So my girlfriend Dee was doing some spring fall cleaning and she handed down some treasures. The shirt, jeans and buddah are all from her! Have you ever had an all girls “swap” clothes party? I have never done it, but I’ve heard of girls who are all roughly the same size, coming together, bringing the clothing and accessories they don’t use anymore and swapping them with each other! Great idea.

She also gave me a wack load of painting supplies, and canvases- including this monster canvas I will turn into “art”.

big blank canvas

Woo hoo. I want to have another painting party like the one we had last Christmas, now that was fun! Somehow the paint ended up on my face! lol (back in the brown hairs days…)

Speaking of Art, I went to Organic Lives tonight for my first Feed Life Starve Cancer class and I spotted this beautiful mini painting sitting on a ledge. <3 heart!

organic lives

My class was AWESOME. The instructor Eden is fantastic. We made some cancer starving elixers…

This was made of blueberries, green tea and ginger.


I will tell you more about the class tomorrow, but for more info on classes you can attend here in Vancouver, check out feedlife.ca. Yes, it’s about starving off cancer from your body, but you don’t have to be a cancer patient to attend. A big majority of the class are people like me, who want to be proactive and learn as much as possible.

mmm, fresh herbs for some dishes we made.


After the class I stopped by a lovely couples home because Ms. Thrifty over here, bought some 2nd hand armchairs. They were $60 bucks a piece, came from a loving home, are microfiber so they clean well and I didn’t want to get brand new because of the puppy.

Painter jumped on them like mad immediately. Imagine if they were the brand new white ones for $500 I was going to get!!! These used ones will be just fine for now! My place is a mess, but I will do some home staging and show you just how nice I can get it to look. We are getting a kitchen table too…soon!

YAY. Ok… me… bed…now….Shooting in Squamish with Stormtech in the morning and need to be on the road by about 6:30am

Hope you had a fabulous day. (whatever happened to my afternoon blogging? Gosh its all right before bed these days. I plan on blogging earlier again…)

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