Happy JUNE 1st!!!

Here’s to a brand new month full of pure potential, bountiful energy and LOVE!

I am soooo excited right now. My fingers can’t type fast enough to keep up with the overflowing joy I have for today’s interview. If you are new to my website, I’ll fill you in. Since I started this blog, on the first of every month I interview a fun, fearless, inspiring, glowing, motivating and vibrant female. I call her my “Tomboy That Wears Makeup of The Month”. I feel so blessed with the women who have graced the pages of these posts and June’s feature is no exception.

Her name is Jenny Fletcher. She is a Pro Triathlete/model.

Jenny! I know how busy you are and first off I want to thank you for doing this interview. Tell us, what inspired you to get into triathlons? I’ve always loved sports. As a kid I grew up doing everything and any sport I could. Tap, Jazz, Ballet, horse riding, basketball, volleyball, track and field, Tetrathlon, and Modern Pentathlon…. It was a natural movement to go from Pentathlon into triathlons. I’ve always loved multi sports. I stopped being competitive to pursue my modeling career but it was still deep inside of me that desire to be competitive and at a high level.

You easily could have just continued to model full time, but I love that you followed your passion of sport and dedicated yourself to it. What are some of your goals in the triathlon world? My goal is to continue to better my times and also continue to be a competitive force out there. I know to take things in stride I have started into this sport late in life and still have a ways to go but I know it is within me and I just keep striving to do better. I want to be finishing in the top 5 with the goal of being on the podium and one day winning a big race!

You can do it! How many races will you do this year? Way too many (lol) I love to train and am hesitant in the races so I signed up for a lot to get my fear out of my system. I think there are about 17 races on my schedule!

Wow, good for you. How intense are your workouts? Very intense. They take a lot out of me. I find I want to sleep a lot more as my body is fighting to recover… But I love to train so I just keep getting out of bed every morning to go at it again!

Awesome. Do you ever miss days because you feel lazy or are just not into it? Yep! Very rarely. But generally it’s because I’ve been training hard, or traveling and racing and I’ll ask coach if it is okay if she says yes… I crawl back into bed with a smile on my face! I love my days of rest!

I need less days of rest! When I am feeling lazy, I am going to think of you busting your butt! What are some of your nutrition tips for staying hydrated and fuelled during training? Always drink. Always fuel. You can’t get behind in these two things as it will be too late.

Check! What has been your absolute most favorite race? Escape From Alcatraz and Alp Du Huez Triathlon. I love a challenging race. And 2 yrs ago I won the overall AG for Escape so it has good memories.

Nice. What are some “insider” tips you would give to someone just getting into triathlons? Baby steps. Everything takes time. Set realistic goals and write out what you are doing and have done. It’s great to look back on and see progress or things that need to change etc.

I need to write down my workouts/training programs better and more consistently. Great advice. Besides triathlons, what are some other things you enjoy doing? Hanging with friends, spur of the moment things, laughing, chilling, going out for dinners or meeting friends for coffee and always love going to the movies and eating popcorn!

Fun! I love your shoes in this above picture! What is your favorite beauty product? Lavanila perfume. So good!

Ohh! I just looked at Lavanila’s website! All natural and organic too!  What has been your favourite modelling job or contract to date? Aghh hard question. Love the jobs where I have fun with the people I’m working with. After doing this career for so long it’s not about the jobs sometimes it’s about the memories made with the people I am working together with.

“You got legs and know how to use them!”

What’s your street style? Jeans, tshirt, and flip flops generally. But I love Fashion. I’m always mixing it up!

You and Jessica Biel, no big deal! lol What is your favorite quote? I have a few but the one that sticks out in my mind is one I just read from C.S Lewis… “You are never to old to set another goal, or to dream a new dream….” This is what I hope to achieve in inspiring others-it’s never too late!

I love that and couldn’t agree more. I think people give up too fast with the “I’m old” mentality. You are as old as you think you are!  K, what is you greatest achievement? Living life to the fullest.

Yes you do. What is your biggest fear? Failure.

We have a lot in common, keeps us moving forward right? If you could have lunch with anyone, who would it be? My close friends or family… I know general answer… But you think I’m gonna tell the whole world ;)

Hee, hee. Who do you admire? Anyone who is living their dreams and inspiring others.

Live Earth, what a great cause. I wonder who would win in a race though- Jenny or Pete? lol. What is something about yourself people may not know?
Ummmm….. Im sure there are loads of things… But let’s see… I have a little Teddy bear it’s a moose called Marvin (ha actually that’s just what the tag said so that’s what his name became) he sleeps near me! :)

Cute. What is something that makes you smile? Well I just smiled when I talked about my Teddy bear Marvin. But there are a million things that make me smile and one of them being my best Friend.

Awesome. I was listening to a podcast this morning which stated that those who smile more, live longer! It’s important to SMILE!

And lastly…what do you do to RELAX? Watch movies, play on my iPhone, read books, hang out with friends, and a glass of wine once in a while.

THANK YOU for doing this interview. I know all your dreams will come true. I love your blog and love keeping tabs on your updates. You website is fun too.

Keep doing what you do and making people smile:)

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