Happy Friday! Happy life! Happy everyday!

The last couple days I have been confined to my little make-shift studio, as well as taking some extremely beneficial and inspiring classes.

I’ve been working on the usual, phone systems, e-learning, narrations, etc….

Then…. I got inspired to write a podcast for voices.com’s weekly podcast called, “Voice Over Experts”. I’m not sure if I am considered an “expert” yet, lol….but I have a good idea and I want to write and record a podcast for “The industry’s most downloaded podcast”. See, on the left there I started my lil bullet points…. I’ll let you know if it all works out.

Another thing I am working on is memorizing this script for a hosting gig I am doing for a friend who is starting up a business. We are shooting tomorrow, so I need some beauty sleep tonight!!!!

I also need to wash my makeup brushes! I haven’t washed them since before the wedding.

Well, they came in handy…

So ya, I need to wash them brushes!

The place we’re staying at is flooded with cool artwork, quotes and trinkets. The lady who owns this place is definitely a creative woman!

Sometimes I just don’t feeeeeeel creative, so I came up with a new game to keep me on my toes. Say you are walking down the street, at an event, or wherever you and your camera may take you, Out of no where -you are going to STOP. WHen it comes to you, just STOP….then look around you and make yourself take a picture of SOMETHING, ANYTHING….

I started my game today and here is my first picture while playing my new game…. I STOPPED AND I spotted with my little eye- an aloe vera plant. I told Mike (if he ever remembers) to tell me to stop out of the blue and then I have to find something to shoot. Fun or fun? I say fun.

There was no game involved in this shot. These peeps are already waiting for next Christmas? Only in LA… lol

Ahhh yes, our daily trip to the park.. Painter’s Disneyland! He met some cool new friends today.

Then he resorted to get incredibly sandy and we had to hose him down before heading home.

Any big plans for the weekend? Whatever you decide to partake in.. I hope you have a wonderful time!

We’ll be in touch….xoxo

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