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Happy Weekend!

This was me basically all week… Behind the mic, telling it like it is…

Here is my personalized “That was easy” Button….

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I wanna give this scarecrow a holla for being so darn cute. My neighbour knows how to make the most of her space. This cute little garden has a bit of everything.

I’m not gonna lie, this California weather is AMAZING. It was kinda cool last week- but it is heating up and I am digging it.

Palm trees, California

I like that you can see the moon just above the palm tree in the middle. “If you believe we put a man on the moon, man on the moon….” People in this beach city are more concerned about surfing the waves, than they are going to the moon! This place is literally flooded with surfers, all day…everyday.. no complaints!

Here’s the sunset this Friday evening.

South Bay Sunset It was a beauty.
Here’s another little teeny beauty.

 He got some MAJOR air today when Mike set up a little obstacle course for him. HA! Look at his goofy face!

He was catching all sorts of balls…He loves this game!

Life’s a ball!

I finished 2 weeks of pilates!! 5x a week for 2 weeks! It’s been awesome. Can definitely feel the tone coming back. Doing pilates is so “LA” of me, lol, but it really is a great workout. When I go home, I’ll go back to my gym, running, yoga, etc. But for now- just call me the pilates queen!
I loved my legs back here when my band was on the road… trying to tone em up like this again;)

OMG, I can’t even remember where this picture was taken. Honestly, I think it was in Kansas. I remember it was an all ages show…That’s all I remember….
Amanda and James (the 2 on the far left) are married with 2 kids now! Check out pictures from our last visit in San Fran in November…

Here’s the full post from our visit!

Until we meet again…

Have a WICKED weekend will you…

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