I finally got our wedding invitations ordered. It was not an easy breezy or enjoyable task (at least for me). I sent the proof to a couple of my well articulated friends who could help me write out the invitation as best as possible. That helped me big time and now they are being printed.

I watched a cute video of Mike in grade 3 today and it made me wonder if we met when we where little tikes would we still be best friends? Here we are old skool as kids, I have a brown tooth because my older brother pushed me down the stairs when I was 2 and my tooth was bruised brown until it fell out. Oh and I was an aspiring dancer in dancing because my mom forced me. Mike‘s just a little cutie with a cool necklace.

Now were big tikes and we ARE best friends and we ARE getting married!! (unless he gets cold feet and runs away)

Here’s my quote of the day…..

One “wish” that turned into a “will” that has changed my path is my new found journey with raw food. I have so much love for raw food and how energetic and alive it makes me. So much that, this weekend, as we speak I am becoming a Raw Food Instructor through The Raw Food Foundation!

We’ve recently made these To do for wraps and stuffed mushrooms that I am going to make for my mom next week and see if I can’t convince her to add a bit more raw food to her diet!

Raw brocoli soup (not my favourite, but I know how good broccoli is for the body)

Date Nut Torte…

raw food foundation

So good. I could eat the whole torte…

But I guess we need to share..hee hee… Notice the big bowl of angel hair pasta and marinara being mixed in the background?

Ahhh, best seat in the house..

This morning I took some of my new skills (ha, you don’t need skills it’s so easy!) and I made some:


1 1/2 cups walnuts

14 medjool dates

1/2 cup cacao powder

1/4-1/2 tsp vanilla bean powder

Pinch of salt

Process walnuts until fine. Add remaining ingredients. Form into cubes on plate, roll in coconut if desired and refrigerate until firm.

Here is All you need!

raw food foundation vancouver

Throw in the nuts..

raw food

Chop chop.

add in the rest of your ingredients (and please ignore my half chipped nail polish still on from Marianne’s wedding.

I formed them into cubes and put them on a fancy new plate I got as a bridal shower gift… (throw them in the fridge for a bit)

raw food brownies

mmm, these brownies are delicious!

raw food brownies!

Cool plate and scrumptious raw food……

raw food brownies

And a really cute dog that lays on the couch while I take pictures of everything.

The face of an angel. How could I love a dog so much?

Ok, back to the classes all day tomorrow so beddie by for me. Thanks sooooo much for stopping by. Have a wonderful weekend.


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5 Responses

  1. Michelle Schurko on 16 Sep 2011

    Don’t worry, my nail polish is still on too… I SO want to try the brownie bites! Pay day is on Thursday and my first trip will be to Old Fashioned Foods for the ingredients!

    • admin on 16 Sep 2011

      Hey sister! Ya, soak the dates if you want. Especially if you make something like icing with them. for the brownies it is not crucial. It doesn’t have any digestion benefits to soak dates that I know of, I think it is more for the blending of the finished product. NUTS as you know…SOAK! (I totally didn’t today…oops)
      Take pictures of your brownies!!!

  2. Michelle Schurko on 16 Sep 2011

    Did you or would you recommend soaking the dates?

  3. Kelli Corscadden on 16 Sep 2011

    Yum. Looks good. I want to know how to make the wraps!

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