Hippy hoppy happy Saturday!

What is going on today? Did you sleep in or get up early? Was it high tide or low tide? (??? ….weird…)

Welp. Over at our camp the day has been going swimmingly! Went for a 10km walk around the seawall with my darling friend Diana <3

Such a great conversation. Lots of love to my Dee Dee! We saw a bride and groom taking some pictures on the beach… Congrats!

I’ve also started working on a video I am making. I wrote the script and started practicing….

We tried to use our new green screen, but our apartment is to small and it was all scrunched together.. HAHA. good thing we are moving.

The video is for an Oakley contest.. I really need to iron that green screen at our new place!
If you win you get a trip to Napa and become an Oakley Ambassador. I look kinda dorky in these pics because Mike was just testing the light.. Like my new dress though? H and M, $49 bucks! WOO HOO.

It’s so easy for us to put videos together, that it makes sense we enter these web contests. If you hear of any others- let me know!!!
You never know right? Remember my friend Andrea who was flown to NYC because of a video contest she entered? If you haven’t read that post yet- do it!

In other news, we are using our weekend time to go through some of our closets and get rid of things not needed in our new home..

Like do we really need this GOOGLY BALL??

Donation bag!!!

2 bags going here… One garbage, one donation (already have 2 full donation bags… this is the 3rd!)

And that about wraps up the news here!

What have you been up to?

Happy Hippy Hoopy (but not googly) Saturday!


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  1. I love that dress! It’s cute and flirty, yet totally professional. Great find!

    That walk sound fabulous! What a great way to get outside and catch up with a friend. :)

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