So did you watch the oscars yesterday?

I hadn’t seen ANY of the movies except for The Help and boy oh boy, I thought Viola Davis should have won best actress, but I maybe should watch the other nominees in their films before I judge… but Meryl Streep again??? lol

Awards shows usually motivate me. I just think of how dedicated these artists are to their craft. The fire-y passion they have inside to never give up on what they truly love to do.

As wacky and anorexic (hello Angelina) as some of the “stars” are. We can learn from (some) of them– that you need to take RISKS and not be afraid to chase your dream!
Here’s a shot of Mike and I on Hollywood Walk of Fame a couple weeks ago, where ALL the action was yesterday….

Yesterday afternoon I took my journal and myself to the beach. I was feeling an urge to WRITE, just get all my thoughts out on paper. Sometimes it helps with clarity…

In order to achieve your goals. You need to BE CLEAR. If you don’t know what you want, how does the universe know what to bring you?
As I wrote I was daydreaming while watching the ocean. So much action out their. Dolphins, birds, sea-lions, surfers, so much to get lost in. Love it.

Some questions are…stay in LA?…or go back to our homeland?… We will definitely go back soonish for some things we need to take care of, but come back? or stay in Canada….
We ARE missing “Roll up the Rim” right now at Tim Hortons! NOOOOOOOOOOO!! haha

I don’t feel too bad because I never win cars or trips… This is what I usually see…

No matter what happens, all I can do is keep learning, loving and living life to it’s fullest.
I recently finished a 6 week working pro course for voiceovers at Kalmenson and Kalmenson. (they are a huge LA based casting agency that also has an education center for voice actors) I learnt so much and am looking at my scripts differently everyday… I LOVE all the classes and workshops you can take here. The other voice actors are amazing to learn from as well….

I feel a bit dramatic today-let’s just call it introspective and reflective…..whatever we call it…Enough about ME!…what about you? What is shaking? Is 2012 going as planned so far? Are you knocking off your goals? Taking those risks or challenges you said you would?
I hope so! You can do it!! Tomorrow is a new day. MAKE IT COUNT!


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  1. Jolijn on 28 Feb 2012

    Love your blog and this post! The last years I was struggling with many (negative) thoughts. I find it really hard to make decisions and always have my head full of all the things I HAVE to do. But I start to realize that it’s never gonna be perfect. When Ill have the ‘perfect’ job then there will be something else which is not like I want it to be…
    It’s about being satisfied with the moment and celebrate life with the people that I love.

    x a Dutch girl

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