Hello! How I have missed you all. I can’t believe it has taken this long to get my darn internet hooked up. This morning I even switched from Telus to Shaw because Shaw could get me hooked up tomorrow morning (vs Telus who could not get here until Thursday) Seriously frustrating but instead of boo hoo complaining, I’ll have internet tomorrow so let’s move onJ

I have something that will cheer us all UP UP UP! It is… (drum roll please….)

May’s Tomboy That Wears Makeup Of The Month!!! May is my absolute favourite month of the year, so I chose a special gal near and dear to my heart to be this month’s feature. I assure you- she is one brilliant young lady. Her name is Margarita Vailas and she is my cousin!! She is very inspiring to me and I can’t wait for you to meet her!

Margarita, tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m almost 26 years old. I have an amazing family. I live life to its fullest. I have no regrets. I live one day at a time. I love challenges of any kind. I’m half Greek and half English/Norwegien. I speak 2 languages fluently.

You do live life to its fullest and I admire that! I love that you are Greek and our English/Norwegien side is pretty sweet too! You recently just finished a 40 day detox (and you look amazing!) Tell us about what you did, how you stayed loyal to it and why!! The 40 day challenge I did was to eat anything without animal products. Even if something had egg or milk, I couldn’t have it. I’m already almost a full vegetarian so it wasn’t too difficult. My biggest challenge was cutting out the milk. I LOVE milk. I put it in my coffee, my oatmeal and usually drink a glass every evening. I think I would like to be a full vegan though. I didn’t mind the soy milk either. I enjoyed experimenting with my meals too, and I learned to drink coffee without milk. I cut back on a lot too! It was an amazing detox!

40 days?! wow- HIGH FIVE! I’m sure getting those abs was worth it though!  You are such a great makeup artist too, so creative. What are your favorite Beauty Products? My favourite products for me are the “Multiple” by NARS, my “Ample Pink” lip glass by MAC and my “GINGER” concealer by NARS. I feel it’s all I need to get through my day- as a professional I could mention a lot more but for myself those 3 are all I need.

I have Ample Pink and the “multiple’ by Nars. I have never tried their concealer- but I’m thinking I should! Tell us a couple of you favorite makeup tips. The key, in my opinion, to any makeup, is great skin. Like any artist, you need the perfect canvas, but in makeup we are able to fix the canvas if we need to. I use a gentle cleanser 2 times a day on my skin with a moisturizer (SPF in the morning and something lighter at night). Never forget to wash off your makeup. (My favourite remover is by biotherm). I try to not change my products on my skin too often so it doesn’t freak but I’ve always had a good routine. Also when I put on my makeup, I like to not be in a rush. It’s something I enjoy. Even at work I’m never in a hurry. I have fun with it and my guests. Whether it’s a photoshoot or a wedding, keeping calm will lead to great work. Also…..listen to music. It helps the imagination. I don’t know if I’m the only makeup artist to say this or if I’m just lucky to have always worked with easy photographers and brides (haha!)

Great tips! I take my time too. I sit on the floor in frontof the mirror and just sort of zone out. I need to play more music- thanks for that refresher! K- what’s your favorite quote? The quotes that I’ve always lived by were by my parents. So either it’s because they were my parents or the quotes were that good. Mum always said: “Always be Independant”. You never know the future so always be strong and be able to take care of #1(you). Father always said: “Don’t get mad, Get even”. There is no need to get mean and be as bad as anyone who has ever treated you bad. Their time will come I guess, but always be great and only give as much as you take and only take as much as you want to give.

They sure raised you and your 2 brothers well! What is your greatest achievement? I feel as though I’ve achieved so many things. My dream was always to move to Greece, and I did when I was 22. It’s been an insane journey but I’ve achieved more than I ever dreamed. I started a water sport, Kitesurfing. I knew I wanted to do something in the ocean and I finally found it. I’ve always been outdoorsy and have recently discovered I love rock climbing. Basically I’ve become way more active than I ever was, but in new ways that I enjoy. It’s the part of me that was buried very deep.

That is fantastic! You are on such a roll! I also know what a great cook you are. What is you tastiest, healthiest masterpiece? Last year I taught myself how to clean a big fish. I think this is my favourite meal, but what I do is once I clean all my fish I stuff it with celery, carrots, onions and parsley. I place it on an alluminum foil and drizzle it with lemon and place lemon slices on top of the fish. I then cut up some potatoes in bite sizes (however you like really) and put a good handful with each fish. (1 fish per person). Freshly ground pepper and good quality olive oil. Close up the foil, and in the oven it goes! So delicious and healthy!

Nice work. If you could have lunch with anyone, who would it be? Leonardo DiCaprio. I love him! He’s so good looking, AND he’s a great actor. You don’t usually see both in one guy! Realistically though!? My boss. He’s also brilliant, and he owes me sushi!

Oh la la.. Marg + Leo.. lol…Whom else do you admire? I admire everyone that has ever past through my life, but for a different reason. The person I admire most is my mother. She sacrificed lots for her family. She knows what’s important to her. She knows what she loves. She knows what she hates. She doesn’t hide anything, whether it’s good or bad. She’s beautiful. She’s emotional. She loves trying things at least once. She’s who I can only dream of becoming!

Your mom totally rocks. I love this video of you 2 having a skipping contest! Go Auntie Karen;)

What is something about yourself people may not know?

I don’t hide much about myself. Usually when people ask me things, I answer. Belly buttons gross me out! Ive thought of getting it pierced just to get over it! haha, does that count!?

Haha! What’s something that makes you smile? A lot of things make me smile. I think one of the things on the top of this list is when I see random people that are alone on the bus or train that just start laughing and can’t control themselves, cause they thought of something or read something funny in a book. Cracks me up to see that! If I need to smile, I just think of something happy that has happened to me, too!

What is your biggest fear? My biggest fear is probably the “End of the World”. I’m a very eco-friendly person. I recycle, and I reuse and I will fill up an entire garbage bag every time I go to the beach. What scares me is that there’s more people doing bad than good to the planet. Another reason I’d love lunch with Leonardo DiCaprio is because of his documentary “The 11th Hour”. Although I know what’s happening and don’t need the education like some others, I have major psychological problems every time I watch a documentary about the earth! I really recommend for others to help even just a little!

Hmm, I should watch that movie. I am not as green as you are- which I give you credit for. I need to step it up a bit. What is the best thing about living in Greece? The best thing about living in Greece is the natural beauty! The ocean, the mountains! It’s the most amazing feeling, waking up knowing you’re in one of the oldest, most beautiful places on earth. The weather is usually awesome. It only rains in the winter which Im fine with. I grew up in Winnipeg so it’s the opposite here! Because I”m so active, I’m able to be outside year round. Even in the winter I wear my wet suit and go in the ocean. Greece also has so much history and so much to do. I’ve travelled to so many parts of Greece and Im shocked every single time. I lived on the island of Santorini, where my father is from, in 2008, too, which was one of my greatest experiences. I’ve travelled to London, England, and all the countries in Europe are so close!

Yup -I’m so jealous! I can’t believe I haven’t been out there yet. I promise I will come visit you soon!

And lastly what do you do to RELAX?

Exercise really eases my mind, but I really enjoy going down to the beach and sitting there looking into the ocean, listening to the water, sometimes reading a book, and honestly sometimes even taking a nap!

Wowzers Margarita! Keep up the beautiful, bountiful, wonderful energy you continue to share with the world. I love you sooooo much and that you for doing this interview!

Keep up with Margarita at www.margaritavailas.com

I was having kind of a bla day (I’ll explain tomorrow once internet is hooked up)- but after doing this interview I am feeling re-energized.

Lots of love and hugs and rainbows and butterflies! Talk to you on May 4th!!


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  1. Tom on 04 May 2011

    Nice interview, like the picture of Greece

  2. Yoga Runner on 04 May 2011

    This is a great TBTWMOTM! I would love to live in another country for a while! Great interview!

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