a) It’s Friday

b) She’s a beautiful day out there!

c) Life is fantastic

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So Far today:

-listened to


-read a chapter of The Power out loud to warm up my voice

-ran 10km around the seawall (here is what the seawall is all about)

-attempted to make my vegan walnut burgers, but I was in a hurry and I over processed them and they didn’t really stick together, but they still tasted amazing!

-had a shower and am now about to voice a 60 second commercial


-film a lil video I’m doing (really short)

-makeup client at 4pm and maybe yoga tonight, or just chill out again

Last night was awesome. I SHUT my brain off.

Ya know how? A couch, a good ol Canadian Hockey game, and Canadian Beer!!

I also made popcorn
So good.
I sat for a good while, but then I got fidgety and had to start doing something.. haha (I guess I’m one of those people that can’t sit too long)
So I started to clean out my makeup tower. I’m moving… its out with the old.. in with the new..

BUH BYE! YOU ARE GARBAGE. Thank you for being in my life.. but your done! (It’s hard parting ways with makeup, even if it is expired!)

I save the MAC containers for the “Back 2 MAC” program (Save 6 containers and get a free lipstick or gloss of your choice)Back to Mac
What? Only 5?? Trust me.. I have another stash of empties somewhere! I’m ready for a free lipstick:)

Our sunset was amazing last night. Port Moody… I hope you can compete with this beauty! haha…

It will be hard to say goodbye to the West End, but I am so excited for a change and I keep dreaming of my new space.. May 1, May 1, May 1!!
Here’s more pictures of our new home!

YESS! Soo.. what do you have planned this weekend??? I hope you have a great one.

‎”Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.” ~Marianne Williamson



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  1. Sounds like a productive Friday! I haven’t had popcorn in forever… such a classic! :)

    Doesn’t it feel great to go through old makeup? And I love making room for new things.

    Have a fabulous weekend!

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