Hey Gang!

What’s shakin this weekend??

Me, I’ve just been shopping in the JR. section at JC Penny. I know, pretty rad!
Ok, take a close look at my new neon pink bunnyhug (we call them bunnyhugs where I come from!)

I know your wondering, WHY are Amanda’s hoodie strings in her ears????

hoodie buddy
They are ear buds…oh my…what fun I can have listening to music and audiobooks on my way to pilates and while walking on the beach. When I was little I used to lose my mittens, so I’d need that string attached to the mitts that went through the back of my jacket. Now, this is like the big person version of the mitten string….A hoodie that has ear buds in the strings…

bunny hug buddy

This may be more of a high school kid novelty, but I LOVE them:)

I also got a new pair of really comfy slip ons, since Painter has pretty much destroyed my other 2 pairs of flats that I have with me here… These Rocket Dogs were only $25… Feel like slippers on…

rocket dogs, neutral

I took my new shoes and my new sweater on a walk to visit a fellow voiceover artist whom I hadn’t met in person yet. Her name is Lisa Biggs. Guaranteed you have heard her before on your TV. She is the voice on many, many cartoons, animations, commercials, videogames, kids toys, etc. She just voiced a toy dog for Fisher Price, And Hasbro hired her to be the voice of a new Pound Puppy toy coming out next year!

 (btw-doesn’t it look like that fish on the wall is telling me a secret? haha)

Lisa has even been a character on The Simpsons! She is amazing… I don’t really do character voices or animation, but it was soooo cool chatting with her about the biz. She has been doing it for about 12 years and knows so much about the industry.

Check her out at www.lisabiggs.com

We went for lunch at a fun mexican restaurant by the beach.

Can’t wait to hang out again:)

Earlier today we took Painter to the dog park. I am teaching him to STAY in the back seat when he’s in the truck.

He’s been doing really good at staying back there! Good boy…

I don’t think I’ve showed you my little studio set up down here. Pretty cute hey? lol… The curtain comes down when I’m recording.. It looks like some kind of weird green space missle…

voiceover, home studio

It’s really doing the trick though. Been keeping busy with a variety of fun, interesting projects. One project I’ve been loving is voicing an on-going course on Global Warming for the University of San Franscisco. I’m totally digging it!

Oh gosh, I better go.. Painter is crawling on me like a jungle gym.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!!!

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3 Responses

  1. Sylvia Ferrero on 25 Feb 2012

    You are absolutely ADORABLE! And so is Painter! Lol! Too cute! :)

  2. Sylvia on 25 Feb 2012

    I though you had a cocoon of giant butterflys in that green thing! lol

    Sounds like all is well!!

  3. [...] haven’t done much running. Since  I got my bunny hug with head phones, I have been walking to pilates so I can  listen to audiobooks as I walk amongst the palm trees. [...]

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