Happy Hump day!

Hope all is well in your world. Into week 3 of Triathlon Training. Last night before our group run we had Sports Psychologist Roger Friesen from UFV come and talk to us about how to get Beyond the Push, Pull and Drag of your training. He has spent a great deal of his career working with Elite Olympians and top notch athletes, helping them stay on top of their game not only physically, but mentally as well.roger friesen, UFV,

And isn’t the mental jingle jangle most of the battle anyway? I really enjoyed his talk.

Here are a few points Roger shared that I will relay to you in my own words:

- You will never know if you can do something or not- unless you try.

- Do not try to achieve perfection, there is noooo such thing, instead- Strive for Excellence.

- Always write down your goals- (even have a goal for each workout, whether it is making a certain time, working on form, or just getting through it)

- Celebrate even the simplest of goals achieved, such as getting outside for that run- even if you don’t feel like it (and be truly happy about it! Smile, be excited, CELEBRATE!)

- Don’t let your external environment influence your motivation. Example: If you committed to running outside on Sunday am and it is pouring rain, don’t let the rain stop you. It’s part of your plan, so do it.

- Why do you want to achieve your goal?

- Accountability is crucial. Let friends and family know your plan, so they can celebrate with you and help hold you accountable. (Blogging helps too- I don’t know if I would have ever been this pumped up if I wasn’t writing and sharing with you every step of the way!)

That’s all I can remember (lol) I didn’t have a pen and paper, because right after the talk, we went out and RAN! We worked on some drills like: excels, karaoke (cross stepping) a skate running (like your skating on cement), and we did “up and over” hill training. The hill was a really gradual slope and it wasn’t too long either. I tried to hold good form throughout.

One thing my coach mentioned to us before we started was – HAVE FUN! Don’t take things to seriously. Play! It’s so true, just PLAY! Life is good.

As I ran home, I was really grateful. Grateful for the opportunity to train like this and SOOOO thankful for a healthy body to do it.

I did some stretching when I got home, as Tuesdays are always jam packed training days. I swam yesterday too

Ready to hear about my big mathematic upset???? I was doing twice as many laps as I needed too!!! Mike came down to snap a few pictures:

he says, “So…How many laps are you doing?

I say, “I have to do 48″

he says, “you have to swim 2 km?’

I was silent. I grabbed my phone to do some calculating. YUP- I had been swimming twice as far as my program states. The bad news is, I suck at math and I put out way more effort than I needed. The good news is, I just got all that extra training under my belt…

Since I now had extra time in the pool, I practiced how I am going to start my next Trithlon on April 16 in Delta:





HAHA,  Wait til you see me on the BIKE!

On a more serious note- Do you have a mantra or positive statement that you repeat in your head while running?

Have a wonderful day!

Happy TRI-ing!!


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3 Responses

  1. marianne on 19 Jan 2011

    This sounds kind of silly but when I run I repeat to my self (in time to my stride) I am fit, I am strong! That is when I’m not counting down minutes/kilometers or rocking out to my tunes. :) WAY TO GO on your amazing training! What an inspiration!!

  2. Klaus on 19 Jan 2011

    Hahaha! I’ll pay you to start like that at the Delta Tri! :-) This would be one for the books.

    The comment about “… unless you try” came up today as well in an interview on ESPNW (http://espn.go.com/espnw/blog/_/post/6034419/amber-monforte-takes-body-limit) that Chrissie Wellington (@chrissiesmiles) tweeted about.

    Great and inspiring read!

  3. Awww, hahahaa, i love this post!!! you are too funny ;)

    I love this point that you don’t need to strive for perfection. I feel this really helps when I remind myself of this and just remember to enjoy the process and the journey!

    You are beautiful!


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