I am writing late today because we were out for brunch at a friends, then we went hiking all day and just got back home now. My feet are slowly dethawing!
So as you know, my goal is to live the healthiest life possible…well, the last week..maybe I haven’t been so healthy. I know as soon as I get back to Van and settle into routine, I will be eating salads and doing P90x.
I have been having a blast though and living it up while I am here!
Last night we went to Octoberfest. It was the first time I had ever been to such a gathering:)
Here’s a shot of the venue

The band
AND Brother and Sister dancing!
AND 2 REALLY BIGS MUGS……..(of beer;) ha
Then we got a limo ride
And Mike and I did an impromptu concert at The Twist. Heard some great musicians that night! YK has tons of talent, and heart. YK has so much heart. The generosity and kindness we have experienced here is second to none.

I hope you had a fantastic weekend. Sending you so much love and light from up North!

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