Upon entering Day 2 at “Live at Squamish”, I was greeted with a FREE HUG…… (Phewf, thank goodness they were free!!)

Live at Squamish, 2011, day 2

“Aw, come here, you need a hug!” <3

Live at Squamish, 2011, day 2

I found myself some more free hugs when I met the Whistler Water team!

Live at Squamish, 2011, day 2

Everything around the festival grounds seemed to be running smoothly! Love all the environmentally friendly folks that rode their bikes to the festival!

Live at Squamish, 2011, day 2

Awesome Volunteer recycling too.

Live at Squamish, 2011, day 2

One of my favourite visuals was at the Silent Disco. The sign read “Smile, you’re beautiful” (Pssst- it’s true)

Live at Squamish, 2011, day 2

Here’s me trying to capture this beautiful energy on my handy flip cam!

Live at squamish

Then I heard Metric on stage. Voice of an angel.

Metric, live at squamishMetric made the crowd happy!

live at squamish

Weezer made me even happier…. oh wow! I love Weezer.

Your so geeky, but so darn cute! (and talented!!)

weezer, live at squamish,2011

Here’s a little video compilation of my last 2 days.

I think it’s safe to say- all of us at “Live at Squamish” had an immaculate time. I hope I can be there next year!!

live at squamish

Thanks to Whistler Water for the VIP awesomeness!! Follow Whistler Water on facebook and Whistler Water on TWITTER. Stay up to date with their events, contests and more!

This girl is off to bed. Monday morning- BRING IT ON! lol


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7 Responses

  1. Colin on 22 Aug 2011

    Hug guy on the left here, awesome to see photos of us on here! Even more hilarious is the fact that I am totally searching for the volunteer picking up the water bottle on Facebook, but alas, I have no last name :(

    • admin on 23 Aug 2011

      Awesome!! you guys rock! I’m sure we can find out who that is! Should we try??

      Thanks Colin!! xo

      • Colin on 23 Aug 2011

        I think I may have found her :p only time will tell!

  2. Craig Gunderson on 25 Aug 2011

    Metric AND Weezer?!? Lucky!

    • admin on 25 Aug 2011

      Hey Craig! I’ve been a Weezer fan for YEARS, so that was awesome, the whole festival was pretty fun:) Talk soon my friend!!

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