Trail (2nd hardest maintained hike in the world!!) and when she was about 18 pounds lighter!
    Well Marianne, you definitely have our support. We totally believe in you and are very proud of you.

    Here she is now, 30 pounds lighter…wow!!! You look amazing!

    So….. the Plan now?
    So here it is. The final time that I resolve to lose my extra weight, and be in the best ultimate health of my life. 29 has always been a lucky number for me.  I will turn 29 years old on December 29th this year, and I have 29 pounds to my ultaime goal: 150 pounds. (a healthy weight goal for my height i promise!)So there it is, my goal is to be 150 pounds on Dec.29/2010.  I am choosing to continue with my naturopath’s eating plan (restricts dairy, sugar, wheat and gluten as these all negatively affect my insides), and am committing to at least 5 workouts per week – gym classes including spin, strength training and cardio rebound are my favorites! – I’m also adding in more running and hiking.  The work i’ve done so far has absolutely paid off and i’m starting to feel more confident in myself and so very proud of what i’ve accomplished.  I am so very thankful for an opportunity to share this final stretch of this journey with my dear friend Amanda, and all of her faithful blog-followers! Let’s do this!!

    Marianne, you ROCK. Thank you so much for taking us on this journey. One of my favorite quotes is, “Take pride in how far you have come and have faith in how far you will go.” I have no doubt that you will not only reach this goal, but ANYTHING else you put your mind to!

    ok team…are ya pumped? I know I am.

    We will be checking in with Marianne from time to time to see how she is doing. It is extremely brave of her to share this with us. Talk about integrity and honesty!!!

    Please feel free to share your comments for Marianne, and share your goals with us as well!!

    Have an amazing, inspired day:)

    Daily affirmation- “I go beyond fears and limitations.”- Louise Hay

  • Hello!!!

    Beautiful morning here in Vancouver! How bout where you are? I find it hard to dress for this weather. Is it going to rain, should I wear a heavy jacket, rain jacket, no jacket…just a sweater??? I do have a bomber style jacket that kind of covers it all…but I forgot it out in Abbotsford at the wedding last weekend…… Ahhhh!

    Ok, so about the title…is Cindy Crawford human:) I read an article yesterday on Beautystat.com and the writer of the blog got to meet Cindy, (i’ll say “Cindy”, like I know her or something..ha) as she is promoting her new skin care line Meaningful Beauty. (it’s going to be sold in Sephora)  I just think after all these years, she is still so frikin gorgeous (at 44!) I want all her secrets and all her potions! I will resort to botox if I have too….haha (she has admitted to getting botox) something I have NEVER done, but one day would I try it? Maybe …..would you?? I don’t want to look emotionless like Nicole Kidman, and right now I don’t  feel like I need it, but in my 40′s?? It could happen.

    Here a few very positive skin care/beauty tips from Cindy:

    -wear sunscreen (how many times to we need to hear this and read it in magazines hey?)

    -microdermabrasion once a month. (I like ones you can do at home- Dr. Brandt has a great one, and so does Kiehls!!)

    -make sure to moisturize/take care of hands and decollete  as well as face (ok….my hands are a lost cause tho:)

    -keep hair looking lush with oil treatments (she does this by putting on the treatment and sitting in a sauna)

    -workout regularly (she does 20 min of cardio-running or walking on incline and 40 min of weights, she also likes yoga)

    To me, she just seems to have great energy. She has also managed to create an empire for herself and it just keeps growing.

    Remember this from the 90′s? Her body is the perfect balance of tone and curves. However, I doubt she pounds back the diet Coke. (she said she drinks tons of water…omg me too!! We have so much in common.) Ha, but in all seriousness, I do believe drinking lots of water is a big factor in keeping your largest organ hydrated and fresh.

    Do you drink enough water?

    This is my favorite water glass! It’s a mammoth I know.  Well now that I am all hydrated, I’m heading out the door to meet up with a friend, maybe get a manicure today:)

    Have a beautiful day!

    Daily affirmation- “I am at peace with my age.”- Louise Hay

  • HiiiiEE YAW, HiiiiiiEE YAW, HiiiiiEEE YAW…

    That’s how I say hi now… weird eh? Reason being is I have been kicking and chopping and blocking this morning with my P90X !  But really….Hi! Hope you had a great weekend.

    My workouts have been going really well, (hard tho!) I am sticking to the program and am starting to tone up a bit. This is how my first month is looking! Just started the 3rd week;)

    I put the hearts because I am building a stronger heart each and every day! They are also fun to draw <3

    I have been doing a pretty good job at clean unprocessed eating. A few backslides on the weekend (had a few beer, some fries and also Tim Horton had the smile cookies going on…can’t say no to smile cookies:) But today is a new day and I got up early and already made hummus for the week, had some steel cut oats for breakfast.
    Here are some of the veggies I threw into a veggie stir fry last night.

    As many of you know, I am reading the Eat Clean Diet right now. I am about half way done. I am at the section where she talks about eating 5 smaller meals a day, Every 3 hours or so if possible. She is very insistent that you take your own food with you to work and pack it in containers, and then in a cooler. (I actually saw some coolers at Walmart the other day)

    Some of the meals she suggests are:
    - Hummus and veggies
    -apple or banana with natural nut butter or raw unsalted nuts
    -grilled chicken breast with fresh veggies in a whole grain wrap (this is what I make Mike for lunch all the time)
    -Low fat cottage cheese with flax seed, raw nuts and chopped
    -Salad with chick peas
    -brown rice pilaf with flaked salmon and veggies

    If you want to research more on this book/lifestyle, Click here

    It’s a new day, a new week….How can YOU adjust some of your eating habits this week? I wish you all the best and know that if this food loving prairie girl can make these positive adjustments, so can you!

    Have a wonderful HiiiiEEE YAW type of day!

    Daily affirmation “My understanding of life continues to grow. I walk upon this planet safe and secure, always moving forward toward my greater good.”- Louise Hay

    PS, I just want to say thank you to Tarun who has done an exceptional job helping me get this website up and running. Even though his job is done, I have emailed him about things I cannot figure out and he adjusts it with out any problem and I really appreciate it! If you are looking to get your own blog, I highly recommend Tarun from E-Factory. You can find him by search at Elance.com

  • 26

    Sunday Funday

    Sooo about today….

    It is a CLEANING day for me…BORING!!!!

    I have neglected my home’s cleanliness for a little while and it absolutely drives me mental. It’s true and I’ve said it before, “a clean home is a clean mind.” So why do I wait so long to tidy it all up? You know how you get busy and throw your shirt on the floor, leave papers disheveled and forget to put that hair tie away and before you know it, YOU HAVE A DISASTER!
    I also want to do a really detailed clean of the kitchen, I have tons of stuff in my kitchen I never ever use. I read a quote that reads:

    Did you know that 20% of the total items in your kitchen are used 80% of the time. (I get it, I get it…clean out the “junk drawer”)

    Also- why do we keep tupperware on the top shelves of our cupboards? They fall on my head constantly!!! and I get so frustrated that I use a super massive container for something tiny, just because I am sick and tired of trying to find the matching lid on the smaller container. That’s it!! I am moving them to a lower shelf.

    I was reading an entry from this awesome blogger/chef, and she just moved into a new house and organized her kitchen amazingly, but nonetheless, check out the one picture where her tupperware is on the top shelf. Click Here to see her kitchen and the tupperware:)

    Do you need to clean out your kitchen?

    Well, I better get at it.

    I hope you have an amazing Sunday. I am going to choir at 4pm, so it’s not all cleaning today:)

    Daily Affirmation “I am willing to let go” Louise Hay

  • Hello!!!

    I am just about on my way to do makeup for my last wedding of the year! It’s been a great season and am already thinking about next season. I was really hoping to go check out the Health Show going on in Vancouver this weekend, but I won’t have time today and looks like another full day tomorrow. Bummer! Maybe I can squeeze it in tomorrow, we’ll see.

    I had to share this video with you. It is of my mom playing Wii. Her and Mike were playing sword fighting.

    Oh mom, you are a gem. She is so much fun to hang out with. I love you sooo much mom!
    Here a couple pictures of us together. I don’t get to see her enough:( I wish we lived in the same city.

    K, well on that note, I better get out the door. Driving to Abbotsford which is a good hour away!

    Have a fabulous Saturday.

    What are you up to this weekend?
    Does your mom play video games?

    Daily affirmation‎‎”I love my family.”Louise Hay

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