So even though mom and Richard are visiting, I got up at 5:30am to go to yoga, then I came home and made a big fat green smoothie.

I took mom to the new threading place I go to. It’s not fancy but they do an amazing job on the ol brows (it’s called Vision 2000 on Fraser and 50th) Mom LOVED it.

I had a doctors appointment that was NOT fun (on a slow, rainy day I’ll get into more detail) so we had some time to kill first, and we hit up Pottery Barn.

This pillow case probably costs more than my whole outfit. I think it’s fun to browse and imagine beautiful furniture scenarios in my own home.

We then hit up Granville Island. Mom shopped for her grandson Jasper…

And we went to Granville Island Brewery and started playing with Jasper’s new toys,haha.

Even mom could play Jingle bells on Jaspers new xylophone!

Then my sister in law started sending us pictures of baby Jasper and we were ALL about it.

Here’s one of the pictures auntie and grandma were cooing over! <3

Cute picture of mom and Richard down Artist’s Alley (is that what it’s called? That’s what I call it)

Then we had a fabulous wine event to attend at Edible Canada which I will elaborate on tomorrow!

We ate at Stepho’s greek place downtown after a long day away from our precious pup- this is what we came home too! And we thought we puppy proofed!!!!

Painter TRULEY lives up to his name now, he got into my acrylic paints and was doing some painting on the carpet! GOOD DOG! (ummm…not)

We capped the night off with a dip in the pool and hot tub. Mom did a mini aqua fit class (my mom is an aquafit teacher and you can’t get in the pool with her without at least a “mini” aerobics class. Thanks mom! lol
Here’s an older shot of her teaching her class for real…;)

Tomorrow we are hiking Grouse, going to Ikea and maybe going to MEC. I have a job to voice in the am before we get rockin, so we’ll do that and then hit the road.

I hope you are having a great week. I am so heart driven right now, I need to get into more detail at a later time, but I am just channelling these powerful vibes on how we all must live our lives to the fullest. Everyday.


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