Howdie young lady…or young man!

After our engagement photo shoot we went to a pub called Toby’s on Commercial Drive to visit my friend Angela who organized a fundraiser for her bike from Vancouver to Seattle for theĀ Ride To Conquer Cancer.

Tickets were $20 and with it you got a burger (veggie option;) and a beer!

The 2 gals riding to Seattle (Koren and Angela)

koren and angela

They did a great job making sure people were entertained with a burlesque show (sorry, I think I was standing at a weird angle)
Cool band!
Lots of people
Raffle draws, 50/50, wine tastingĀ 
and great company.. Here is my friend Keli (from my triathlon group)

Angela put on a great event! Thanks for the invite girl…We left fairly early as it was a “school night”…
We are almost complete our Frostbite 45 video! I can’t wait to show you! You get to see these lashes batting in motion! frostbite 45
We are meeting with Stormtech tomorrow to show them our masterpiece!
Our next video for Stormtech is going to be a yoga video. Namaste! I am bringing a couple of my girlfriends along to be yogi’s with me;)
I actually went to a Hatha yoga class at 7am this morning. I have a one month pass I need to use before we move to Port Moody!!

I am rather antsy to get moving! It’s like when I was in school and summer holidays were soo close, but you had to wait. Mike simmers me down when I get really anxious for things, because he thinks you should be happy and content in this moment and never wish for time to be gone. I guess has a point.

One of the bummers about moving is that I have to leave my triathlon club at The Right Shoe :( They have been sooo awesome and I love training with them, but I can’t commute from Port Moody. I will continue to train on my own (as I have learnt TONS from the club) and I will also look for a Port Moody club?? Does it exist??

Well, I made sure my new building has a pool so I can keep doing my laps..I’ll swim, bike and run like my coach Lara is watching…lol

Tune it tomorrow when I post the new video!
I hope the rest of your day is incredible!


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