Alright Thursday, bring it!

So I am working away at my most current project, which happens to be very, very long! It is a series of online tutorials (I’ll tell you all about it once it is released). But this course is 113 videos. Me, being warrior woman, always think I can get it all done in like 5 minutes.

For example, this is the stack I set myself out to complete today:

My work for the day

Now, after only 4 scripts I find myself like this:

Sleeping on the pop-filter!!

When I record, sometimes I am like an unstoppable voice machine on auto-pilot, but on the other hand, I also make a generous amount of bloopers. I make up words out of no where, and I make the weirdest sounds known to man.

This excerpt I found funny because, I am SOOO TIRED and I actually said the word COFFEE, instead of COPIES.

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It’s not like slap your knee, dying funny, but its kinda ironic eh?

I hope you have an awesome day…You are a genius, now go apply your wisdom!!!

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  1. Janna on 12 Aug 2010

    Loving the new blog!!!

    • admin on 12 Aug 2010

      Thanks Jennifer, I really appreciate your in-put with getting her going!!

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