Hello there!

This is a happy, positive blog, but I briefly have 2 complaints….

I rushed to Long and McQuade music store last night to get a desk top mic stand before they closed. I got home and opened up the box and it is missing a bunch of pieces….

Looks like a metal plunger!!  That’s all that was in the box. What the heck am I going to do with that???? GRRRRR

Then last night, I went to Whole Foods to willingly pay $700 for a head of lettuce just because it is organic and good for me. The cashier put my lettuce at the bottom of the bag and pilled cans and stuff on top. Not only did my $700 lettuce get crushed- on my way to my vehicle the handle ripped off the bag because it was packed too heavy and the groceries fell to the ground…

Here’s a picture I took when I was still happy and the food was sliding down the belt:)

food from wholefoods vancouver

Things in my overstuffed grocery bag:

very expensive overpriced frozen blueberries, to add to my:
Steel cut oats
Amy’s Soup
Soup Broth to make my own veggie soup….ohhhhh
frozen veggies (peas, brocoli, spinach)
chick peas
black beans
pitted dates, dried cranberries and nuts to make my own energy bars
firm tofu
“crushed lettuce”
some other veggies
pirates booty (fun snack)
rice cakes (I’m gonna make my own almond butter so I need something besides apples to put my butta on!
Mustard (I wanna make veggie burgers as soon as I have time)

My first grocery shop of the year was a success. Now…If I can only eat this good all year….lol

See….now I’m happy…talked through my frustration and we are moving on!

It is DAY 1 of my triathlon training today. I got 7 downloads from my coach Lara, including my training schedule, hydration and nutrition tips, a breakdown on training zones and intensities- (which will be good, and challenging for me because I only have one intensity level- SLOW.)

My swim this morning was 4 x 250m at a light intensity. I calculated how far that is in my dinky pool- 48 COMPLETE LAPS! WOAH.

I did it! 48 laps this morning. Took me about an hour.  (hot pic I know…)

I am ALSO running today with the club at 6pm, it’s our first run together (we are not wasting ANYTIME getting into this program, lol)

I will most likely start doing 2 posts per day now. One will be just a regular ol post and the other will be a training diary of some kind. I made a new triathlon training link, so follow along- heck even join in. There is still time!

After the swim, I came upstairs ravenous- I invented a new shake! I call it:


frozen berries
frozen spinach
half of a frozen banana
Vega Powder
freshly squeezed lemon and oj

Blend and Serve!

Here’s me layering the frozen berries and spinach (first time I have EVER put spinach in a shake)

Then added half a frozen banana and the Vega

Next up I squeezed some lemon and OJ into it (you could use any juice- the fresher the better!)

Add some water and BLEND ER UP And VOILA, the “48 Laps” is ready to inhale!

It tastes delicious and I feel GREEEAAAAT. (take that Tony the Tiger- Meow!)

How is your year going so far? Any grocery store shopping adventures?

I better get onto some work! Hope all is well in your world! Talk sooooooon:)


Daily affirmation “I release all criticism. I only give out that which I wish to receive in return. My love and acceptance of others is mirrored to me in every moment.” - Louise L. Hay

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2 Responses

  1. janna on 04 Jan 2011

    That looks like my bathing suit….don’t you always scam my bathing suits???

    • admin on 04 Jan 2011

      Good eye, good eye! Ya, I some how end up with them?? That is the only one I have though:)

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