Hello! Happy Monday!!

It took Mike about 4 minutes to find his suit for our wedding… It was the first one the staff brought out, it fit and we bought it… I wish us girls were as simple as guys sometimes..

My future husband walks into the distance holding the apparel in which we will marry…..

Back to business. Today we also filmed actor Chris Kalhoon in one of our Stormtach jackets. Chris was absolutely amazing to work with. Such a fun…and funny guy…

The boyz filming on Hollywood Blvd…

Chris making friends:)

Hollywood sign behind us..


And that’s a wrap! Celebrated with a flaming margarita from El Compadre! (the mexican thing has become a theme here…)

Once we finished everything up, I had 4 auditions and 2 jobs to finish. I am beat. Shooting again tomorrow.


More pics tomorrow. Posting blogs on the road takes forever..Mike gets the big, fast, nice computer and I get the crappy ol laptop that takes 10 hours to load.  (lol- he has tons of stuff to edit…) I have lots more pictures, but man, this is taking too long!!


Love ya!!! xo

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