Hey! How are you?!!

You should see me this morning, all over the place. I’m going from one computer to the other, in and out of the sound booth, from editing to auditioning, to emailing and back to the blog. I feel like I need to CALM the BEEP down. I find myself getting so many ideas and so many things on the go, sometimes it gets overwhelming. CHILL OUT AMANDA…..One thing at a time….
I need to get out my day planner, WRITE down all these ideas and to do’s in my head and start at the top of the list and work my way down….

Amongst everything going on, I am also trying to map out a fitness plan for the winter. While you technically CAN hike all winter, the mornings are way to dark in the trees and I need to get my workouts done first thing…or I somehow let it slip by for the day. I live downtown Vancouver, but ironically we don’t really have a gym close to us. We live way down at the beach, so to get to a gym or yoga studio, it’s quite a trek (I like easy access to workouts…) Last winter, I ran 5km almost every morning, (rain or shine) and I really enjoyed that. HOWEVER, my 80 year old Nana told me a secret this summer. (scroll down to find out….)

My Nana is in absolute incredible shape and spirits. At weddings you can’t get her off the dance floor, and up until a couple years ago she could still do the splits!! She used to be a famous dancer with The Tiller Girls in England during the war….
Here are a couple pics of her

My Nana is on the very left

headshot of my nana

Here’s a recent picture of her and grandad:)

My Nana told me never to “give in” to getting old. She says she still feels like she’s 21!! You know how people start that self talk…”oh I’m to old for that now.” well, if you believe it…YOU ARE!! If you say your old, the universe will respond by letting you “get old”. How old do you feel? I sure don’t feel old, nor will I ever give into it.

The secret she told me to a strong, lean physical body as we go through life is………….TONING…..KEEPING THOSE MUSCLES FIRM…that’s it!  Now, this is something I NEVER do. I utterly oppose toning exercises, but you know what…I am going to start. See, I can run and hike forever, and I never get toned… I truly do NOT like the firming type exercises, but by golly, I am going to start!!! I am going to commit to toning all winter  (I will never stop running and hiking because I think they are important too. This is why I’ll make a lil game plan and make them all work together)

Who is in with me? Let’s get in the best shape of our lives. Find a picture of yourself where you felt your most fit and healthy.

Here are a couple of mine

look at that leg! lol

Even right now, I don’t think I am FAT…I just know that I could firm up a bit and squeeze my butt into my skinny jeans once and for all. So what I’ve decided to do is P90X. I have some friends who have ordered it and had success (a friend of my brothers whom I just saw in Sask dropped a bunch of weight and looks amazing)… I just ordered it and will start as soon as it comes in the mail! It’s a 90 day program so it will be perfect, by Christmas time I will be able to drive Santa’s sleigh in a bikini (actually I think I’m going to Vegas for Christmas..but Santa goes to Vegas to right??)

Is it time for you to set a new goal?

Daily affirmation“I claim my own power.”Louise Hay

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  1. Marianne on 08 Sep 2010

    I’m in! My goal is to be in the best shape/health of my life by December 29th (my birthday). Looking forward to reading updates on the P90X workouts!

    • admin on 09 Sep 2010

      YAY! Let’s do it sister!

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