How was the weekend? I am reporting back to you as a certified raw food chef! I am so excited! Who’s coming to my first class? I am thinking I will set something up at the community centre to start… and I’ll go from there. Out of the whole “raw food” lifestyle, what are you most interested in learning?

Today we ate our dehydrated pizza’s that we made the night before… YUM

Raw, vegan pizza, raw food foundation

It tasted like it could have been a real pizza, but I didn’t have that thug full lethargic feeling after!

Raw, vegan pizza, raw food foundation

A little stuffed mushroom to garnish our plate of raw chili!

Raw, vegan stuffed mushrooms, raw food foundation

Raw chili is sooo good. When I am not so tired, I will share more info and post recipes and what not!

Raw, vegan chili, raw food foundation

Burgertime! (yes, we ate a lot of food this weekend!)

Raw, vegan burgers, raw food foundation

We talked and I need to cut back on my coffee consumption. Going to transition to some matcha tea to start (and TRY to cut back on the java)

A really cool aspect of the class is where WE the students each have to get up and teach a recipe! We picked out of a hat the recipe’s we would have to make, I got the Mock Salmon Pate… It went really well. Here are my Mock Salmon Pate ingredients..

Raw, vegan mock salmon pate, raw food foundation

I brought my own apron from home to add the Amanda flair I thought my presentation needed, haha.

Raw, vegan pizza, raw food foundation
Just got home to this little bugger who was desperately wanting me to tell him about raw food attention and liver treats..
Such a doll!

I am shooting (and starring in) a video in the morning with SKN clinic! So I NEED my beauty sleep…Even though I mioght not get as much sleep as I would like tonight….

Even I look like crap in the morning, I will put on some confidence! lol

Get ready for an amazing week! xoxo

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  1. Kelli Corscadden on 19 Sep 2011

    Yay! Congrats, Chef Amanda. I’m so excited for you at to learn from you. Let me know when your first class is – I’m in!!

    • admin on 20 Sep 2011

      Thanks Kelli. Love ya girl!

  2. GirlonRaw on 20 Sep 2011

    I love how you say little bugger. Get’s me every time :)

    • admin on 20 Sep 2011

      Ha! I think I got that from my grandpa. xoxo
      I am so jealous you went to 105degrees! You are my hero:)

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