This is a moment only dreams are made of…haha.

When we checked into Ocean Resort last weekend, I found out I had a massage that same evening. We were in kind of a rush to make it to the first Raw Gourmet Dinner, so I quickly changed. I was wearing a g-string, but I wanted to put on granny undies since I was going in for the massage. (No masseuse wants to see my romping cheeks) So I put on my granny undies, but when I pulled up my pants, I guess my g-string hung on!!!!!


g-string hanging out of pants

Even funnier is that Mike was filming for a video we are making and he didn’t even notice… (unless he’s really just evil and I don’t know it, lol)
I walked in and met a table full of people I didn’t know.

Here’s a shot of the room minus the people.

beautiful ocean resort

I was also getting up to take my plate to the window so I could get better lighting for pictures.

Half avocado with salsa and raw cracker

I didn’t notice it until way after dinner when I was in the spa about to get my massage. I was like, “what the?” Then it all came together when Mike and I were going through the footage we took and THERE IT WAS! WOW….. I mean, I’ve had a sock hanging out of my pant leg before- but NEVER a g-string out of the back of my jeans!! That is one for the books.
I’m sorry if that was TMI, but I had to share… Life is to short not to laugh these things off!

Namaste = “I see your light”


As for more subdued blog material, today was Day 4 of my Raw Food Challenge Celebration. I am going for 30 days!  Some people ask me, so what do you have to do to be 100% RAW? I was reading choosingraw.com today and Gena, the blog’s author says it best,

“I’m not 100% raw and don’t aspire to be: my goal is to get a wide array of nutrients from as many delicious, plant-based sources as I can. Exclusively raw diets work for some people, but many others find them either nutritionally or psychologically limiting. I do, however, believe that most people can experience tremendous health benefits from adding more raw food to their diets. The title of my blog, then, evokes a lifestyle that encourages us to eat “close to nature,” and and encourages to make choices every day that emphasize raw food.”

Well said Gena. I couldn’t agree more. Everyone has there quotations and limits to what is “raw”, but really it’s what you make it. Eat as close to nature as possible. I must say though, I have been feeling great!  I miss cooked food when I make it for Mike (today I made him an omelet and then some pasta) Or when I see Mike put cream and sugar in his coffee and mine is black..

During my challenge, I am trying not to think of what I can’t have, I am trying to see all I CAN have…

…like frozen blueberries..

frozen blueberries as a snack

Or these lettuce wraps I threw together.

avocado lettuce wraps

Mushed up garlic, onion, avocado, tomato, and red pepper.

guac with red pepper

The were super quick and SUPER tasty.

lettuce wraps with guac

That’s about all I got today! I went to a nice yoga class at the REC centre across the street and am winding down for the evening.

How was your day? Any embarrassing moments you’d like to share??? Please do!!! ;)


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5 Responses

  1. Awwwww, girl, I can’t stop chuckling at this!!!! LOL! You are too cute!!!!

    I once thew {not on purpose} a bag of maxi pads at a guy when it slipped out of my hands and hit his chest at the super store :| Dang it.


  2. Keith Gordon on 28 Jul 2011


    While not nearly as embarrassing as yours, though I did manage to tweet/FB status update that the Bomber game I was attending was again the Ti-Cats, when in fact it was the Lions. Not as bad I realize, but still, bad enough for today.

    BTW, I’m not going raw food entirely, but I am doing the Paleo diet/lifestyle, being with a 30 day trial for the month of August. Technically I started yesterday. If you want to know more about Paleo, the diet that most serious crossfit athletes eat, visit http://www.robbwolf.com as he’s the biochemist who wrote the best and easiest to understand/follow book on the subject.

    All the best

    • admin on 28 Jul 2011

      HAHA! I did that on air too, I called the “Regina Pats” something else -I don’t even remember what I said, but I was new on air and the city let me know what was up! So many phone calls!
      I will check out Paleo- thanks for the tip and good luck with your challenge!! Keep me posted:)

  3. Val on 28 Jul 2011

    haha, this made me laugh XD

    I once walked 8km to superstore, finish most of my shopping and realized my fly had been open the whole time, clearly showing my bright purple underwear and the picture of the cupcake on the front. Oops.

  4. Too funny, thanks for the laugh! :-)

    My most recent was shopping with food stuck in my teeth after brunching with my sisters.

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