HiiiiEE YAW, HiiiiiiEE YAW, HiiiiiEEE YAW…

That’s how I say hi now… weird eh? Reason being is I have been kicking and chopping and blocking this morning with my P90X !  But really….Hi! Hope you had a great weekend.

My workouts have been going really well, (hard tho!) I am sticking to the program and am starting to tone up a bit. This is how my first month is looking! Just started the 3rd week;)

I put the hearts because I am building a stronger heart each and every day! They are also fun to draw <3

I have been doing a pretty good job at clean unprocessed eating. A few backslides on the weekend (had a few beer, some fries and also Tim Horton had the smile cookies going on…can’t say no to smile cookies:) But today is a new day and I got up early and already made hummus for the week, had some steel cut oats for breakfast.
Here are some of the veggies I threw into a veggie stir fry last night.

As many of you know, I am reading the Eat Clean Diet right now. I am about half way done. I am at the section where she talks about eating 5 smaller meals a day, Every 3 hours or so if possible. She is very insistent that you take your own food with you to work and pack it in containers, and then in a cooler. (I actually saw some coolers at Walmart the other day)

Some of the meals she suggests are:
- Hummus and veggies
-apple or banana with natural nut butter or raw unsalted nuts
-grilled chicken breast with fresh veggies in a whole grain wrap (this is what I make Mike for lunch all the time)
-Low fat cottage cheese with flax seed, raw nuts and chopped
-Salad with chick peas
-brown rice pilaf with flaked salmon and veggies

If you want to research more on this book/lifestyle, Click here

It’s a new day, a new week….How can YOU adjust some of your eating habits this week? I wish you all the best and know that if this food loving prairie girl can make these positive adjustments, so can you!

Have a wonderful HiiiiEEE YAW type of day!

Daily affirmation “My understanding of life continues to grow. I walk upon this planet safe and secure, always moving forward toward my greater good.”- Louise Hay

PS, I just want to say thank you to Tarun who has done an exceptional job helping me get this website up and running. Even though his job is done, I have emailed him about things I cannot figure out and he adjusts it with out any problem and I really appreciate it! If you are looking to get your own blog, I highly recommend Tarun from E-Factory. You can find him by search at Elance.com

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